Skip-Thru: Secret Love Affair

Secret Love Affair / Milhwe

Admittedly, I was very wary of starting this drama at first. I am not one to watch noona romances and the huge age gap between the two main characters, Oh Hye-Won and Lee Seon Jae intimidated me. The story itself goes like this – A seemingly successful woman in her forties feels like she has it all, elegance, sophistication, charisma, and even a degree of power amongst the richest layer of society. However, her neat little world starts to shake when she meets Lee Seon-jae, a genius pianist from a very poor family who is at first unaware of the great talent he possess. Through their shared deep love of music, these two souls connect on another level. Hye-Won who is ambitious in her own right could not resist the different strain of music that Lee Seon-Jae seems to be. The catch? Her social standing and everything she has worked for on the line.

For me, this drama is compelling to watch, but with one snag. I am only able to skip-thru parts of the drama until the scenes where Hye-Won and Lee Seon Jae interact. The other scenes and characters gives me no interest at all, in fact, I am bored to death by them. However, when these two enter the screen, the chemistry literally explodes. I was astounded because to me it had seem that the age gap would be a giant obstacle between their acting and would have made the drama unrealistic. I was pleasantly surprised. Hye-Won is amazing acting as the wife who finds her self feeling new tender emotions for a forbidden subject, her husband’s piano student. While you can tell that she is passionate woman, especially when it comes to piano music, she holds back and becomes an ice queen in her daily life. However, when she interacts with Seon-Jae, it is like she can’t control herself and gives in with bursts of emotions to match his. Lee Seon-Jae is excellent in displaying that hormonal chaos that causes him so much confusion as he finds himself head over heels for his piano professor’s wife, Hye-Won. Furthermore, I was much much impressed by his emotional range of facial expressions as he plays the piano. As a piano player myself, I could feel how much he seem to “feel” the music. His expressions were subtle, engrossing, and frankly right on point for someone who does not play piano! And when the two play the music together, why its like watching a piece of moving art. He gives her the genuineness in human interaction that she so desperately craves. The joy that each finds in playing the music, but more importantly, playing with each other on the same piano is very touching and inspires me to pick up piano again!

Thus, I won’t be recapping this drama, but instead skipping-thru it just for these two!



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2 thoughts on “Skip-Thru: Secret Love Affair

    • I started doing that late in the game. I didn’t know why before I felt like I was obligated to watch every minute of every episode. Now I can watch more and enjoy the scenes I like better!

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