Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 13

Khun Lin is furious. How could Yuttapong just send Nark to him like this? She could have been in danger. Yuttapong explains that he knew about Nark’s capacities and he also wanted her to do as well as his father (Lame excuse). Khun Lin tells Yuttapong that the debt is canceled in exchange for Nark. Yuttapong wants to understand why but Khun Lin is not in the mood to give explanations. Khun Lin leaves and Yuttapong turns to Jongsing. Does Khun Lin have feelings for Nark? Jongsing doesn’t directly answer but implies that yes. Yuttapong asks if Nark knows about it and how she feels about it. Jongsing can’t answer that. Yuttapong should ask Nark himself. Meanwhile Nan is persuaded that Khun Lin and her can develop a relationship. Nan doesn’t get the vibe that Khun Lin isn’t into her.

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Mei Jing visits Khun Lin but has to wait since he is not there yet. She takes his phone out of curiosity and starts going through his pictures. She is shocked to see only pictures of Nark. She understands that Khun Lin has been in love with Nark. When Khun Lin arrives, he snatches his phone away but the confrontation between the two is unavoidable. Mei Jing doesn’t understand how Khun Lin can love someone like Nark. She thought she would have to compete with Nan who is equally beautiful. How does she even compete with Nark? Does Nark know about Khun Lin’s feelings? Khun Lin’s reaction tells her that Nark doesn’t know yet. Despite the pain, Mei Jing is satisfied that Khun Lin finally fell in love. He will finally experience the pain she experienced. He might even be rejected by Nark.

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Mei Jing leaves and is grabbing a drink at a bar when Jongsing shows up. He wants to know what happened. Mei Jing asks Jongsing if he knew about Khun Lin’s feelings. Jongsing can’t deny it. Mei Jing adds that it doesn’t actually matter that it’s Nark because Khun Lin would have never loved her; she asks Jongsing to keep her company. Cheers to Khun Lin’s love.

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Khun Lin can’t stop thinking about Nark telling him to leave Nan alone. He was able to make Nark promise to stay in exchance for him leaving Nan alone, but how long would that do the trick? He also can’t keep Mei Jing’s harsh words out of his head. Khun Lin’s parents relationship ended in a tragic way; he is scared to go through the same pain.

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Danny learns from his father that Patrick is investigating Nark. Carlos tells him that since Yong Wen is trying to get rid of Khun Lin, Nark must be taken care of first. Patrick knows that Nark was in charge of the weapon delivery; there is also a rumor saying that Nark is Cubic. To avoid problems, Nark should leave for Thailand.

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Khun Lin tells Jongsing that Yuttapong and Nan should stay permanently. If her family stays, Nark will stay too. Nark is the only one who can make him feel a certain way – anger, happiness, worry. Khun Lin admits that everytime he is with Nark it’s like the whole world is his. Khun Lin tells Jongsing that it’s pretty clear how he feels about Nark (Pfffff Jongsing knew about your feelings since Day 1).

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Jongsing is about to leave when Danny tries to force his way in the room. Danny explains the situation to Khun Lin. At first, Khun Lin refuses. He is sure that Nark can be protected without being sent back to Thailand. Danny is furious; Khun Lin is risking Nark’s safety, Chaihong Group and the life of Carlos Tapia. When Danny leaves, Khun Lin tries to convince himself – there must be another solution. Jongsing is able to convince him that it’s best to send Nark back to Thailand. Plus Yong Wen is still out there and might try something stupid.

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Danny runs to Nark and tells her everything. She needs to leave. Nark refuses. She won’t leave because she owes Khun Lin a debt (That’s not why you want to stay). She has to repay it. Plus Khun Lin hasn’t given her the order to leave. That’s when Khun Lin walks in saying that Nark will leave tomorrow (I guess that’s the order she was waiting for). All records of her presence will be erased and Nan will be the one subbing for her. Nark can’t also contact anyone when in Thailand. Jongsing and Danny leave Nark and Khun Lin behind. Khun Lin is about to leave too but Nark grabs onto him…

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Nark packs her stuff and reflects on the past few months. Khun Lin is also doing the same thing. Both think back about the memories they have together – from the moment they met to them growing closer.

Patrick is doing intensive research on Nark. He also remembers her in the ambulance; and realizes that his men and him were tricked.

Nark says goodbye to Danny and calls Khun Lin. She leaves a voice mail. Nark thanks Khun Lin for all he has done for her in the past months – teaching her, taking care of her, saving her life. Nark also thanks him for putting up with her silly behavior and lack of understanding sometimes. She promises to do her best in everything, and asks Khun Lin to take care of her father and Nan. Khun Lin listens to the voicemail and later starts deleting all the pictures of Nark (Poor Khun Lin).

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Nan is more than happy to accompany Khun Lin everywhere although Jongsing warns her. She shouldn’t ask Khun Lin too many questions. She should also avoid talking too much. Nan doesn’t understand. What is going on? Yuttapong later tells her that Chaihong Group is having problems because of Nark. On their first date (I don’t even know what to call it), Nan tries to be friendly with Khun Lin. The latter keeps giving her the cold shoulder. If she has something to ask, she should ask Jongsing. Khun Lin then asks about Nark. Has Nan heard from her? Nan replies no.

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Patrick shows up at Chaihong Group. He asks Khun Lin about Nark. What’s their relationship? Khun Lin explains that Nark is his debtor’s younger daughter but she never came. Patrick shows pictures of Nark wearing her driver uniform and hanging around Chaihong Group. He wants explanations. What are those pictures then? How would Khun Lin know? Is Patrick sure that the documents and pictures are authentic? Patrick is not tricked; he knows that Nark helped with the deal with Carlos. Jongsing and Khun Lin keep pretending. If Nark is that good maybe they should look into hiring her… Patrick leaves furious. He doesn’t understand why Khun Lin is protecting Nark.

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Nark goes back to Thailand. She is staying in an isolated pretty house.

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She spends her day thinking about Khun Lin. One of the memories she has is when she dropped a document for Khun Lin. The guard wouldn’t let her in so she had to wait outside while it was raining. When Khun Lin finally saw her, he took her hand and lead her inside. He dried her hair with a towel. Nark thanked him for drying her hair and wearing the watch she gave him. She never thought he would wear it. Nark told Khun Lin that they might never see each other again. Khun Lin replied that he will always remember her…

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The episode ends with Yong Wen looking at pictures of Nark…

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 1.35.46 AM


Mei Jing always hoped that Khun Lin would notice her and her pride hurt was hurt because she felt like she lost to a mere kid. At the end, she has no other way but to accept Khun Lin’s love for Nark. Thankfully, she has Jongsing to give her moral support and an attentive ear. It must be painful for Jongsing to have the woman he loves talking about another man but he takes it pretty well.

Khun Lin was able to confront his feelings thanks to other people. Last episode, it was thanks to Danny and now thanks to Mei Jing. Other people telling him harsh words was a wake call for Khun Lin. It’s sad that he decided to act now but Nark had to leave for Thailand.

Talking about Nark going back to Thailand. I don’t know if that makes a lot of sense. Thailand is a member of Interpol so it’s not like Patrick can’t find Nark even if she flees. I am not too sure how it works but I just thought that was a little strange.

I love the bromance between Jongsing and Khun Lin. It is subtle compared to other bromances that I have seen. Jongsing is so devoted and loyal to Khun Lin, but Khun Lin still respects Jongsing’s opinions and looks up to him. Jongsing is quiet most of the time but when he talks he always has something deep to sat. Not is seriously doing a great job. His face perfectly reflects his emotions.

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2 thoughts on “Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 13

  1. This is my frist thai drama and I glad I was lucky to catch it, so many things I like about this drama but the most important is the relationship between LLS and JongSing. I have heard mix things about Thai drama but I do know for this to work for me LLS and Nark need to take they relatiionship to the next level. It need to be established by the end of the drama that he don’t only love Nark he see her as desirable, because without that it just seem more like a crush then love….

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