Cubic (คิวบิก) Final

The search for Nark continues. Khun Lin is pretty much sure Nark is dead.

Nark, who is passed out, wakes up and finds Khun Lin’s phone laying on the ground. She uses it to call Jongsing. Jongsing can’t believe that she is alive. Khun Lin takes the phone asking if she is alright. Nark asks him the same question. Is Khun Lin alright? Khun Lin answers yes, but where is she? Nark herself isn’t sure. She describes a smelly place filled with garbage. Khun Lin tells her to hang in there. Nark must endure it for him.

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Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 14

Yong Wen decides to go after the women in Khun Lin’s life. There is no information about Nark so far and she seems to have left town. His men tell him about Nan – a new Thai woman that accompanies Khun Lin everywhere now. Yong Wen guesses that Khun Lin is trying to protect Nark and therefore decides to go after Mei Jing first.

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Emergency Couple


Original Title:응급남녀

Episodes: 21

Year: 2014

Channel: TVN

Theme: Rom-com

Oh Jin Hee and Oh Chang Min meet at the university. They are both studying in different fields of medicine – nutrition for Jin Hee and pre-med for Chang Min. They instantly connect and develop romantic feelings for each other. Nothing wrong with that so far… Problems arise when the two decide to get married. They are both very young and haven’t been dating for that long (At least that’s the impression that the drama gives). Plus Chang Min’s mother is the mother in law from hell (We will just call her MIL from now on). She has high expectations for her son since he comes from a prestigious family of doctors. He is also the only son and she has high expectations for him. Chang Min’s parents have been separated – not divorced – for quite some time now.

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Skip-Thru: Secret Love Affair

Secret Love Affair / Milhwe

Admittedly, I was very wary of starting this drama at first. I am not one to watch noona romances and the huge age gap between the two main characters, Oh Hye-Won and Lee Seon Jae intimidated me. The story itself goes like this – A seemingly successful woman in her forties feels like she has it all, elegance, sophistication, charisma, and even a degree of power amongst the richest layer of society. However, her neat little world starts to shake when she meets Lee Seon-jae, a genius pianist from a very poor family who is at first unaware of the great talent he possess. Through their shared deep love of music, these two souls connect on another level. Hye-Won who is ambitious in her own right could not resist the different strain of music that Lee Seon-Jae seems to be. The catch? Her social standing and everything she has worked for on the line.

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Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 13

Khun Lin is furious. How could Yuttapong just send Nark to him like this? She could have been in danger. Yuttapong explains that he knew about Nark’s capacities and he also wanted her to do as well as his father (Lame excuse). Khun Lin tells Yuttapong that the debt is canceled in exchange for Nark. Yuttapong wants to understand why but Khun Lin is not in the mood to give explanations. Khun Lin leaves and Yuttapong turns to Jongsing. Does Khun Lin have feelings for Nark? Jongsing doesn’t directly answer but implies that yes. Yuttapong asks if Nark knows about it and how she feels about it. Jongsing can’t answer that. Yuttapong should ask Nark himself. Meanwhile Nan is persuaded that Khun Lin and her can develop a relationship. Nan doesn’t get the vibe that Khun Lin isn’t into her.

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Cubic (คิวบิก) Episode 12

Puey Lin comes to apologize to Mina but Nark and the bodyguards won’t let him in. He puts the flowers in front of the door and leaves. Mina is conflicted and would have opened the door if it wasn’t for other people stopping her.

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