A Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애) Episode 7

Dong Ha gets ready to attend the alumnae meeting. He is seen rehearsing in front of the mirror, which shows that his confession was sincere!

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Shi Hoon’s arrival causes the girls to go crazy! They haven’t seen him in so long; they all want to catch up but that’s not the case for Ji Yeon. She quickly leaves. She goes to cry in the garden and that’s where Shi Hoon finds her. She hasn’t changed. She always pretends to be strong and isolates herself when she needs to cry. Ji Yeon admits that everything hasn’t been great since he abandoned her. She was depressed and even sent to the hospital because she had collapsed. How dares does he show up like nothing happened?! Shi Hoon doesn’t have the time to give an explanation because Ji Yeon is furious and Dong Ha shows up.

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Na Rae explains to her husband Min Goo what happened at their alumnae meeting. Her husband admits that he dreads those reunions because it’s always about the husband’s job, the husband’s income, the neighborhood where they live, etc. Dong Ha, who is returning the suit he borrowed from Min Goo, overhears everything. You can tell he is anxious (Probably thinking about the gap between Ji Yeon and him).

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Ji Yeon gets a phone call from her mother. The mother is worried about Ji Yeon. Why does she sound so down on the phone? She doesn’t know the details, but tells her daughter that she loves her no matter what. No matter what other people think, Ji Yeon will always be the best in her eyes.

Shi Hoon is drinking and is joined by his assitant. She wonders why he hasn’t told Ji Yeon the reason why he couldn’t make it six years ago. He explains that Ji Yeon was too mad to hear him out… The assistant doesn’t understand why Ji Yeon is being irrational (Well wait until you are abandoned without an apology).

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Ji Yeon comes back home late and ignores Dong Ha, who has anxiously been waiting for her. Ji Yeon is forced to interview Shi Hoon for Trouble Maker. She is not in the mood, but doesn’t have the choice. She has been crying all night. She heads to the interview and finds out that Philip Noh is no other than Shi Hoon (Bad bad bad surprise). Ji Yeon isn’t as dedicated as usual when conducting the interview. Some of the questions are direct attacks and everything Shi Hoon does annoy her. He tries to tell stories about how his life was in danger to take war pictures and animal pictures in the jungle. Ji Yeon is slightly worried, but quickly implies that he looks fine…

Soo Chul shows up at Trouble Maker to promote his new restaurant. He brought free dishes for the team to try. Soo Chul also gets to see Eun Chae. It’s love at first sight for Soo Chul; our dear spinach is mesmerized by her. Greedy Rin Ji also shows some interest in Soo Chul when she learns that he is a chaebol (Go away greedy lady).

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Ji Yeon’s mother tries to get more information about the boss of Trouble Maker. Ji Yeon suspects that her mother is interested, but she doesn’t say anything (That look in her eyes though…) meanwhile Eun Chae spends time with her mother. She asks if her mother has ever seen Yong Chae’s boyfriend. The mother vaguely answers.

Dong Ha and Ji Yeon finally have a heart to heart about the Shi Hoon situation. Dong Ha doesn’t understand how he could just disappear to become a war correspondent. Men like Shi Hoon should be gathered and given a good beating (😀). Dong Ha’s rant is stopped by Ji Yeon’s crying. Ji Yeon explains how Shi Hoon was supposed to come back a week before the wedding, but never showed up. The only thing Ji Yeon got was the call from his assistant saying that Shi Hoon regretted proposing to her. That’s why he didn’t show up (Stop assuming 😦).

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Dong Ha: “What a fool! Why couldn’t he say those things to you himself?  Why did he have to use someone else?”

Ji Yeon: “That’s why I returned the ring to the assistant, and not to him. I wanted to show him that I was strong. I didn’t know about his dream of becoming a war correspondent. I thought we shared the same dreams. My dream included him.”

Dong Ha: Not all men are like him. I would never betray you.

Ji Yeon: “Thanks to you, I had the chance to walk with my head high yesterday. Thank you so much.”

Dong Ha looks so disappointed when he realizes that Ji Yeon didn’t take the words he said seriously. His confession was sincere. Yet, Dong Ha is able to shake his disappointment.

At night, Dong Ha can’t stop turning and tossing in his bed. Shi Hoon is serious competition. He is in his forties, but looks so handsome. As a polar bear, he should be fat (😀). Dong Ha tries to find the flaws in Shi Hoon’s, but none. He is flawless from head to toes (I think so too).

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Soo Chul is seriously hitting on Eun Chae. He is about to close his store when Eun Chae shows up. He reopens it and makes her a special meal. He creepily stares at her while she is eating. Since she  is Yong Chae’s younger sibling, shouldn’t she call him oppa?

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Ji Yeon’s mother is not the only one working on her love life. Exercising and dieting are her new plans to catch the boss of Trouble Maker. Ji Yeon’s mother even shows up to the office and offers a plant to the boss. It’s something she raised herself. The boss calls it his first sexy gift (I can’t tell if he is into her, but she surely is!).

The boss of Trouble Maker is disappointed in Ji Yeon’s work. The interview she had with Shi Hoon can only be used for an introduction. She needs to dig more. Ji Yeon decides to attend the first day of the exhibit. However before Ji Yeon heads there, Dong Ha has to get the material Yong Shik forgot there. Dong Ha is reluctant.

Once at Shi Hoon’s office, Dong Ha sees pain medication. Probably a prescription for Shi Hoon. Another sight that makes Dong Ha raise his eyebrows is Ji Yeon and Shi Hoon’s engagement rings entangled together… (Yep Shi Hoon surely still loves Ji Yeon).

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Heading back to the office, Dong Ha thinks about all the memories he shared with Ji Yeon (Probably realizing that he might lose her if he doesn’t make another move).

Dong Ha prepares a romantic dinner for Ji Yeon and him. He claims that’s it’s a goodbye dinner since she is moving out (Next door -___-). He even gives her a little whistle. If she ever needs help, she can use it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.48.47 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.49.03 PM

Dong Ha: “Even if you were to push me away, I wouldn’t go anywhere.”

Ji Yeon: “That was an act to help me out [Referring to the alumnae dinner]…”

Dong Ha: “Who said I was acting? I was sincere. I know you are going through hardships because of polar bear. I wanted to wait but he is stronger than I thought. I don’t want an immediate response…”

The discussion doesn’t go far since both clearly understand where it’s headed. They enjoy their dinner.

Dong Ha shows up on the day of the exhibit to accompany Ji Yeon. Other reporters are present and actively asking questions. Dong Ha holds Ji Yeon’s hand and prevents her from leaving. She didn’t do anything wrong so she shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. The theme of the exhibit is “Once Beloved…” It’s a personal message that Shi Hoon is sending to a particular person. He wasn’t able to be close to someone he loved and who needed him. He was busy with his career. He still considers her to be his girlfriend. Dong Ha and Ji Yeon are leaving when they are stopped by Shi Hoon.

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Shi Hoon: “Do you two reporters not have any questions at all?”

Dong Ha: :Did you not think that you ex-girlfriend would feel awkward? It’s hard to turn back the hands of time.”

Shi Hoon: “Yes, but they are things that do not change. Like my heart and I am sure she is like that too.”

Ji Yeon is frozen. Dong Ha and her quickly leave. Yet, Ji Yeon turns back. She wants to see what’s the big deal about the exhibition. The main piece of the exhibition is actually made of small war pictures and together all those war pictures form the face of a woman: Ji Yeon.

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Ji Yeon is speechless when she sees the exhibit. Shi Hoon, who is standing behind her, asks her to start all over again.


We got to see a vulnerable Ji Yeon in front of Dong Ha. Ji Yeon had shown her vulnerable side, but I think her crying without holding a single tear shows how much she trusts and relies on Dong Ha. What is admirable is that Dong Ha is not forcing things. He is giving her space and time to recover from her painful past relationship, which I admire. It’s rare to see male leads being patient. Usually, they are forcing themselves on the female leads AND that seriously gets tiring.

I have mixed feelings about Shi Hoon. It’s obvious that he had a good reason to leave. Yet, that doesn’t make him likable. Ji Yeon is someone he was willing to marry. Isn’t marriage for the best and the worst? He shouldn’t have suffered in silence… Let’s see how and when Ji Yeon finds out about Shi Hoon’s grandiose sacrifice. I hope the director won’t drag the revelation for too long…

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~ maniac Ride


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