A Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애) Episode 6

Dong Ha kicks Ji Yeon out of the apartment (Unbelievable). Ji Yeon leaves a note apologizing for touching the hyacinth. She also puts it back in a pot before leaving. Memories of Dong Ha keep haunting her…

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Dong Ha heads to a hiking place Yong Chae and him went to before. She had wanted to wait until they arrived at the summit to tell him her wish. Yong Chae wished for Dong Ha to become a doctor and save her. In exchange, Yong Chae had to promise that she would stay by his side until he became a doctor. While he is at the hiking place, Eun Chae arrives. She had heard about it from Yong Chae. It is finally confirmed that she is indeed Yong Chae’s younger sibling (Maybe that will keep Eun Chae away from Dong Ha now lol).

Soo Chul isn’t happy when he finds out that Ji Yeon was kicked out by Dong Ha. His behavior doesn’t make sense. It’s not going to bring back Yong Chae to life. Plus Dong Ha is being ungrateful to someone who cares about him.

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Dong Ha goes to Na Rae’s restaurant. Na Rae is surprised to see him by himself. Where is Ji Yeon? Dong Ha vaguely answers. While he is eating, he keeps having hallucinations. He sees Ji Yeon everywhere (Obsession).

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Dong Ha’s hallucinations and dinner are interrupted when Na Rae receives a call from Ji Yeon. The latter is now at the police station. Ji Yeon got into a fight while checking in at a hotel. She was accused of having an affair with a random man. The man brought his mistress/girlfriend to the hotel but was caught by his REAL girlfriend. The real girlfriend thinks Ji Yeon is the thrird party. Not wanting to put the second girlfriend in trouble, the man doesn’t clarify.

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Na Rae, her husband Min Goo, and Dong Ha head to the police station. Na Rae gets into a fight with the woman while defending Ji Yeon. The scary side of Na Rae is exposed (I knew she had to be a little scary to be friends with Ji Yeon 😀). It turns out that in high school Na Rae was known as the Samsun Slipper’s Double Slapper (That name cracks me up). Min Goo is still a little traumatized by his wife scary past…

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Dong Ha convinces Ji Yeon to come back home. She was the bigger person and he apologizes. He was mad at himself for forgetting the memorial anniversary. Yet, Ji Yeon recognizes that she shouldn’t have touched the plant. She adds that he shouldn’t feel guilty. He has taken such good care of the flower, which shows that he deeply cares. The hyacinth will blossom once you cut the old flower. Those simple words help Dong Ha realize the message Yong Chae was trying to send him: The need to forget the past in order to have a brighter future.

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A new romance is born! The one between Ji Yeon’s mother and the boss of Trouble Maker. Ji Yeon’s mother find the boss attractive and attentive. While visiting Ji Yeon, the mother gets to see the “charms” of the boss. The visit is also a way to pressure Ji Yeon to go on other blind dates. If Ji Yeon doesn’t go, she will visit the office the next day with more food for everyone. The mother also finds out that Ji Yeon lied about Dong Ha being her boyfriend.

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Ji Yeon does go on the scheduled blind dates, but they all quickly go down the drain. Her neat, organized, and professional behavior is a turn off for a lot of the men she meets. Na Rae reminds Ji Yeon that she needs a date for their next large friend gathering. Ji Yeon was so drunk last time that she promised that she would bring a man better than Shi Hoon. If she isn’t able to do so, she would send all of the girls to a trip in Europe (Wowwwwww. If I was them, I would probably pray for Ji Yeon to fail too 😀 A trip to Europe sounds nice). Ji Yeon’s drunken state also caused her to break the intimate part (*Cough cough*) of a greek statue in the restaurant!

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Dong Ha proposes to go with her, but Ji Yeon brushes his proposition aside. He is way too young. It would be so embarrassing to bring someone that is 14 years younger (Stop bruising Dong Ha’s ego!). Dong Ha can’t get over Ji Yeon always bringing up the age difference. He brings it up to Soo Chul, who calls him out. Why is he so preoccupied by it? Does Dong Ha like Ji Yeon that much?

Meanwhile Na Rae is more and more convinced that Ji Yeon sees Dong Ha as a man. She keeps talking about him.

Ji Yeon has one more blind date. She needs to make that one work. Dong Ha coaches her. She needs to flatter the man, be less blunt, and less focused on work (He is basically making her into a stupid fake goose with no personality!). The coaching helps the two spend more time together. Dong Ha even initiates physical contact under the pretense of helping her seduce men – holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes (So intimate).

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.10.22 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.11.48 PM


Ji Yeon’s last blind date is with the gardener/botanist she met (The one who gave her advice for reviving the flower). The botanist is not the best choice, especially since he keeps reminding Ji Yeon that she is older than him. Anyway she doesn’t have the choice (Actually she does: DONG HA!).

Shi Hoon is walking in a park and taking pictures, which reminds him of Ji Yeon. He remembers the time where they were in a tent wearing winter clothes. It was them preparing for their honeymoon trip to Alaska. The preparation actually occurred during summer in the same park (Too hot O_O).

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Ji Yeon ends up taking the botanist on the date, but it doesn’t go well. The botanist keeps saying embarrassing things. The unnecessary comments make Ji Yeon’s frennemies glee. The botanist keeps saying that Ji Yeon should be the one supporting him financially since she is older and more desperate for a marriage (She needs to slap him ASAP). Things go down really fast and Dong Ha receives a call from an alarmed Na Rae: Ji Yeon is about to seriously beat the botanist. The staff of the restaurant grabs the injured botanist and throw him in a cab; they then hurry back to make sure that Ji Yeon didn’t break anything (*Cough cough* maybe the intimate part of another statue).

Ji Yeon’s friends are ridiculing her when Dong Ha shows up nicely dressed in a suit (Now is a good time to squeal). Dong Ha introduces himself as the man who isn’t dating Ji Yeon yet because he didn’t have the time to properly confess.

Dong Ha: ” Right now, I don’t have a car or a house. I am currently not in college. I am a part-timer. I am young and with nothing. That’s why when you went on a blind date, I couldn’t tell you that I didn’t like it. However, I like you. A 14 years difference? What’s the big deal? I like the same Byun Kin Sup’ songs. You also like girl groups’ music. Don’t reject me because I am younger and even if you try, I’ll still stay. I might like you more now, but you will come to like me a lot too. I’ll make it happen. Will you please accept my feelings?”

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.16.01 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.15.48 PM

Here goes a touching hug and Ji Yeon crying. All the frennemies are also dying of jealousy.How come Ji Yeon is so lucky?

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.16.27 PM

Envy at its best 😀

Dong Ha gets to talk with the frennemies and they can’t stop asking questions about their relationship. Dong Ha answers that Ji Yeon and him are fated. What he loves about Ji Yeon is her smile. Them kissing? Well, he would  rather keep those memories to himself (Such a nice answer. Dong Ha’s game is growing on me. Smooth). Dong Ha tries to make Ji Yeon eat a little bit, but he is interrupted by a voice.

Shi Hoon: “The Ji Yeon that I know doesn’t eat cinnamon powder.”

The ex is totally back! Bring it on!

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.17.16 PM

~ maniac Ride

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