Inspiring Generation Episode 23 Recap


The episode starts with lovely romantic music playing during Jung Tae’s wedding proposal while Leader Seul watches sinisterly in the background. Ok Ryeon is incredibly happy and JT kisses her to seal the deal. Baek San is sent to prepare the celebratory drinks while JT takes Ok Ryeon to his father’s memorial to tell him of the good news. Leader Seul slowly opens the bottle of liquor and Ok Ryeon remembers the night where she saw Baek San handling the drink. Leader Seul shakes the bottle vigorously before pouring the last bit and gives that to JT. He gives one to Ok Ryeon and takes one himself while making a toast. Ok Ryeon stops JT from drinking and takes his cup. Leader Seul teases and provokes JT about him being suspicious that the drink is poisoned. While Leader Seul is distracted, Ok Ryeon switches hers and JT’s cups.

23.1 23.2

JT drinks his portion and so does everyone else. Ok Ryeon begs to leave quickly with JT while Leader Seul is smirking. JT and Ok Ryeon get into a car. Ok Ryeon is looking woozy while in the car and tells him to hurry home. JT carries her inside the restaurant, but Ok Ryeon already knows it is too late for her. She begs him not to go and he grasps her in his arms. She thanks him for everything and tells him to fight in moderation and to always win. She wonders who will treat him now? And she passes. JT is shocked and devastated. He is literally choking on his tears. THIS IS A GAKSITAL ENDING FOR JIN SE YEON AGAIN. The wedding curse has struck again!

23.3 23.5

JT comes out of the restaurant with rage in his eyes and his gang tries to block him from going psycho for revenge. They are unable to stop him though as he fights his way through them. Mo also steps in and receives a punch in the face for his efforts. JT starts running in desperation and pain. He remembers Ok Ryeon’s mother’s words to him. His gang runs after him worried about what he is going to do. JT arrives at Hwangbang’s doors, banging to be let in and beating up the guards. His gang catches up to him and try to hold him back to no avail. Then Jae Hwa appears and lobs a piece of wood at his back. Jae Hwa tries to talk sense back into JT and tells him that his father tried to hide JT and his sister in Shineuijoo to keep them safe from Leader Seul. JT is crying as he hears how his father used all his power to protect him and how much he had missed them.

23.6 23.8

Jae Hwa gets down on his knees and calls him Big Hyungnim. He begs JT to think of Bangsamtong who are relying on him. The rest of his gang follow suit to their knees. JT says he is so sorry and gets down on his knees as well. He repeats that what he did was wrong and everyone is teary-eyed at this touching scene. Meanwhile Leader Seul is shocked to learn that JT is alive and that Ok Ryeon had drunk the poison instead. Baek San says to attack first, but Leader says no, that the crazed are easier to attack. Jae Hwa asks Sun Woo about the poison Ok Ryeon died from and she said it was the same one that his father died from. There is no antidote. However, JT requests Sun Woo to acquire lots and lots of the poison. He then asks Jae Hwa about Hwangbang’s guard cycles and times. So-So pulls out Ok Ryeon’s blueprints and all the information she had acquired.

23.9 23.10

Sun Woo asks if Jae Hwa is back for good now. He says he can’t let JT just suffer like this. Jae Hwa holds Sun Woo’s hand in comfort as they think about their losses. Baek San reports to Leader Seul about how he is watching JT and being very careful of his actions. JT has also given all the gold boxes they had stolen to Leader Seul. Leader Seul wants to prepare to buy more opium to sell at Club Shanghai. However, Baek San says that Club Shanghai is being guarded very closely at the moment. Ggoo rushes in with 7-year-old ginseng alcohol for Leader Seul to drink as a congratulation. Suddenly, the head cook comes rushing in and says there is big trouble in the kitchen. They find everyone unconscious on the floor from the poison in their water. Leader Seul is furious that Ggoo has given him the alcohol to drink which was acquired from the kitchen as well.

23.11 23.12

Leader Seul is freaking out and having Ggoo help him vomit all the poison out. He keeps on trying to vomit more up as JT walks in holding his father’s memorial tablet. JT says Hwangbang is so filthy that he cannot keep his father here any longer. Leader Seul tells Baek San to send out the command that JT’s head is to be severed and displayed. JT replies now that their paternal relationship is over, he can start his revenge against Hwangbang. JT says he will slowly and painfully kill Leader Seul. JT knows the guard schedule and has killed all the remaining staff. Baek San and JT get ready for their fight.

23.13 23.14

They began by saying that they regret meeting each other and JT asks Baek San if he is afraid. They start fighting and JT is holding up pretty well and taking hits from Baek San with ease. JT also gives Baek San major blows and even knocks Baek San to the floor. He continuously beats Baek San into the floor. JT then delivers a final blow in Baek San’s stomach and the man vomits up blood. Baek San passes out. Time for Leader Seul’s turn soon. JT goes to visit Ok Ryeon’s memorial to apologize to her mother for not being able to protect Ok Ryeon. Gaya also arrives to give flowers to the memorial. She tells JT that Chung Ah is still alive. He desperately asks her where she is and the only thing she tells him is that he can meet her in the future. She asks him if he can protect her right now and he realizes that he can’t. Gaya says Chung Ah is in a safe place and that she knows everything. JT tells Gaya to take care of her until he can meet her again.

23.15 23.16

Meanwhile a party is going on in Club Shanghai for his “father”. The other members at the table wonder if JT should still be in mourning, but all JT says is that he will prepare a drink for them. Leader Seul is immediately suspicious. He starts pouring the wine for the others and swirls the bottle before pouring in Leader Seul’s glass just like what Leader Seul did to Ok Ryeon. But then JT pours himself a glass as well. A toast is said and JT downs his glass before leaving. Leader Seul is still angry and suspicious, unwilling to drink the glass of wine. He calls Ggoo and tells him to call Hwangbang. Nobody answers at Hwangbang so Leader Seul urgently calls the Security Director. He tells the director to send men to Club Shanghai, but the director brushes him off saying he had urgent matters at the moment.

23.17 23.18

We see that the security director is being held at sword point by another man in black. The director is then sent out into the common area where Gaya is waiting. Aoki is lead in and Gaya receives him warmly. Murada, the man who was threatening the security director, acknowledges Gaya as the new leader since the old one is dead. Gaya pulls out Murada’s sword and threatens the director with it saying she will not be as lax after this time since the director had taken Il Gook Hwae money as well. Meanwhile Leader Seul is tired of waiting for JT to kill him while JT just wants to drag out the death. JT decides to threaten Leader Seul with the mention of Ran Ran who is his granddaughter. Leader Seul is pissed and threatens JT if he ever harms the little girl, he will chase JT to the ends of hell. He rushes back to Hwangbang to find Ran Ran and hugs her closely.

23.19 23.20

Leader Seul goes to find Baek San and finds him groaning weakly on the couch. Baek San asks for a second chance, but is sent to the hospital instead. Leader Seul goes crazy and pulls out his sword and threatens the night with curses against JT. Jae Hwa and JT scheme behind the Hwangbang wall to scatter Leader Seul’s men. Meanwhile, Gaya wishes to return to Osaka. However, Yamamoto is dissatisfied and wants to acquire Bangsamtong using the Mori Strategy. Aoki speaks up and says that they have no choice but to use the strategy or they will die out anyways.


JT has his hands on the military strategy document and has So-So translate the Japanese for him. They are shocked at what they find written. Meanwhile, Leader Seul is readying his gun and sword with Ggoo looking fearfully on the fringe. Baek San comes back to Hwangbang and has to tell Leader Seul that all the gold has disappeared from the safe. Leader Seul throws a temper tantrum and points the gun at Baek San’s head. He is unable to shoot, but asks Baek San to check with the other casinos and their opium situation. He also requests to send Ran Ran to Hong Kong and will start the war after she is gone.


Comments; Well…..somehow I really knew that Ok Ryeon’s death was inevitable. She literally died the same way in Gaksital. Took the bullet….well this time poisoned wine for her man. The ultimate sacrifice. Is this a trend now? The wedding curse, as soon as she gets married, it is time for her to die! And of course, the hero is devastated by her death, but uses it as a rallying a point. I did enjoy Baek San getting thoroughly beaten though. What a treat. And most of all, I love Leader Seul fearing for his life every time JT pours him something. Leader Seul is slowly losing his marbles which is great!



3 thoughts on “Inspiring Generation Episode 23 Recap

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  2. I also enjoyed the fight between JT and BS. I love that JT is finally stepping up to the plate in becoming a leader and also, loving his people, well, his dad’s people. Also, understanding why his dad left him and his sister in Sinuejo. I hope he will be reunited with his sister and have a happy ending just like Gaskital. He doesn’t have to end up with Gaya but I just want Jung Tae to live for Bamsamtong.

    • Yes, I really loved the part where Jae Hwa talked some sense into him and he realized that all of Bangsamtong was depending on him and that he can’t blindly seek revenge. I really do hope that he gets a good reunion with his sister and that Gaya finds her own happiness

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