A Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애) Episode 5

Dong Ha puts the polar bear picture in a frame, which Soo Chul doesn’t fail to notice. Soo Chul is convinced that Dong Ha feels something for Ji Yeon; he adds that there is nothing wrong with that although the age gap is quite large. Dong Ha tries to Soo Chul for talking and their wrestling is interrupted by Dong Ha receiving a phone call.Apparently, Dong Joo (Who is that?) can get the surgery. The only problem is the cost.

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Ji Yeon then walks in the living room with her luggages (I guess she still lives there). Dong Ha, Ji Yeon and the rest of the Trouble Maker team are headed to a workshop for a few days (Sweet how Dong Ha takes care of Ji Yeon’s luggages).

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I have to say that everyone is head over heels for Dong Ha – Rin Ji (one member of the trio), Eun Chae, and Ji Yeon (Except that she doesn’t know it yet).While on the bus, headed to the camp, Dong Ha receives a call saying that Dong Joo has been admitted in the hospital. Ji Yeon wonders who is sick, but Dong Ha vaguely answers.

Eun Chae is sick and keeps coughing. No one pays attention to her except Ji Yeon and Dong Ha. Ji Yeon is nice enough to give her medecine. She also insists on Eun Chae resting. While Eun Chae is walking in the lobby someome notices her and wonders if this is Cindy?

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Ji Yeon is being extremely competitive when it comes to team games. There is a cash reward and she hopes to give the money to Dong Ha for his “little brother’s” hospital fee. She explains to Yong Shik: They need to win no matter what. Eun Chae and Dong Ha are also in their team. Team Leader Byun is scared/surprised by Ji Yeon’s competitiveness. She never was that into sports; last year she even came wearing heels and was more worried about her manicure. Last year, she even sabotaged her own team so that they wouldn’t have to play anymore.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.16.00 AM

Well, this year things are different! Ji Yeon’s team is killing it! Them winning doesn’t really make Dong Ha happy since he is more worried about Eun Chae being sick. He doesn’t understand why Ji Yeon is so focused on winning and not concerned about her teammates well being (Really annoyed by Dong Ha right now! Ji Yeon told Eun Chae to go rest! Eun Chae is the one who wants to act tough!). Yong Shik tries to intervene and defend Ji Yeon, but he is stopped by her.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.17.12 AM

The man who saw “Cindy” earlier asks Ji Yeon about her. Did Ji Yeon come here with Cindy? Her Korean name is Eun Chae. He studied with her in the United States. Could Ji Yeon please help him meet Eun Chae? Ji Yeon isn’t so complacent about it; if they are friends, he should directly contact her. The man explains that they actually used to date. They fought over something and when he tried to apologize she was gone. That convinces Ji Yeon (Why are you acting smart one second and reckless the next O_O).

Ji Yeon instructs Untrustworthy Man to wait by the pool while she tries to talk to Eun Chae. Obviously, he doesn’t listen and follows her. Everyone is happily drinking when he makes himself known. Seeing his face, Eun Chae’s face turns blank and her hands uncontrollably start shaking. Untrustworthy Man starts spilling out nonsense about Eun Chae. She is supposedly a girl that flirts with everyone and they all fall for her innocent looks. Because of Eun Chae he lost his college entrance and his right to play in the football team (This man pretending to be a football player is seriously a joke O_O ). Eun Chae is under shock and she quickly leaves. Dong Ha scolds Ji Yeon. Did she think that those two were really friends (Seriously how could she know?).

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.18.38 AM

Ji Yeon runs after Untrustworthy Man. Why did he lie to her? He makes fun of her. It seems like she can no longer be fooled. The confrontation between the two doesn’t end well as he threatens Ji Yeon. She better not mess with him; she can ask Eun Chae what he is capable of.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.19.35 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.20.03 AM

Things get worst for Ji Yeon when she gets blamed by Dong Ha. Yeon and Dong Ha separately go look for Eun Chae. Meanwhile Rin Ji overhears Untrustworthy Man laughing with his friend about his encounter with Cindy. If Cindy hadn’t reported him, things wouldn’t be like this. She even dared to run away from him. Where is she going to run away next?

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.20.42 AM

Dong Ha finds Eun Chae first and get the full story. When her parents divorced, she moved to America with her father. At school, Untrustworthy Man kept hitting on her. When she rejected him, he started rumors about her, which turned her into a loner. Dong Ha advises her to stop running away and fight back. Meanwhile Ji Yeon falls and injures her ankle (So cliché). She sees Dong Ha and Eun Chae heading back to the hotel, but doesn’t call them.

Yong Shik asks Dong Ha about Ji Yeon’s whereabouts; she went to look for Eun Chae too. Yong Shik gets even more frustrated when he realizes that Dong Ha is misunderstanding Ji Yeon. She tried to win so hard today to help him with the surgery fees!

When Dong Ha finds her, Ji Yeon is acting all hysteric! Being in the dark plus all the noises cause her to cling on Dong Ha (I can tell he enjoys that). Since he finally knows about her trying to win the competition, he thanks her. Dong Joo would probably be thankful too. It turns out that Dong Joo is another kid at the House of Love. Ji Yeon and Dong Ha end up teasing each other after all conflicts are resolved. They get too close and Dong Ha warns her twice not to provoke him (I think she provoked him enough so he should do something about it:-D).

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.22.58 AM

Ji Yeon visits Eun Chae to check on her and also to comfort her. Eun Chae shouldn’t give up since she might have a chance to take revenge. Eun Chae is happy to see that everyone is supportive; she doesn’t fail to mention that Dong Ha was really sweet about it. He even cursed in English to make her laugh… Haaaaa Dong Ha is so cool. Ji Yeon feels a little awkward hearing all the praises about Dong Ha, but she keeps it in.

Next morning is revenge time. Untrustworthy Man shows up in the restaurant to have breakfast with what I assume is a new conquest. Untrustworthy Man gets his neck slapped by Trouble Maker’s boss, ice cream smeared on his shirt by Rin Ji, cold frappuccino spilled on him by Ji Yeon. Last, but not least Eun Chae threatens to write an exclusive article about him doing drugs, drinking, and an assault attempt (I assume she was the target). What would his CEO daddy think?

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.23.44 AM

Being more confident, Eun Chae slowly starts making moves on Dong Ha. She sits next to him on the bus, which leaves Ji Yeon sitting alone. Ji Yeon is obviously jealous, but Dong Ha makes it up to her by helping her with her luggages once more and bringing a smile to her face once they arrive home. He also returns the polar bear picture in the new frame to her.

Shi Hoon is giving interviews about his artwork in Korea, and seems like he is partly back because of Ji Yeon.

Dong Ha and Soo Chul go visit Dong Joo and drop the money off. After the visit, Soo Chul mentions Yong Chae’s (Probably the ex-girlfriend) memorial anniversary, which Dong Ha had totally forgotten (Oopsies). Having forgotten about the memorial anniversary makes Dong Ha feel guilty and he asks for a day off. He doesn’t explain why and that only makes Ji Yeon more curious.

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Ji Yeon decides to go to Soo Chul for more information. What is wrong with Dong Ha? Where is he? Soo Chul answers that he doesn’t know. He indirectly asks for little favors in exchange for information (Such a tease). Ji Yeon fetches him water, makes him ramen, and even blows on the ramen to cool it. Ji Yeon eventually runs out of patience and resorts to a more effective method: Pulling Soo Chul’s ears.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.26.39 AM

Ji Yeon learns that it’s the memorial anniversary of Yong Chae’s death – Dong Ha’s girlfriend. She passed three years ago because of her weak heart. The last gift she gave to Dong Ha is the flower. The flower died while she was still alive, but she told Dong Ha that he would blossom again. That’s why Dong Ha isn’t giving up on the flower. The flower blossoming a second time has a meaning that Dong Ha will understand when it happens. To this day the flower hasn’t blossomed.

Ji Yeon researches way to revive a hyacinth – the flower given to Dong Ha. Most answers are nonsense or commercial ads. She is able to meet a gardener, who explains to her that to revive the hyacinth she needs to change the soil and cut old parts. He also adds that flowers are like humans. Ji Yeon listens to the gardener’s instructions and also understands the message Yong Chae wanted to give to Dong Ha – the need for a new beginning.

Meanwhile Dong Ha visits Yong Chae. He apologizes for the dead hyacinth and also for forgetting the anniversary of her death. Dong Ha is also feeling guilty because lately his heart has been beating for someone. Someone who is not Yong Chae… Dong Ha talking to Yong Chae is interrupted by the arrival of Yong  Chae’s mother. The latter later tells Dong Ha that she wishes he would stop coming to visit Yong Chae. She doesn’t resent him anymore and she likes to think that Yong Chae hasn’t departed. She wants to think that Yong Chae is studying abroad and that’s why she doesn’t see her that often. Yet, every time she sees Dong Ha it brings unpleasant memories.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.27.13 AM

When Dong Ha gets back he is not happy at all that Ji Yeon touched the flower. He is actually furious. How dare she touch the hyacinth?! He clearly told her to NEVER touch it. Who does she think she is?! Ji Yeon explains that she is concerned about him; he is always here for her and she wants to do the same.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.27.40 AM

Dong Ha:” Does that make you think you can do whatever you want? Do you think I’m falling in love with you? Yes, I was a little shaken, but not enough to let you go through my personal belongings.

(OMG Dong Ha is being too much)

Ji Yeon: “You make me worry about it. You don’t even understand [the meaning] and keep worrying about the flower.

Dong Ha: “That’s none of your business!!”

Here Dong Ha smashes the plant on the floor (Thanks for making the floor dirty and being a douche)…


Right now, I am not happy with the director of the drama at all. First, where did the airport scene go? I understand that he or she wanted to spice things up and tease us, but this is not cool at all. After seeing her ex, Ji Yeon would necessary feel some type of way… Her face when she saw him at the airport was enough for us to assume that.  We deserve to know how she feels and if anything happened when she saw him… Details please!

Also, the director is making Dong Ha look like a fool. Dong Ha’s character was so mature and understanding the first episodes. Now, he is being totally irrational, which I can understand when it concerns Yong Chae.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.27.08 AM

Yet, him being irrational when it comes to Eun Chae doesn’t make much sense to me. All the worrying part about Eun Chae and the trivial arguments with Ji Yeon were so cliché. They were also useless. Let’s not even talk about the scene where Ji Yeon hurts her ankle. This has been in so many dramas already. A Witch’s Romance was fresh and unpredictable so I wish that it will continue this way 😦 . So far, this is my least favorite episode. I hope the drama will redeem itself.

On to the good points (Yes, there were some although I seem furious :-D)! The hyacinth being symbolic makes a lot of sense. The second blossom obviously refers to Dong Ha finding love again. To do so he needs to give up on his first love Eun Chae. It’s important for him to forget about the past and be open minded to a new beginning. Dong Ha seems to feel guilty of his feelings for Ji Yeon because of the way Yong Chae died. Hopefully more details to come about the circumstances of Yong Chae’s death! I think there is more to it than a heart weakness since Yong Chae’s mother talked about not blaming Dong Ha anymore.

~ maniac Ride

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