Bu Bu Jing Qing (步步惊情) Episode 4

Standing at the door, YZ persists in wanting to know more about Lan Lan. He starts by asking her about the earring. She said an Auntie gave it to her, but she passed away already. She tells him she will tell him everything, but that she needs time and space. She wants to be slowly appreciated, like a magnolia flower. YZ says that she may be the person he has been looking for his entire life and that he has the same dream very often of a lady holding a magnolia flower and whose face he can’t see.

4.1 4.2

At the company, YZ tells Ruoxi that he wants a more unique design for the opening ceremony.  She starts asking him a bunch of questions about what kind of “class and sophistication” he is looking for. Jack steps in because he thinks ZX is being to wordy and even pushes the deadline for the design earlier than YZ requested. ZX becomes angry and says she needs time. YZ fires back that she needs to take responsibility and that he will await it tomorrow morning. ZX is taken to shown the magnolia hairpin, HER HAIRPIN! They are required to sign a waiver and have a one hour limit just to look at the hairpin.

4.3 4.4

However, in the midst of a hairpin photo-shoot, she gets a phone call from her father. She asks her father if she has any more siblings that she doesn’t know of. Suddenly, during the middle of the shoot, the power goes out. When her back is turned, a hand reaches out and snatches away the hairpin from the stand.  ZX is shocked at the disappearance. Meanwhile, KZT is getting served tea, but gets a phone call that the hairpin has disappeared. He rushes down and scolds ZX for taking the hairpin out of the high security vaults. She said that it was because ZY didn’t like her design and wanted a hairpin photo-shoot. She says she will take responsibility before she leaves. Even though she was fired by YZ, KZT says she cannot go until the hairpin is found.

4.5 4.6

YZ is called to KZT’s office. YZ apologizes, but it sounds insincere even to my ears. KZT seems very suspicious of YZ and says this wasn’t a coincidence. He trusts ZX as a designer and thinks that YZ concocted this theft. YZ says he has no proof. While ZX is riding her bike, two people on a motorcycle snatch her bag. However, oddly, they take everything out of her bag and dump it into the road. As she is trying to pick up her stuff, another motorcycle rushes by and knocks her off her feet again. As the person gets off and tries to help her up, she slaps away his hand angrily. He comments that for such a pretty face, the attitude is really strong.

4.7 4.8

The new guy is Kang Si Yu, KSH’s little brother and mediator of YZ and KSH. I would peg him as the 14th Prince or 13th Prince in this timeline. She starts scolding him for being so hasty on the bike. He offers to take her to the hospital and she calls his bluff. The doctor tells her that her bones are fine, and KSY jokingly says that ZX is trying to get money off of him because he is so handsome. ZX pretends to have pain in her abdomen and the doctor says maybe she should get a full body physical just to be safe. She looks back triumphantly at KSY. As they head out, he says he should keep the x-ray as payment for all the medical fees he paid. He jokes that her bone structure is very attractive, and she indignantly snatches it back and hits him in the face with her x-rays.

ZX asks for all of his identifying information and he just gives her his business card, one to the bar he runs. She scoffs that he is just one of those 2nd generation lazy chaebols/heirs. After some banter, she demands that he get her bike fixed and return it to her in mint condition. KSY decides to play a prank. He does return it to her, but places the bike on a heart-shaped patch of cow dung. The neighbors come out the next morning to complain about the smell. She makes HD help her clean up the mess.

4.9 4.10

KSH texts her and asks her what the ruckus was about. She tells him about the annoying heir she met last night while HD tries to stick his nose into her business. KSH counsels her that men chase down girls in weird ways, but ZX just scoffs. HD goes and visits KSY’s bar all dressed up. He introduces himself as ZX’s boyfriend and tries to make KSY pay up more for medical bills. Then he tries to show off his nonexistent numchuck skills to scare KSY. It backfires on him and he ends up hitting himself in the nuts when another women grabbed the end of it! This must 13th Prince’s lady friend, I didn’t catch the name yet though.

4.11 4.12

KSY isn’t willing to let HD go yet, and challenges him to drink almost 30 shots of what looks like vodka. He says he will give HD the money and even be his friend if he takes up the challenge. With only the first shot, HD looks like he is about to pass out. However, surprisingly, he finishes all of time and true to his word, KSY gives him a check for 10k! He shows off the check proudly to ZX and gives it to her to pay off the company for the hairpin. ZX is extremely touched by HD’s effort. HD even says there are no strings attached to get back together. She hugs him tightly and he is surprised!

ZX takes the check to YZ, but he shoots her down saying that the hairpin is priceless. He advises her to write a resignation letter instead while ZX flames up in embarrassment. However, CEO KZT is listening in on the conversation and comes to ZX’s defense. YZ snarks that if he had known ZX had such a huge supporter, he wouldn’t have made things difficult for her. She tries to give them the money anyways because she feels so guilty, but YZ stuffs it back in her arms.

4.13 4.14

At home, she starts spraying the perfume that reminds her of YZ, but notices that the fragrance has faded. KSH invites her out for dinner and they banter. He has a very keen sense of smell and can smell different types of fragrances on her. She is very impressed and introduces him to some local foods. She gives him a spicy pepper to eat with the dish, but he can’t handle it. She also finds out that he had traveled abroad. Looks like he can’t handle alcohol too well either. She wants to find out his name, but he still insists that she calls him the Black Cat Captain. They joke about their names, but it turns serious when she finds out that his mother died and he is estranged from his father.

To lighten up the atmosphere, they decide to light fireworks. It’s supposed to chase away all the miseries near them. However, they get in trouble for lighting them and run away from the police. As they go back, she tells him that she lost something important of her bosses. He wishes her good luck on overcoming this hardship. He wants to walk her home, but she cute refuses saying it is really close. At home, she Skype’s her friend and her friend notices that she is blushing. Her friend teases her about her boyfriending picking skills and ZX retorts back saying she wants to see her friend’s boyfriend. The friend shows a picture, but with the guy’s back facing the camera. She says the guy doesn’t like having his face photographed…how shifty.  Looks like KSH from the back!! She logs after saying she has things to do and ZX is annoyed.

4.15 4.16

Meanwhile, Lan Lan is in period costume again to open the silent auction. Lan Lan and YZ exchange a smile. Using the loss of the magnolia hairpin, YZ was able to use the sensationalism to garner more popularity and business for the auction. CEO KZT watches in dissatisfaction. ZX’s scooter loses power and so KSH decides to offer her a ride. They banter about his CEO’s handsomeness since she is so curious. YZ is in the garage and receives info from his secretary that KSH is back in the country. CEO KZT also gets back the magnolia hair-pin in an envelope. He confirms it is the real one.

4.17 4.18


To be honest, I am a little bland about this series still. It is just not grabbing me. I have totally lost the passionate shipping I had for 4th Prince and RX. This series right now seems like a repeat of BBJX in modern times instead of a sequel of them two rediscovering their love. I am not sure where this is going.

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