Inspiring Generation Episode 20 Recap


Club Shanghai opens again for the fight between JT and Jae Hwa. Even Chiringbang comes to watch. Hwangbang is wondering where there Mongolian missionaries went. Leader Seul only now learns that Mo met the missionaries and he decides to send out people to find them. Hwangbang soon stroll in with Ok Ryeon and co. Mo seems to planning something as he watches from above. Jae Hwa’s lackeys come to get him. Sun Woo gives Jae Hwa her half-supportive comments and Jae Hwa is pleased with even that before he goes off to fight. Jung Tae walks in to the cheers of the crowd and takes in the crowd. Jae Hwa also receives a warm welcome.

20.1 20.2

Jae Hwa arms himself with his tiger claws. Meanwhile Leader Seul figures out that Mo has the mercenaries and plans to expose them to the Bangsamtong as the murderers. He orders Baek San to go kill the mercenaries. JT and Jae Hwa circle each other and Jae Hwa says that it’s a duel to the death. Although Jae Hwa attacks first, JT is doing a decent job avoiding and even landing a few punches. However, Jae Hwa is too quick with his claws and manages to get a few strikes in. Ok Ryeon and So-So go to see Sun Woo, unable to take it anymore. Jae Hwa finds out about JT’s injured shoulder while forcing him to the ground.


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Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 4

Patrick is determined to search the ambulance when he is informed that Carlos is on his way there. He alerts his men hoping that they might capture Carlos. The diversion was actually created by Carlos and Danny. It gives the time to Nark to safely pass the checkpoint and deliver the weapons. When the ambulance drops her at the hospital, she doesn’t know how to head back home. It’s heavily raining and there are no cabs. That’s when Khun Lin arrives and offers her a ride. He heard everything from Jongsing and the school nurse. He is not only her debtor but also her guardian. How could she do something so stupid?

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.22.32 PM

Nark and Khun Lin are on their way to meet Danny and Khun Lin keeps glancing at Nark just to make sure that she is alright. He also gives her his scarf. When they arrive, he decides to meet Danny by himself and give him the money. Khun Lin warns Danny. He has to stop seeing Nark; she is not a crook like Danny and his father. Danny is offended. Why is Khun Lin so preocuppied by Nark? Nark is the one who took the job and isn’t it Khun Lin who wanted her to make this deal happen? Khun Lin explains that yes he wanted Carlos to sign the deal but it doesn’t want Nark to be in danger. Danny is not stupid and realizes that Khun Lin might be interested in Nark.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.23.56 PM

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Inspiring Generation Episode 19 Recap


The episode starts off with Leader Seul trying to convince Jung Tae to kill Jae Hwa. Meanwhile, Aoki serves up a deal where if Jae Hwa sides with him, he will pay back the debts and even forgive the escapee. He even offers up 10% of the Il Gook Hwa’s casino club’s profits and to help attack Hwangbang. Jae Hwa looks interested, but is suspicious. Aoki also reminds him that Jung Tae will stage him up and that even Soo Won is watching. Jung Tae meets Ok Ryeon on his way back and she reassures him. He asks Ggoo to protect her well and Ggoo replies that Ok Ryeon is his singer before Jung Tae’s girlfriend. Ggoo says even he is learning how to fight these days. Haha.

19.1 19.2

Aoki is positive that Jae Hwa will accept the offer since the “stray dog” will bite everyone when it feels threatened. Their musings are cut short by the arrival of Yakuza boss and his posse. Everyone is told to gather and recount for their sins. Uh Oh. Jae Hwa is waiting for Jung Tae, seemingly drunk and tells him that the intelligence officer made an offer to him. Jung Tae surprises Jae Hwa by saying to crush Hwangbang now, but Jae Hwa is still cautious that Hwangbang is too powerful. Jae Hwa reminds him of his promise that Jung Tae will only follow his actions. Jung Tae apologizes that he may have to dethrone Jae Hwa.


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Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 3

Carlos agrees to sign the deal with Khun Lin. Carlos tells Khun Lin that he picked the right person – Nark – for this deal. It’s only thanks to her that he will sign the contract in two weeks. Why two weeks? Khun Lin doesn’t understand why the deal can’t be signed now. He is almost certain that Nark agreed to another condition with Carlos. Nark denies it but Khun Lin is far from being convinced. Khun Lin has no choice but to congratulate Nark for now.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 12.42.36 AM

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Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 2

Yuttapong and Nan are able to run away from Khun Lin’s men. Khun Lin is furious that his men are unable to complete such a small task but Jongsing explains to him that Yuttapong might be very cautious. Khun Lin doesn’t care what it takes as long as they bring Nan back.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 2.02.27 PM

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Miracle in Cell No.7 (7번방의 선물)

A heartwarming, yet heartbreaking tale of a daughter who made her father’s last days in jail a bit brighter. Though the story starts off in modern day with the daughter grown up as a prosecutor, she is standing trial to defend her father, Yong-gu, against a mishandled case that led to his death. The story flashes back to when she was just a child who lived with her mentally disabled father. After a misunderstanding where the father tried to save the daughter of a prominent police commissioner using CPR, he is put onto death row, convicted as a child molester/murderer. His own daughter, Ye-Sung, is devastated and knows that her poor father was not the bad man that others said he was. Yong-gu misses his daughter terribly and earns himself the chance to see her when he saved a fellow cell-mate from being shanked. His cellmates, actual criminals, manage to sneak her in during a missionary choir recital. Ye-sung actually manages to live with her father and cell ahjussi’s for a few days. Everyone falls in love with this adorable little angel, but of course she is discovered and temporarily sent to live with Chief Jang, the warden.

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I Saw the Devil (악마를보았다)

I Saw the Devil, or I think better re-named as I Became the Devil, tells the story of Soo-hyun’s revenge against a serial killer who killed his wife. The psychopath Kyung-Chul has the habit of kidnapping young women and hacking them to pieces. As a hardened government official, Soo-hyun loses his soul piece by piece as he takes revenge against this man. But instead of just tracking the man down and imprisoning him, he chooses to engage in a cat and mouse game by catching and releasing Kyung-Chul in a twisted revenge scheme. Repeatedly, he confronts the killer, engaging in hand to hand combat and setting traps, trying to have the killer feel remorse. Both carve a giant path of destruction as they refuse to give in. However as the game wears on, has Soo-hyun become the monster he is tracking? How far is he willing to go? The game comes to close in the killer’s own warehouse, but who will come out on top? Even the serial killer himself comments about Soo-hyun, “The bastard is a complete psycho.”

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Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 1


Starring Bomb Tanin as Lin Lan Ser/Khun Lin and Mint Chalida as Ruthainark/Nark.

Yuttapong, Nan and Nark’s father, borrows 20 million HK dollars (~ 80 million baht – GASP) from the Hong Kong mafia boss Lin Lan Sir/Khun Lin. Yuttapong promises to pay back in three months and interest will be charged. Yuttapong also agrees to give his eldest daughter Nan as collateral. Khun Lin is shocked at first but when he sees the beautiful Nan he agrees.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.32.56 PM

Nan and Nark are the only two daughters of Yuttapong. Nan is  beautiful and liked by everyone while Nark is disliked by everyone. She is not as pretty as Nan and others kids always prank her.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.36.06 PM

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Inspiring Generation Episode 18 Recap


This episode starts off showing Ok Ryeon being released to Ggoo. He gives her a meal and makes some pervy comments. Ggoo wants her to sign a contract in order to release Jung Tae. He tells her that it holds Jung Tae’s life and she better sign it now. He drives her to the prison and shows her that Jung Tae and co are scaling the wall to go save her. She wants to warn them, but if she does, Jung Tae will get shot. We see that Gaya has just entered the complex as well. She wants to go interfere with the fight between Jung Tae and Aoki. Jung Tae figures that Aoki’s weakness is his pride and provokes him by making insults about his fighting skill. Aoki gets more emotional as he fights and Jung Tae bides his time. Jung Tae lands several hard punches bringing Aoki to the ground.  Aoki brings the firing squad instead.

18.1 18.2

Leader Seul uses this chance to confirm how good Aoki is and how much Ok Ryeon matters to Jung Tae. Baek San is still massively suspicious of Jung Tae and thinks the boy is sly like his father. However, Leader Seul has a twisted hope in Jung Tae’s survival. Gaya saves Jung Tae’s live by setting a fire to distract the prison. Aoki gives the signal to shoot, but the explosion stops his order. He releases Jung Tae for now. Jung Tae is still focused on Ok Ryeon’s location and almost gets shot again. Gaya comes back from her deed and Yamamoto warns her that this deed may block her career.

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