A Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애) Episode 3

Dong Ha is so confused. What is Ji Yeon doing?! Ji Yeon is still shocked by the 14 years age difference. She quickly rushes Dong Ha outside. He is too young  for her. Dong Ha thinks she is exaggerating, but has not choice.

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Dong Ha knocks at the door again. Ji Yeon dropped her bandages on the floor. Ji Yeon wonders if Dong Ha saw her getting beaten. If that’s the case, it might be even more awkward between them. Oh well, she comforts herself with the thought that they might never see each other again.Dong Ha, who now knows that they are neighbors, is not that convinced. He seems also frustrated by the fact that nothing happened between them (Such a perv ;-D). Both of our male leads lay in bed, but are unable to sleep due to all sorts of thoughts.

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Team Leader Byun and his accomplices publish an article that disses Soo Chul and Dong Ha’s business. Soo Chul is annoyed! He already repaid the money. What else does the trio want?

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Dong Ha rushes to Trouble Maker’s office and makes a scene about the article. Their business is going to lose money; they are already experiencing canceled schedules, complaints, etc. The trio refuses to take down the article and the argument is interrupted when Ji Yeon walks in the office. She is not to happy to see Dong Ha there. The argument gets more heated and even the company’s boss intervenes. He scolds the trio for their childish behavior.

An intern who is here to drop application documents gives a package to Ji Yeon . The package was given to her by a man who saw her walking in the office. Since she was dropping documents there, he asked her to give the package to Ji Yeon .

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Ji Yeon is about to open the package when Dong Ha quickly grabs it. Blood is leaking from the package and when he lifts it, everyone realizes that there is a dead and bloody bird inside. A note in the box says: ” Watch your mouth. I am watching you.”Ji Yeon rigorously scrubs her hands in the bathroom later to get rid of the thought of blood on her hands.

The boss decides to make it up to Dong Ha by hiring him for three months and providing Dong Ha’s company with free ads on Trouble Maker’s homepage. Ji Yeon learns that Dong Ha will be her assistant and pushes him to resign. He doesn’t give in and starts learning about Ji Yeon’s daily habits – behavior, coffee she drinks, etc. Ji Yeon has no choice but to give Dong Ha guidelines:

– Dong Ha should only ask questions when allowed.

– Questions about Ji Yeon’s private life are  forbidden

– Dong Ha will be fired if he mentions them kissing

– Dong Ha will be fired if he talks back

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Dong Ha gives a ride to Ji Yeon  on his motorcycle, but before being dropped off home, she asks to stop somewhere. While on the road, Dong Ha notices that they are being followed by a car. He is able to get away by taking a different road, which almost gives Ji Yeon’s motion sickness.

Ji Yeon stops at Soo Jung’s – Kim Jeong Do’s mistress house. Yoon Ji, Soo Jung’s daughter, and Dong Ha go upstairs leaving the two women talking. Yoon Ji confesses to Dong Ha that she never gets to see her father; her mother is naive because she always waits for him.

Ji Yeon explains that Jeong Do had the intention of going into politics. He deceived Soo Jung but also the people who believed in him. Ji Yeon can’t give up on her article because she thinks people deserve to know.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.14.54 AM Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.15.16 AM

Soo Jung: “I am being a fool , but that’s a choice I made. It’s similar to when you waited for Shi Hoon”

Ji Yeon: “I am different. I didn’t abandon my life. Kim Jeong Do shouldn’t have the right to be in politics and he mustn’t. I am sorry if it hurts you but I have to prevent it.”

Dong Ha and Ji Yeon are still being followed even when they get home. Dong Ha sees the man and runs after him. He is unable to catch him, but takes a long look at his face. Dong Ha remembers the description given by the intern who gave the package to Ji Yeon. Dong Ha explains everything to Ji Yeon. If she sees anything strange, she should give him a call.

Ji Yeon tells Dong Ha that he can leave now. Since she is wearing his jacket, she will return it tomorrow. Dong Ha agrees and takes the stairs with her. Ji Yeon is confused. Why is Dong Ha not leaving? She said she would be fine. There is no need for him to follow her. Ji Yeon finally realizes that Dong Ha is her neighbor. Dong Ha tells her that he is living at his friend for a few days. Dong Ha adds that he couldn’t pay rent because of her so he got kicked out. He found out yesterday that they were neighbors. Ji Yeon doesn’t believe that it’s all a a coincidence. Dong Ha must be stalking her (Get over yourself 😀).

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.15.56 AM

Once in her apartment, Ji Yeon thinks about what Soo Jung said about Shi Hoon. She takes a look at the polar bear picture, which reminds her of Shi Hoon. He was the one who told her that polar bears were clear and not white (Sad memories). Instead of drowning in her sadness, Ji Yeon dances to change her mood. She starts blasting music and dancing in her leaving room. Something Dong Ha doesn’t fail to HEAR and ENJOY.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.16.20 AM

Ji Yeon recalls that Dong Ha is her neighbor and abruptly cuts the music. Dong Ha is shocked; it hasn’t even been a song yet. He is worried that something happened to her and rushes over wearing one pair of shoes and one pair of slippers. Ji Yeon makes fun of him and then jumps to firmly grab his arm when she hears a weird noise. Turns out the noise is because of the wind. Dong Ha senses that she is a little scared and worried; he decides to stay over a little bit.

Ji Yeon turns the TV on and they both see a passionate kiss scene from “I Need Romance 3”. She quickly switches but it’s then a couple making out on the bed… (The TV is giving them hints 😀). Dong Ha suggests that they listen to the radio instead.

Ji Yeon and Dong Ha listen to a quiz. She gets so competitive that Dong Ha comments that she must be the type that can’t lose. She admits that she is. They then listen to music. They discover that none of them listen to the same music. Ji Yeon is old school while Dong Ha is all about BIGBANG, FT Island and DBSK.

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Ji Yeon and Dong Ha seem to forget about time and fall asleep in the living room. They are woken up by Ji Yeon’s mother ringing the door bell. Ji Yeon pushes Dong Ha in a closet and instructs him not to leave. Ji Yeon’s mother stopped by with food before going on a trip. She also has good news (Good news only for herself)! She signed up Ji Yeon in a dating agency; she will get unlimited dates. The mother explains that she puts a lot of money in it ($4000 T_T) so Ji Yeon needs to take advantage of it. Ji Yeon is totally annoyed and has an idea. She tells her mother that she has a man in her  life. She calls for Dong Ha, who she introduces as her boyfriend. The mother doesn’t ask to many questions and is overjoyed. She even starts calling Dong Ha son-in-law. Dong Ha plays the game, which gives Ji Yeon some leeway (For now).

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The intern, who delivered the bloody package, visits her mother in what looks like an orphanage. The mother hasn’t visited her place since she moved back but promises to do so soon. It seems like the intern lives with her sister right now. Dong Ha is also in the same orphanage. He just finished some repairs, gives some money to the woman in charge, and asks about Yong Chae’s mother (The ex’s mother?). He learns that she has been better lately, especially since her daughter returned from the United States. When he leaves, we see Yong Chae’s mother, who is also the intern’s mother, hiding from him.

Dong Ha sees the intern waiting at the bus stop and asks her what she is doing in the area. She explains that she was visiting her mother.

Ji Yeon receives a phone call from Jeong Do. The two meet in a Japanese restaurant (Making me hungry). Dong Ha stops by her house, realizes that she isn’t there, and keeps trying to call her. Seeing Dong Ha’s phone calls, Ji Yeon turns off her phone. Jeong Do asks her to stop defaming him. Isn’t she scared of the public opinion? She replies that she isn’t. If she was, she would have never choosen to be a reporter. Jeong Do is getting agitated, especially when she lets him know that she wouldn’t stop because an hypocrite like him shouldn’t be in politics. Ji Yeon also asks Jeong Do if he is having people following her. Jeong Do angrily denies, but as soon as she leaves, he instructs his men to take a different approach (I guess more forceful).

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.19.49 AM

Ji Yeon stops by  Na Rae’s restaurant, but it’s packed and she decides to leave. Soon after Dong Ha stops there too and learns from Na Rae that Ji Yeon was there. Ji Yeon said that she was heading home. Na Rae misunderstands that the “couple” (More like future couple) had an argument. Dong Ha doesn’t have time to deny and rushes to Ji Yeon’s apartment.

Ji Yeon is about to get inside her apartment when she realizes that the door is open and the lights on (Run!!!). Ji Yeon goes inside to find that her place has been completely trashed. There are big red writings on the glass windows and a white dress splashed with red paint. There is also an axe stabbing the dress (So creepy). Ji Yeon gets panicked and grabs a shovel to protect herself. The intruder, who is the man who sent the package and has been following her ,grabs her from behind, and tries to strangle her. Ji Yeon is able to fight back, but is pushed so hard that her head hits something. She faints and that’s when Dong Ha walks in. Mr Hat and Glasses (Let’s call him that for the next episodes) and Dong Ha fight until Mr. Hat and Glasses run away, not without injuring Dong Ha.

Laying in an hospital bed, Ji Yeon dreams of when Shi Hoon proposed to her. He gave her the polar bear picture and with “Would You Marry Me?” on the back. Polar bears are at the end of the world and that’s where he said he wanted to go with Ji Yeon. Thinking about it now, Ji Yeon believes that the end of the world is where love has ended. Yet, an end means a new beginning. Will she be able to start all over again? How does she start loving someone? Seeing that she woke up, Dong Ha wonders if she recognizes him. Once Ji Yeon confirms by calling him part timer, he is relieved. Why is Ji Yeon causing him to care so much?

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The pacing of this drama is top! It didn’t take them until episode 5 to throw our leads in a situation where they are forced to interact with each other. More bickering and cute chemistry moments are hopefully to come.

This episode was really intense especially the last few minutes. The fighting scenes seem way too realistic and made me grab my computer so hard! Jeong Do is more of a gangster than a politician/actor to me. I do like the part that he plays in the drama though. Not only because he brings the leads closer together, but also because his mistress Soo Jung brings a different perspective on love and relationships. Soo Jung choose to give up everything for Jeong Do, whereas Ji Yeon didn’t give up her life for Shi Hoon. Yet, sometimes it feels like Ji Yeon wished she had done the same. She is still leaving in the past, which indicates to me that she wished she had grab on Shi Hoon more.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.20.15 AM

Dong Ha is already starting to accept all the little things that make Ji Yeon different. Them not knowing the same songs, Ji Yeon being competitive and a go getter, doesn’t seem to bother him much. I wonder if those are things that bothered Ji Yeon’s ex-boyfriend. Maybe the ex felt overwhelmed by Ji Yeon’s confidence and success? It won’t take long before we find out since Shi Hoon will make his appearance within the next two episodes.

More light will also be shed on Dong Ha’s past. Is Dong Ha an orphan? He told the intern that he was visiting his mother. I assume that he meant adoptive mother, but I am not too sure. Also who is Yong Chae? Is she Dong Ha’s ex. Here is what I think: Yong Chae is Dong Ha’s ex. She is obviously not in his life anymore, but since her younger sister will work at Trouble Maker they might meet again. Or the younger sister will have something for Dong Ha. So many questions and assumptions, I need some clarifications :-D.

~ maniac Ride




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