A Loser Who Has No Tears by Bird Thongchai (Yah Leum Chan OST)

Lakorn fans! If you haven’t been watching Yah Leum Chan (Forget Me Not), you need to! I haven’t been emotionally disturbed by a drama for so long. Tik’s character, Khem, is irrational. Yes, I have seen Kawee (Ken) in Sawan Biang and Tin (Smart) in Plerng See Rong; and both were cray cray. Yet, they had reasons for being disturbed (Not that it justifies their actions).

Khem is just childish and petty. Watching the drama is making me feel some type of way – angry, confused, and hopeful. It’s been hard to watch the last few episodes because I am getting super emotional but I have to say it’s definitely worth it.

The OST is also pure joy. Enjoy this amazing song by Bird Thongchai ~

~ maniac Ride


One thought on “A Loser Who Has No Tears by Bird Thongchai (Yah Leum Chan OST)

  1. Forget Me Not 12 In Progresses
    Previously on Forget Me Not, Wadee was annoy by KhemChart beg for forgiveness that she has decided to running away. She has decided to takes shelter in Chana home for she thinks that Chana can protecting her from danger such as KhemChart. Now on with the capped:
    KhemChart are tucking the twins in bed while the twins asked for Mae Nu Lek. They told Khem that they are missing Mae Nu Lek. Khem tries to encourages them to go to bed. Unbeknowing to them Eur was listens to them talking nearby. The twins asked Khem why he called Mae Nu Lek Wadee. Khem told the twins that he and Mae Nu Lek know each other since school. They are close friend they doing everything together. Eur listens to them intensely, he feel that he should do something about, also he feel a little bit curious of how Khem feel toward Wadee. Khem also told the boys that back then Nu Lek names are Suriyawadee. He told the boys that he loves Mae Nu Lek very much (awe, the cutes moment between Khem and The Twins, I guess he has to practices to becomes a father beforehand, with the twin, how nice). At Chana house that night, in bed Su could not sleep, beside Honey was sleep soundly. Su decided to explores the fridge for food to eat when Chana comes by and asked what is she doing. She told him that she got hungry and was looking for a snack. Chana offered to makes her a tuna salad, but when she smelled the tuna, she wanted to vomit (her morning sickness is coming back). She snapped at Chana and told him to throwing away the tuna. She also told him that she is not eating meat. Chana have to throwing away the tuna, when he got back to the house he saw Su eating salad plain. When he saw this he remember his dead wife, when she was pregnant with Honey. She was so moody and could not eat any meat, the only thing she could eat is fruit and salad. That makes Su expressions pale with no excuses. After she finish eating she excusing herself to bed. The next morning, Khem called for reinforcement, Wiboon and Somkit to get the search party going for Wadee. He asked Wiboon to take Su father to report a missing person at the police station (whoah, are they overreacting a little bit). While he asked Somkit to searches everywhere that Wadee could go. When the assistant got the assignment of search party going, they left the house, meanwhile Khem promises Wadee mom that he will keeps looking for Su until he found her and bringing her back home. It is his responsible and his fault that Wadee run away from home, that is atleast he can do is to bringing her back home. At Chana home, Su was having breakfast at the table with Chana and Honey. Chana encouraging Su to go to the doctor.
    Su:”I am just hungry last night why do I have to go to the doctor?”
    Wadee was refused to go to the doctor.
    Honey:” Daddy, I am full, do you wants the rests of the bacons?”
    Chana:”No, thank. Just gives it to Na Su then!”
    Honey:” Here, Na Su ka, do you wants the rests of the bacons!” (handing her a bacon plates)
    Wadee:”Nong Honey ka, would you mind gets the bacons away from my faces a little , when I sees it I wants to vomit, right now!”
    (The smelled of the bacons makes her wants to gag, she excuses herself out of the table to go vomit in the bathroom).
    Honey:”Daddy, is Na Su still sick!”
    Honey:”How can we leaves her right this when she is still sick, all alone in this house!”
    Chana now have a concerning expression.
    Meanwhile Chana was concerned of Su conditions. He thinks back of what happened between Su and Khem and he pieces two and two together. He decided to go to tell Eur of where she is at the moment. Eur asked him that “why did you told me this?”
    Chana:”Because, Khun Su conditions are getting worse?”
    Eur:”Why, what happened to Nu Lek, is she sick!”
    Chana:”I suspects that her conditions is similar of a pregnant woman, her hormon are out wack lately.”
    Back at Khem, at Wadee house, Khem tries to called Wadee so many times but she did not pick up. Wadee mom and servant try to get him to eat but he refused. They are concerned that if he did not eat or drink something he will get sick, that is when Eur comes by and told them that he will takes care of ti. Eur and Khem are having a little chat. Alway from all family ear, Eur told Khem where Su is. He told Khem that Su is at Chana vacation house out of the provinces. Khem told him that he will goes to Su and try to takes her home. Eur told him not yet, he needs to asked Khem something first about him and Nu Lek and what happened in Swiss? (something personal),

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