Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 14

Yong Wen decides to go after the women in Khun Lin’s life. There is no information about Nark so far and she seems to have left town. His men tell him about Nan – a new Thai woman that accompanies Khun Lin everywhere now. Yong Wen guesses that Khun Lin is trying to protect Nark and therefore decides to go after Mei Jing first.

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Mei Jing is kidnapped in the elevator of her building. She is dragged to the warehouse where Yong Wen and his men are. Yong Wen calls Khun Lin and shows him that he has captured Mei Jing. If Khun Lin wants to see her alive, he needs to show up at a given location. Mei Jing is already in bad shape – bloody face, teary eyes, etc. Jongsing is more worried about Mei Jing’s safety than Khun Lin, but he knows that if Khun Lin tries to rescue Mei Jing he might die.

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Mei Jing is able to flee the room she is kept in and snatches a gun. There is a chase in the warehouse but Mei Jing is ultimately killed before Khun Lin and Jongsing get there. Khun Lin is furious and Jongsing is heartbroken seeing Mei Jing’s lifeless body (Poor Jongsing). Jongsing holds on to her to the point that Khun Lin comes next to him telling that Mei Jing has left them for good.

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It is after Mei Jing’s funeral that Khun Lin realizes that Jongsing had feelings for Mei Jing (FINALLY he knows). Khun Lin thinks back about all the hints that he missed  – comments made about Mei Jing and Jongsing’s behavior every time he was around her.

Puey Lin has a short talk with Khun Lin after the funeral. He reminds Khun Lin that he told him that Yong Wen was the culprit since the beginning but as usual he didn’t believe him. Puey Lin’s men are also looking for Yong Wen. What does Khun Lin want them to do if they find Yong Wen? Khun Lin tells Puey Lin that he can do whatever he wants with Yong Wen… Mina who is standing behind Puey Lin takes the opportunity to ask about Nark. Is Nark alright? Khun Lin nods. Can Khun Lin please tell Nark that she misses her?

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Back at his place, Khun Lin confronts Jongsing about his feelings for Mei Jing. Why did Jongsing not tell him? Khun Lin always told Jongsing that he considered him like his brother. They shouldn’t hide those kind of things from each other. Jongsing tries to deny at first but quickly sees that Khun Lin clearly knows the truth. Jongsing apologizes for liking Khun Lin’s woman. He thinks it was wrong but Khun Lin doesn’t see it in the same way. Love cannot be controlled and it is not wrong to love. Khun Lin himself understands how it feels to love someone. Since Nark entered his life, everything is different.

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Nark hears about Mei Jing’s death. What in the world is going on? She contacts Danny. Danny asks her why she is contacting him. What if the police is recording his phone calls? Nark explains that she wants to know what happened to Mei Jing. She learns that Mei Jing was killed by Yong Wen therefore she needs to be even more careful. Nark also asks how Khun Lin has been doing. Is Khun Lin safe? Is he sad because of Mei Jing’s death. Danny is annoyed. Yes, Khun Lin is safe and Nark needs to stop asking if Khun Lin is sad. Why would Khun Lin be sad? The one he loves is Nark. The latter is happy to hear that but pretends like nothing.

As soon as Danny hangs up, Patrick who arrived from behind snatches the phone away. Who is Danny talking to? Is it Carlos? Patrick claims that he has the right to know everything since he is trying to catch criminals. Patrick tries dialing the number but Nark, who is suspicious, doesn’t pick up. Danny only gets his phone back when Khun Lin intervenes. He is the principal of the school and Patrick’s rights as an Interpol agent are not valid here. When Patrick leaves, Khun Lin warns Danny to limit contacts with Nark.

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Khun Lin misses Nark so much that he thinks about her on a daily basis. He thinks about all the moment they had together. His feelings for Nark also have him try to protect Nan and Yuttapong the best he can. He orders Jongsing to have extra guards protecting father and daughter. Meanwhile they hear that Yong Wen is on a boat at a dock. Khun Lin, Jongsing and their men barge on the boat and kill a large number of Yong Wen’s men. Unfortunately Yong Wen is able to flee but n0t before blowing up the boat.

Nark learns about the boat incident from Nan. Is Khun Lin safe? Nan says yes. She heard the bodyguards saying that Khun Lin was safe and sound. Nan doesn’t understand why Nark is so worried about Khun Lin (So clueless). Nark makes up a quick excuse; it’s because Khun Lin took good care of her in the past. Their conversation is interrupted when J0ngsing grabs Nan’s phone. Why is Nark calling? Didn’t Khun Lin tell her not to contact anyone?! She could be creating more problems for them. Nark explains that she just misses her family. Before hanging up, she asks Jongsing to take care of Khun Lin.

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Nan doesn’t understand why Khun Lin is still ignoring her. At first he wanted her, but he hasn’t visited her once since she came. Jongsing suggests that Khun Lin tells Nan that he doesn’t love her instead of keeping her waiting. Khun Lin agrees.Khun Lin tells Nan that Yuttapong and her will be staying for a little longer and then leave for Thailand. The debt has been paid so they are free. Khun Lin explains that he agreed to erase the debt in exchange for Nark. Nan is even more confused. She asks if Khun Lin has feelings for Nark. Khun Lin doesn’t say yes but his answer is enough. Nan thinks about all the hints that Khun Lin himself has given. He has always been cold to her and always worried about Nark safety so much. Yet it’s still hard to believe that Nark make Khun Lin forget about her…

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Nark contacts Chin Fu and asks him to help her take Yong Wen down. She then contacts Danny but since the latter is with Khun Lin she ends up talking to him. Khun Lin tells her to stay put. Nark refuses of course.

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