Through the Looking Glass: New Tales of Gisaeng vs The Empress

Sometimes some dramas plots seem really similar! These two particular dramas really caught my eye. I watched New Tales Of Gisaeng first and then The Empress. However, I think of The Empress as the darker reflection of the two.

Points of Reflection:

1. Birth Secrets: Parents are not who they seem to be. The illicit love affair between a prominent member of society and a member that hides away.

2. Growing up in poverty or lower social class.

3. Heroine is fierce, unwilling to let others bully her around.

4. Interest or majoring in the arts such as traditional dance or art.

5. Love at first sight….through a door crack.

te1 te2

6. The fall of the heroine and the horrible treatment by their professors.

7. Entering of the upscale, high-class gisaeng / hostess world.

te4 te6

8. Indignant lovers who try to get them out of that world.

9. Lovers who end up entering the service of the gisaeng / hostess business to stay close to their ladies.

10. Heroine who has ties or almost tied to a much older business man.

te3 te5

11. Dysfunctional relationships!

12. Hero gets bloodied up because of the lady.

13. Babies, babies, babies.

14. Reunion of true biological families.


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