Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 12

Puey Lin comes to apologize to Mina but Nark and the bodyguards won’t let him in. He puts the flowers in front of the door and leaves. Mina is conflicted and would have opened the door if it wasn’t for other people stopping her.

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Nark falls asleep in class and her teacher ends up sending Nark to the school nurse when she discovers that Nark has fever. Hearing that Nark is sick, Khun Lin stops by the infirmary. He is worried about her but relieved when he finds her asleep. Khun Lin is intensely staring at Nark sleeping and about to kiss her forehead when Danny walks in (Seriously Danny!? You couldn’t have waited 5 more minutes?!).

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Danny starts teasing Khun Lin (As usual :-D. I love those two bothering each other ~). Why did Khun Lin stop? It was such a beautiful scene. Danny adds that if it was him he would have kissed her. Is it that Khun Lin is scared that he might not be able to stop himself? Khun Lin tells Danny to stop meddling and implies that he should leave as soon as possible. Danny replies that he has the right to be there as Nark’s friend. It’s better than a debtor that tries to act like an owner… Khun Lin grabs Danny and tell him that if he wasn’t Carlos Tapia’s son, he wouldn’t be so considerate. Danny gives up (Or not really…) and tells Khun Lin before leaving that Khun Lin should figure out what he wants. He reminds Khun Lin that Nark saved his life. Other people would have released Nark and gave her a huge sum of money to thank her. Khun Lin knows this is not about money anymore and is using the debt to keep Nark next to him. If Khun Lin moves too slowly, Danny says that he might steal her.

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Nark wakes up and is once again scared that Khun Lin might be mad at her. She keeps begging Khun Lin and apologizing. She doesn’t realize that he wasn’t mad but rather worried. Khun Lin doesn’t bother to clarify.

Nan calls Ai Wei. She is willing to meet Khun Lin.

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Meanwhile Nark tells Khun Lin more and more about Nan. Nark doesn’t realize that it’ only an excuse to spend more time with her. Khun Lin takes care of her every time they work together. He makes sure to give her food and stays next to her while she is working (Moral support I guess LOL). It’s also the chance for Nark to learn more about Khun Lin. During one of their conversation, Nark asks Khun Lin what kind of women he likes. Khun Lin answers Nark. As oblivious as she is, Nark thinks that Khun Lin is just calling her name (-____-)

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Mei Jing learns that Nan is coming back. She assumes that it’s the reason why Khun Lin has been acting so distant. Khun Lin doesn’t pay much attention to her (Nothing new) and smiles whenever he stares at his phone (Those pics of Nark!!! So many of them 😀).

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On top of the work Nark already has, she is asked to take an IQ test. There is this cute scene when she walks into Khun Lin’s bedroom to drop the completed IQ test. Khun Lin is asleep on his bed and Nark adorably stares at him. She is embarrassed when she realizes that he is not asleep. The results of the IQ test later show that Nark scores way above average. Khun Lin and Jongsing are now convinced that she is a prodigy.

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Mei Jing is scared of losing Khun Lin for good; and in a desperate attempt tries to convince Nark to warn Nan. Khun Lin’s men have finally found Nan and that’s why Jongsing has been gone. He is supposed to bring Nan back soon. Mei Jing takes Nark out and tells her that being Khun Lin’s woman is not easy. Khun Lin has never loved anyone. Nan will just be another woman in Khun Lin’s eyes. Nark is down after hearing out Mei Jing.

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Khun Lin meets Mina. She will be going back to Thailand soon. Puey Lin barges in the room and tries to stop Khun Lin from sending Mina back once he hears about it. Puey Lin is sorry for hurting Mina but it’s because he didn’t want to lose her. Can she not stay with him? He promises to take care of her. Mina also apologizes for Puey Lin getting hurt because of her. Khun Lin is confused at first but then understands and leaves. The Puey Lin-Mina situation makes Khun Lin rethink his relationship with Nark…

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Once Khun Lin returns from the meeting with Mina and Puey Lin, he is furious when he finds out that Mei Jing has gone out with Nark. Why was Nark not waiting for him to get back? Where did Mei Jing and Nark go? Mei Jing tries to explain that she just took Nark for lunch but that answer doesn’t satisfy Khun Lin. Mei Jing insists that Nark owes Khun Lin money but that doesn’t make her his slave. Khun Lin tells Mei Jing to leave and then scolds Nark. Nark keeps avoiding eye contact and that makes Khun Lin furious. Why is she not looking at him? Nark gets on her knees and begs Khun Lin to give up on Nan. She doesn’t want her older sister to suffer. Khun Lin yells at her to get up but Nark only does so when he promises to give up on Nan. He can only be with Nan if the feelings are mutual. Nark agrees to keep paying the debt.

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When Nan arrives, Nark is excited and jumps in Nan’s arms as soon as she gets off the plane. Yuttapong also came. Nark explains that she already repaid 2 million and that things haven’t been that bad. Yuttapong and Nan try to understand what happened. Nark seems to be living better than they expected.

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The introduction between Nan and Khun Lin is awkward. Khun Lin simply rolls down the window of the car and gives a cold look to Nan. The latter is so happy to find out that Khun Lin turned out to be the handsome man she had a crush on. Nan is speechless which Jongsing doesn’t fail to notice. It seems like deep down he is making fun of Nan since she is obviously interested in Khun Lin when he is giving Nan the cold shoulder. Khun Lin’s behavior can be summarized like this: OK. Nan is here. Cool story. Nark you have seen her now. GET IN THE CAR (😀). Khun Lin doesn’t even want Nan to ride with him. He only came because Nark wanted to see her family.

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Once Yuttapong and Nan are settled in, Jongsing tells Yuttapong that Khun Lin wants to meet him. Yuttapong wonders why Nan and him are being treated so nicely. Jongsing tells him that Nark should be the one he thanks for that. If Yuttapong has more questions, Khun Lin might have better answers.

Nark confesses to Danny. She is worried about Nan. She doesn’t want Nan to become a mistress. Danny tells her that if Nan becomes Khun Lin’s woman she must be prepared. Nan life won’t be easy. Khun Lin will never drop his mafia business because of love. Danny wonders if Nark is possessive of Nan or Khun Lin? Nark denies being possessive of Khun Lin. Plus Khun Lin would never like a girl like her. Danny is not convinced but doesn’t add anything.

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Yuttapong meets with Khun Lin and Jongsing. He explains that he sent Nark because he knows she is a genius. The other reason is that she is the daughter of the “Shadow”. The one protecting Khun Lin’s father back then. Nark’s father knew that things were getting more and more dangerous so he had Yuttapong, his best friend, take care of Nark. Nark’s father was right to do so since Khun Lin’s father and him were both betrayed by their men and killed in a bar.

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The revelation of Nark being the daughter of the Shadow can only partially shock Khun Lin. Nark has already proved her abilities in his eyes. Nark being the daughter of the Shadow can only help Khun Lin and Nark to connect more. They both lost their fathers in the same way and the relationship between their families is a way to show that Nark belongs in the mafia world. Yuttapong still sending Nark in such a fashion to pay his debt is still reckless and stupid in my eyes. Yes, he had a debt to pay but he shouldn’t have put Nark’s life in danger. Nothing guaranteed that Khun Lin wouldn’t hurt her and in a way Yuttapong is betraying his best friend’s trust by putting Nark in danger.

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Danny is playing a significant role when it comes to helping Khun Lin confront his feelings. Danny seems to know Khun Lin’s heart as much as Jongsing although they are not close. I still wonder if Danny has feelings for Nark. The way he wants to protect and help her can suggest that it’s more than friendship.

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So much sweetness in this episode. It seems like Khun Lin and Nark are both taking turn staring at each other asleep. It is cute and reflects their mutual feelings for each other. In a way, they are both expressing their feelings in the same fashion.

I am happy to see Puey Lin and Mina together although I felt like it was a little rushed. I would have liked to see more development. I think Mina had a crush on Puey Lin the first time she met him but I don’t think that can be directly converted to deep feelings. They didn’t have sweet memories or anything that can make her want to be with him. I was reading comments online and a lot of people had a hard time understanding why Mina would want to be with Puey Lin since he tried to rape her. It logically doesn’t make sense but I guess that’s where the slap-kiss genre comes in play. One thing that I like though is Puey Lin being so straightforward about his feelings. It not only saves time but it also makes Khun Lin reflect on his own feelings. There are so many similarities between Puey Lin-Mina and Khun Lin-Nark.

If you are interested in reading more about Cubic – recaps, spoilers, comments – check out The owner of the blog is doing a really good job with her recaps.

I also want to add that my comments only reflect my personal opinion. I know some people disagree with my opinion on Bomb’s acting and I just want to say that’s fine. Everyone is welcome to comment even if they disagree ~ I hope those who disagree still enjoy my recaps though 🙂

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  2. I don’t get that from Danny that he likes her as a woman but more as a sister, I never got that Vibe that it was on a romantic level between them….

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