Bu Bu Jing Qing (步步惊情) Episode 1


Starring Liu Shi Shi as Zhang Xiao / Lan Lan & Nicky Wu as Yin Zheng & Sun Yi Zhou as Kang Si Han & Jiang Jin Fu as Kang Si Yu & Damian Lan as Kang Zhen Tian

The long awaited sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin is finally here! With no further ado, let’s get started. The episode starts off with Zhang Xiao formerly known as our Ma’ertai Ruoxi watching what appears to be herself on television focusing in on the scene where she meets 4th Prince. She tilts her head in confusion. She muses about her memories and comments that “loving a person is hard, but letting go of a loved one is harder.” ZX can’t seem to stop researching about herself and even watches a drama about what she has gone through.

1 1-2


In the “drama”, we see 4th Prince tearfully gazing at the magnolia hairpin he had given Ruoxi. He also takes off his ring and places it in the same box as the rest of the Ruoxi’s mementos he had saved. 4th Prince’s men go on a journey in the desert with the treasure box, but a huge sandstorm/sand tornado sucks everything up in its path. 4th Prince also passes away on his bed while still relatively young…compared to today’s standards I suppose.

1-3 1-4

With trembling fingers, we flash to ZX touching the painting of all the brothers and her in the museum. She is trying to find out why she is still feeling this way. Modern 4th Prince  known here as Yin Zheng also walks up to the same display, but ZX has already moved away. However, ZX turns and gasps when she sees his profile. Tears are running down her face as she approaches the man. He turns and looks at her smiling tenderly at him and is bewildered. He asks her if she is okay or if he can help in any way, but she doesn’t respond. Uncomfortable, he starts to walk away and she sadly watches him go, more tears falling.

1-5 1-6

She starts running after him saying that she can’t let him go. He pulls out a similar ring to what we had seen YZ put in the treasure box. ZX is running down the stairs to catch up, but modern YZ has already gotten into his car. ZX crashes into man carrying balloons and the balloons floating away catches YZ’s eyes. The balloon man tries to extract $500 in damages from her and wants to use her phone as collateral. YZ comes to the rescue and gives the man the money and passes the phone back to ZX. Again, ZX is touched and repeatedly thanks him while still emotional. He gives her the phone with the left over balloons. Their hands are clasped together for a few brief seconds.

1-7 1-8

ZX rides away on her scooter with her balloons, but seems to be following YZ to his company. YZ meets with his secretary who tells him that he has a meeting to attend. Fangirls faint away at his approach and even ZX takes a picture of him herself. She is blocked by security from following further and redirected to receptionist to make an appointment.

1.9 1.10

She comes back to her apartment and finds luggage outside. A creepy hand comes into view and clasps her shoulder. She isn’t even fazed and identifies the creeper in an annoyed voice. It is her ex-boyfriend, Huang Di, (means Emperor, by the way, and looks like Lee Jun Ki) who throws his luggage in her apartment before she can do anything. He wants to get back together, but ZX is having none of it. He said the girl that he cheated with spent too much of his money. ZX says he can live in the bathroom if he must stay. He comments on how obsessed ZX seems to be about the drama she watched and the past history. She refuses to talk about love with him.

1.11 1.12

Immature HD begs for money and food while teasing her about finding a new guy. He finds the photo she took of YZ on the phone and says that is his CEO’s fake son. YZ is stressed out hearing about a man named Kang Si Han who seems to have returned to China after being abroad. HD explains that YZ’s mother and father both come from second marriages. He tells her that YZ is untouchable and shows him with another girl. She focuses in on the girl in the picture and doesn’t know why she feels like the girl gives off a special aura.

Kang Zhen Tian, the father of the two sons, examines a magnolia pin under the light. Crews of treasure hunters are driving in the desert trying to find the famed treasure box. A fight ensues as the group argues that they have searched long enough and should go back home since they haven’t found it yet. Suddenly the sand tornado appears again and everyone is trying to hang onto the car in an effort not to be sucked away. However, it is futile and everyone flies off. BUT, coincidently, they find pearls and treasure in the sand. They also find the box that 4th prince had put the magnolia hairpin and ring in. They pry open the box and are shocked at the amazing pieces they find. They read the inscriptions on the ring that say “Ni he Wo” which is You and Me. The treasure hunters pose for a group photo.

1.13 1.14

Meanwhile Kang Zhen Tian says that finally the hairpin has been returned to him  and refuses to sell the piece ever. HD takes ZX to the company and wants to give her the full tour. He tells her that YZ works on the 37th floor while the CEO is on the 38th. He likens the company to a palace. ZX takes the step forward into the elevator after HD. Meanwhile, super stylish 10th prince reincarnation is busy applying his lip balm and checking himself out in a mirror. His name is Jack in modern times and he is her interviewer. She is busy staring at him shocked at the similarity. However, Jack is not impressed by her lackluster resume and calls her a “grass root” (lowly).  She tries to explain her experience to him, but he rejects her totally and tells her to go home because a pretty face isn’t going to cut it. However, KZT, the father is watching this interaction.

1.15 1.17

ZX of course recognizes the CEO as Emperor Kangxi of the past. She introduces herself to him and even he thinks that her experience with antiques may be unfitting for his company. However, she says she wants a new start while he chuckles that at such a young age of 25 yrs, why would she need that? ZX explains that she wants it for personal growth. She tells him that she knows the most about Kangxi Emperor and tells him about Kangxi’s conflicts. He asks her about which poem would describe Kangxi the best and she reels off a traditional poem with practiced ease.

1.18 1.19

ZX is teary with her memories and CEO seems to like her. He asks her about her parents and she says that her father is a sports professor and her mom had passed away when she was young. KZT decides to accept her for the job and tells her to come tomorrow. She is really grateful and asks him if he likes to drink tea. He asks her if she is trying to suck up already and she says no. Sassy Jack says she can’t survive forever on her pretty face. KZT asks his secretary to do a background check and looks at an old photo, probably of his first wife that died.

While in the stairwell, she hears a person descending the stairs and watches as a handkerchief drops. The footsteps increase in speed and soon the girl falls. She is dressed in traditional clothing and ZX tries to help her up, but is pushed away by her staff. The girl stands with some blood flowing from her temple, but she looks exactly like ZX/Ruoxi. The girl hurries away quickly, but hey did she not feel like it was weird that she looked like ZX? Even ZX is shocked that the girl looks exactly like her, but hasn’t she been watching the dramas with that same “actress”?

1.20 1.21

In the waiting room, the staff ask the doppelgänger if she needs her temple to be cleaned up. She has a slightly condescending look on her face and refuses the help. So you want to be bloody headed? Doppelgänger pulls a magnolia blossom from the table next to her and puts in in her headdress. ZX walks in on a filming and sees her doppelgänger singing the song that she had sang for 4th prince. The plum blossom song where she was dressed in red with the snow/petals falling, but now it is with the doppelgänger in yellow and a parasol with snow falling. Immediately ZX is teary-eyed again as she watches. YZ also comes and watches the filming. He is given the doppelganger’s file which details the new girl as Lan Lan, a 25yr old from Australia. YZ is enraptured by the performance and even sees the bloody stain on her temple. ZX is soon led out by the staff as she is not here to audition. She looks worriedly back.

1.22 1.23

Comments:  Hmmmm so the pilot episode to me seems a little fragmented to be honest. I know that the drama is trying to establish the backgrounds of everyone / reincarnations or not, but maybe they could have done it in a smoother way? And also, when ZX was watching the drama in the beginning, did she not notice how similar the actress looked to her? Why did she only feel shock when she was face to face with Lan Lan in the stairwell? ZX seems to be crying all over the place too, but I understand she is still broken up about the past. However, I am super interested in Lan Lan, she seems a little arrogant and VERY manipulative. Sassy Jack or 10th prince is a lovely addition I must add. I will definitely give props to the scenes where ZX and YZ interact, you can definitely see the longing that ZX feels and of course YZ’s bewilderment. I wonder how this storyline will turn out!





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