Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 11

Tar Hai is able to convince Chin Fu to come get the package himself. He takes a picture of Chin Fu with his pen and sends it to Nark. She confirms Chin Fu’s identity and is thinking about her next move when Yong Wen’s man shows up. He pretends to have a delivery for Chin Fu. Nark rushes inside and is immediately recognized by Chin Fu. The latter first threatens her with his gun. Why is she here and what does she want?

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 1.41.44 AM

Nark explains everything; she is trying to save his life right now. The man who ordered him to kill Khun Lin is trying to silence him. Nark is able to have the delivery man/gunman sent by Yong Wen killed by another minion of Yong Wen. That gives enough time to Nark and Chin Fu to get into Danny’s car and leave. Tar Hai stays in the building amidst the danger.

Danny tries his best to make his escape but Yong Wen’s men are closely following. Chin Fu, who has identified Nark as Cubic, asks what’s next. Yong Wen’s men are able to catch up by shooting on Danny’s car. The three get out of the car and run as fast as they can but are caught really fast. Chin Fu is the first one to be shot.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 1.50.50 AM

Danny and Nark are to be next. Yong Wen’s men are about to shoot when Khun Lin shows up in an helicopter followed by Jongsing and his men on the ground. Khun Lin shots all Yong Wen’s men down. Nark and Danny are obviously relieved to be saved (This is the first time Danny is happy to see Khun Lin 😀). Jongsing quickly takes care of Chin Fu while Khun Lin deals with Nark and Danny. Nark throws herself in Khun Lin’s arms. She is so happy to see him! Khun Lin seems relieved too but the happiness of the moment is forgotten by the anger toward Danny. The latter feels Khun Lin’s anger and yells that Nark is safe and sound. Khun Lin shouldn’t be glaring at him like that. Khun Lin ignores Danny and drags Nark home. What about Danny? Nark has no choice but to follow Khun Lin. Danny will just get a ride from Jongsing. What about Danny’s car, which was damaged? Khun Lin promises to pay for another one.

Khun Lin is angry at Nark for disobeying his orders and putting her life in danger. Nark apologizes and begs Khun Lin not to turn his back on her. What can she do to be forgiven? She will take any punishment. Khun Lin asks Nark if she will run away again? Nark needs to promise that she will never run away again, which she does. Khun Lin forces her to add that she will never go anywhere (Insecure much). And… and… and… they ALMOST kiss!!! Khun Lin is actually the one who avoided it at the last moment (Ughhhh).

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.04.31 AM

Nark’s punishment will be to come see Khun Lin everyday and tell him a new story about Nan (We all know you don’t care about Nan anymore… Just another excuse to see Nark’s face). Nark will only have one job from now on: driving Khun Lin the morning and at night. She doesn’t need to work at the construction site anymore.

Nan is worried sick about Nark. She has another argument with her father. Why is he not looking for Nark? It seems like he doesn’t care. Is Nark even is daughter? Yuttapong is hurt by his daughter’s words. If Nark, knew why he sent her away she would probably understand.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.07.55 AM

Yong Wen is furious that his men failed once more! Where is Chin Fu? Is it sure that he is dead? Yong Wen wants his men to confirm because it might just be a rumor.Turns out that Jongsing is carefully hiding Chin Fu, who is in a critical condition. The doctor said that the bullet went through Chin Fu’s lung. He might not make it through. Thankfully, he does wake up and Jongsing is able to have the phone number of the person who hired Chin Fu.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.18.02 AM

The phone number is Sang Hui’s, which leads Khun Lin and his men to run into Sang Hui’s office with guns. What is going on? Khun Lin should be asking that question. They found out that he is the one who tried to kill Khun Lin. Sang Hui denies and explains that Yong Wen was the one who had his phone the day the killing was ordered. Meanwhile Yong Wen is on his way outside; he first thought that Khun Lin was after him but felt relieved when Khun Lin asked about Sang Hui. Yong Wen sees Nark playing with the Rubik’s Cube and starts asking her a bunch of questions. He is suspicious but not a 100 % sure that she is Cubic.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.22.26 AM Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.22.10 AM

Yong Wen is about to leave when Khun Lin runs outside screaming Nark’s name. Yong Wen is now sure that Nark is Cubic. He takes out his gun and starts shooting. Khun Lin shields Nark with his body and shoots back. Eventually Yong Wen safely escapes. One good thing for Yong Wen: Cubic’s identity is confirmed. Khun Lin almost suffocates Nark holding her tightly…

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.25.00 AM

Sang Hui finally realizes that Yong Wen is the one who tried to kill Khun Lin. Yong Wen is most likely the one responsible for Bai Ling’s death too. Sang Hui is heartbroken. Not only the person who he considered a son tarnished his family name, but he also killed his beloved niece.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.25.24 AM

Yong Wen and his men are not under Chaihong Group anymore (Of course… ). Yong Wen tell his men that the number one ennemy is now Khun Lin. Khun Lin is worried about Nark’s safety and tells Jongsing to have her move in the same building as him. Nark should also be his regular driver from now on so he will be able to constantly keep an eye on her. He tries to convince Jongsing that it’s all for Nark’s safety.

Nark explains to Mina everything that happened. Mina wonders why Khun Lin tries to protect Nark so much. Is it possible that Khun Lin loves Nark? That’s impossible. Khun Lin would never like a girl like Nark (Wrong). Mina explains that Khun Lin might be attracted to more than Nark’s physical appearance. Mina explains that it takes time for people to realize that they are in love… Nark notes that it seems like Mina is knowledgeable about this… That’s when Puey Lin rings the door bell holding flowers.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.37.30 AM


I am glad that Yong Wen’s evilness is now out for everyone to see. I hate when dramas drag that for too long. I have to admit that the actor portraying Yong Wen is doing a fantastic job. At the beginning, he was this loyal, loving, and passive person. Now he is this murderer, psycho, and greedy character that we all love to hate! He is definitley making Cubic so much more entertaining.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.23.13 AM

I can’t wait for more Bank and Nychaa. They are so cute. It seems like Puey Lin is trying to be more romantic and win Mina’s heart. I am also not surprised to see Mina falling for him. When Khun Visanu had a meeting with Puey Lin to ask for more money, the way Mina looked at Puey Lin sort of suggested that she found him attractive…

Bomb’s acting is becoming better or at least more bearable. Plus like I said in previous recaps, the other actors are doing a great job. I am watching for those other actors too.

Next episode promises to be more than interesting. It seems like Nan will finally arrive. We will see how Khun Lin and Nark deal with Nan’s arrival. I can already see Nan clinging onto Khun Lin.

~ maniac Ride

6 thoughts on “Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 11

  1. i’m not agreeing with is what u said about bomb: its a total 360 from chi lek amazing off the chain i only watch this movie for him tumbs up

  2. i do not agree with you about BOMB. to me he did alot more than just bearable,but its just also my opinion, i love and respect him as a actor. lets try not to put down people especially for what we could do not better.

  3. love the actor playing yong wen. seen him in several other lakorns and would hate him to death when he plays a douche but love him when he plays a good guy and find him too adorable as a gay character. he’s really a versatile actor and would love to see him play a p’rek role in the future

    thanx for the cap

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  5. The only thing I have to say, it OUCH! I can’t believe LLS avoid that KISS! I watched that scene a million time praying I didn’t see what I seen. I guess I should be thankful if they did kiss and it was one of those stone emotionless kisses it would have ruden the entire drama for me. I guess I should be happy with the intense stares, Eskimo kiss and the elementary forehead kiss. But then again the sexual awareness/tense is killing me…….

  6. Bomb acting is incredible it so hard to act using your eyes, this man don’t have to say a word everything is detail with his body language and expression. This is the hardest kind of acting to make a connection with limited dialogue and still have such a strong impact… For this drama it work so will because the dialogue is not in depth but when you add the those stares, OMG the stares and the biggest of his frame it just deliver such a punch you are caught up before you even know it.

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