Bu Bu Jing Qing (步步惊情) Episode 3

The episode starts off with YZ handing ZX the iPad full of her drawings, but she is more focused on his ring. YZ notices and asks her if she recognizes it, but she says she doesn’t know. YZ says don’t worry about it and just focus on getting better. He leaves with the secretary. Meanwhile, HD realizes that ZX does not remember any events past her previous accident. He tries to jog her memory by saying Qing Dynasty names, but she doesn’t see how it is relating to her. Both are frustrated.

Finally, 8th prince or Kang Si Han (CEO KZT’s son) arrives on scene. However, in the sequel, a different actor plays him. He is taking a walk through an abandoned house. In one of the houses, he finds a loose brick and pulls out a tin box full of little trinkets. He smiles as he looks at each one and starts reminiscing about his childhood. On the window, he writes Z & X and says I have come back home, mom.

3.1 3.2

Meanwhile HD takes ZX back home and she is shocked at the state of her apartment. It is a complete mess. She finds her stack of Qing Dynasty books and jokingly asks HD if they are his. She also finds a piece of rice paper with calligraphy. HD tells her that she wrote it, but she thinks it is impossible that she did it since she had hated calligraphy when she was younger. ZX is getting more and more confused. HD tells her to take out her cell phone and look at YZ’s picture. He asks her if she remembers why she took that picture, but she can’t grasp the memories still.

3.3 3.4

ZX goes to the doctor and the doctor gives her a poor prognosis on retrieving the memories. Not impossible, but that it will be very hard. She rides by a wall and notices the Si Han’s Z & X being hanged up and thinks it is interesting because they are her initials. She gets to the company and bumps into YZ in the elevator. He asks after her health and that mentions if he had seen her in the museum gallery. Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember and he brushes it off.  He tells her to bring him the drawings later.

3.5 3.6

Lan Lan is in the middle of a photo-shoot in traditional garb. YZ comes to visit her and they strike up a conversation. He asks her why she didn’t stay longer in HK, but she merely replies that she isn’t one to be late for appointments. YZ tells her that he does not do one-night stands and considers that they have a long working contract in front of them. However, she replies that liking someone should not be measured with time. She threatens to cancel the contract, but he grabs her arm as she tries to leave. He apologizes profusely. Man, she has got him wrapped around her finger already! Before she can reply, ZX shows up with the pictures. ZX and Lan Lan make eye contact. ZX says that they look very similar, but Lan Lan coldly says it’s just an outer appearance before sauntering off. The secretary approaches YZ and tells him off to the side that Lan Lan and ZX have no blood ties at all since they did a thorough background check on both of them. ZX approaches Lan Lan and invites her out to dinner in a friendly way. She asks what her birthday is and jokingly says that it might be even the same. However, Lan Lan again, coldly, says its none of her business and rushes off. Ugh, b**** face to the extreme!

3.7 3.8

YZ notices this interaction and clocks ZX’s reaction. YZ asks her to bring magnolia flowers to Lan Lan’s dressing room everyday to build their rapport.  ZX brings a bouquet and knocks on the door, but no one is there. However, Lan Lan soon steps out with a super short pixie cut. She calls ZX rude for intruding, even though ZX apologized and said she had knocked. ZX starts arranging the flowers and tries to engage Lan Lan in small talk. Lan Lan is annoyed at her curiosity. ZX is merely trying to be friendly and says that they are very similar to Ruoxi in the drama that Lan Lan played in.

Lan Lan gets more agitated and asks which one of them is the one who died of illness at the end of the drama. ZX realizes she has crossed the line and Lan Lan basically commands her to leave the room at once. ZX is riding the bike again and gets accidently knocked by workers moving huge crates. As she examines the dent she made in the car next to her, another box is about to fall on, but she is saved by KSH. KSH approaches her with her scarf and apologizes for the ruckus his moving company made. She apologizes for the dent she made in his car, but he brushes if off like it’s nothing. Haha…like this would happen in America…people about to get SUED.

3.9 3.10

KSH says it is the company’s car anyways. He gives a gift to her that all the neighbors are getting for the noisiness. It is a bottle of perfume, called Black Horse. She likes the fragrance a lot. She looks up the price of the perfume and realizes that it is 126 Euros. She takes the gift back to KSH’s place. She sets off the car alarm by accident in front of his place, before he comes rushing out. She confirms with him that everyone in the neighborhood is getting one since she doesn’t feel comfortable that the gift is so expensive. He reassures her. They learn each other’s names since they are now going to be neighbors. She tells him her name matches his company and he tells her to call him Black Cat. They part cutely.

3.11 3.12

Lan Lan comes out of the shower and looks at the tattoo of a magnolia flower on her back. We receive a flashback where a man hovers over her, ready to cover up a scar on her back with ink. He says that he will never let anyone else harm her. The magnolia flower bleeds as the man inks it on. Lan Lan takes out a handkerchief with a magnolia flower on it and suddenly receives a call from YZ calling her down. She takes out a box with a single magnolia blossom earing in it and wears it. It looks like the hairpin piece! YZ asks her out for dinner, but she has some words to say first. She says she wants a new simple start of a boss and employee relationship. She doesn’t care what others may think of them, but she does care what YZ thinks.

3.13 3.14

He accepts the new terms and persists with the dinner date anyways. He wonders why she only wears that one earring, but she is unwilling to reveal the story. While YZ heads back to the car to get something he forgot, he meets CEO KZT with another lady entering the restaurant. He introduces her the lady who is the CEO for another company. YZ is good with words and the lady loves him already. They ask him to join in for dinner, but he says he has things to do. The two CEOs are not very pleased and KZT disapprovingly watches as YZ leads Lan Lan out of the restaurant.

3.15 3.16

Lan Lan asks him what is wrong and to tell her about it. He says she wouldn’t understand anyways. However, he ends up telling her about his childhood. It happened that KZT and his father were good friends. However, they went on an outing together with a group of people, but only KZT came back alive. He married YZ’s mother and inherited all of YZ’s family’s fortunes. YZ had to live under KZT, but he wanted to escape everyday. YZ says he left home at 19yrs of age to live independently. He tells her that it was disgusting to have to flatter the CEO’s guest.

Lan Lan says one can only rely on one’s self. She tells him that in the past, a friend of hers was raped and hid under her bed, not wanting to come out. She tells him that the world is full of misfortunes. In her own way, she is comforting him and he chuckles. He offers to help her up from her seated position, but they are still holding hands as they walk away. At home, YZ’s mother comes to visit him. We see that he has a giant painting in his living room  of an emperor. Fourth? His mother asks about his new girlfriend and apparently he has been playing around. He says to settle down since he is one of the Kang heirs, however, YZ insists that he a Ying heir. His mother tells him to not be stubborn and that KZT has been a good father to him.

3.17 3.18

YZ brings up the fact that he can’t believe with so many people, that only KZT survived. His mother is angry at his accusations and says she is disappointed in him. She decides to leave, but asks him to just let it go because he will just become more hurt. YZ invites her out to dinner again, but he bought out the entire restaurant. They walk hand in hand to the window where YZ has set off a firework display for her. However, instead of being happy, Lan Lan looks fearful instead. She grasps her purse tightly, and her eyes become teary. YZ notices her scared reaction before she delves into his arms. She asks him to hold her tightly and she begins to cry.

3.19 3.20

Afterwards, she regains her composure to continue the dinner. Before he sits down though, she thanks him for arranging everything. He wonders about her expression, but she brushes it off as being really touched. He tries to probe further about the unreadable expression in her eyes, but she just says that she is a good actor. However, she requests that he change the person bringing her the flowers. YZ asks her if she dislikes ZX that much and she thinks ZX is too nosy and up in everyone’s face. Lan Lan really doesn’t want to see ZX again. He walks her back to her room. However, he waits outside as she opens her door. He asks her if she is going to invite him in, but she just says that she is trying to show him the new her. YZ says he is being sincere and that he just wants to talk. She wants him to come back tomorrow, but he replies that he wishes to know more about her past.


Comments; So I actually don’t mind anymore about the memory loss cliché. They are starting ZX fresh off again so that she can get to know the brothers at her own pace without everything being colored by her past memories. It has also made her less mopey and brighter, like the past RuoXi. I think her and 8th Prince would look adorable together, since we don’t have the awkward moment where the sister was the wife of 8th prince in the past situation anymore. I am not sure how I feel about 4th Prince yet. Sure he has an angsty past and honestly right now, I don’t mind him being with Lan Lan. Though I am really curious about how Lan Lan became so guarded and what her motive is.


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