Bu Bu Jing Qing (步步惊情) Episode 2

The episode starts off with ZX telling HD that she met Ruoxi, who happens to look exactly like her. She also tells him about the fall and other reincarnation similarities. HD thinks that she entered a parallel universe and split up a once linear timeline. Because 4th Prince in the history books never met a women named Ruoxi, with her jumping back in time and having a relationship with him, she has already changed a timeline, just not the one she returned back to. ZX considers this possibility. She decides to investigate YZ while having HD investigate Lan Lan.

2.1 2.2

HD goes into the dressing rooms in the company to search and ends up putting on a traditional costume while singing….”Nobody, Nobody But You.” He meets Lan Lan in there and introduces himself. She brushes him off rudely and her attitude is coldly arrogant. She examines his nametag suspiciously before being called off to work. Meanwhile, ZX is getting the detailed rundown from Jack about the rules and policies of the company. Her first job is to get him a croissant and coffee while he saunters off.

2.3 2.4

Lan Lan is in the middle of an interview and strangely all her answers to the questions about her interests match up to what YZ enjoys. YZ chuckles as he hears her replies. Meanwhile ZX visits YZ’s office and finds the ring that 4th Prince / YZ usually wore. Her trembling hands pick it up and again she starts to cry. She wonders if 4th Prince had come to her world to find her. She takes a picture of the ring before YZ comes into his office while she is still there. YZ tells his secretary to sign on Lan Lan no matter what and to prepare the family heirloom for display.

2.5 2.6

Suddenly, he notices that his ring has been moved, but doesn’t think too much of it. ZX crawls out of her hidey place and goes home. While wheeling her bicycle home, she considers all the events that had happened so far. She wonders if the reincarnations are because of her appearance in the past. ZX walks along the restored Forbidden City wall and traces her hand along it while on the other side, 4th Prince is doing the same in the past. She “looks” at him and he disappears. She still can’t let him go and is depressed to think that she has to still live on. While ZX looks up at a building, CEO KZT passes by and tells his chauffeur to pick her up. He asks her if she likes her job so far and wonders if anyone was bullying her. He also wonders why she was so lost in thought, but she merely replies that she has a lot to think about. She also drops the bomb that she wants to resign. He tells her that running away will not solve her problems and advises her to face it.

2.7 2.8

Lan Lan’s secretary came in lieu of the actress herself to sign the contract, but YZ doesn’t want to without her there. The secretary tells him that she is in Hong Kong, sail boating like she does every year, which coincidentally is a hobby of YZ as well. He says he can meet her there. This smells so much like a set-up courtesy of Lan Lan to snag YZ. YZ is on his own sailboat and chases after Lan Lan’s boat. They walk along the shore. She tells him about her sail boating experiences and childhood. He notices that she seems to like magnolia flowers since she had one in her headdress the day she performed. She says she doesn’t know why she has an affinity for magnolias and he replies that he finds her familiar somehow. He asks her if he met her at the museum gallery, but she only replies vaguely that she feels she has met him somewhere else before as well.

Suddenly, she wants to ride horses and so they go to a carousel. ZY is very intrigued by her. He gives her a coin to throw into the fountain to make a wish. They banter back and forth before he takes her out to dinner. He has brought the contract for her to sign as well. She is coyly smiling at him all through their activities during the day. She doesn’t even read over the contract before signing and just says, “I trust you”.  She then writes 1211 on her gelatin and he guesses what it means. He thinks it’s where she lives and she scoffs before eating a strawberry seductively. As soon as they get out of the car where she lives, she tells him that she has a bottle of good wine in her room. OKAYYYY….she is trying to move real fast.

2.9 2.10

Before he can reply, his phone rings. He kisses BOTH her cheeks and tells her to go up first. She prepares the wine, deep in thought. The doorbell rings and she opens to the bellman with flowers from YZ. He wrote that he still has business at the company. She throws his card and flowers in the trash. Meanwhile ZX is still working at the company even though she is the only one. She sits at her desk drawing magnolia flowers.

YZ comes back to the company with a smile on his face and finds ZX asleep at her desk. He sees the magnolia drawings all over the place. He chuckles at her sleeping form. Jack comes around and wonders why YZ is at the company so early in the morning. He tells Jack to send her up there when she wakes. Jack wakes her up with the command to bring breakfast.

2.12 2.13

ZX rushes to catch the elevator and KZT even allows her to use his private elevator with him. He thinks kindly upon her since she is “bringing” breakfast for colleagues. He even accepts the extra coffee she offered even though he doesn’t drink coffee. She asks if he has any interest in KangXi and the CEO does! CEO does like to drink tea and even tells her that he likes to fish. He wonders why she is asking these interesting questions. He also tells his secretary to tell the underlings not to bully ZX. He asks after KSH and his secretary tells him that his son doesn’t want to join the company. Jack tells her to upload her pictures into the iPad YZ gave her and bring it up to him. She is shocked that she is going to go meet him.

2.14 2.15

She arrives at the door and is again teary-eyed as she watches him discuss with the designer. She slowly approaches him and counts down her steps. She trips over a broken wire on the ground and gets knocked into bucket of water. The water and electricity shock her and she falls unconscious. YZ rushes forward, but recognizes her as Lan Lan. HD rushes forward and goes into the emergency vehicle with ZX. Her mind is flashing back to her other “past”.

2.16 2.17

She wakes up, but is unable to recognize HD and even asks him “which” emperor (HuangDi). He rushes off to find help, and her head starts to ache fiercely. YZ comes in and tries to tuck her in. She sees his hands with the ring on it and captures it just like she did in the past with 4th Prince. She is begging him not to leave her just like in the past. He loosens her hands and tucks them in to her chest. HD introduces himself to YZ who ignores him promptly. The doctor tells HD and YZ that they will need to assess her further if she has memory loss. YZ tells HD to call him when she wakes up.

2.18 2.19

YZ is starting to wake already and is disorientated. She recognizes HD, but calls him PiTwae Huang (split-leg = cheating), like she did in the past. YZ asks her if she remembers what she said to them when she awoke earlier. She doesn’t, and he just gives her the iPad with the drawings on it. However, she seems to find familiarity in his ring.

Comments: Well, that Lan Lan is working it real hard to seduce YZ. She is basically catering to his every interest and seems to know him very well. I wonder how that happened. I really like Liu Shi Shi double portrayal here. One of a fragile broken-hearted women and the other, a femme fatale. She is really good at smirking! It makes me wonder what her agenda is! I also like the father-daughter relationship that is starting to develop between the CEO and her, just like in the past! But man, ZX has the worst luck with wires, tripping again and electrocution again! I am not so sure about this memory loss card being played so early already…..

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