A Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애) Episode 8

Shi Hoon’s assistant asks someone in the museum to take the picture with Ji Yeon’s face down. The lady refuses. The picture is already up and visitors have already seen it (Shady assistant). Anyhow it’s too late since Ji Yeon saw it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.26.49 PM

After Shi Hoon’s confession, reporters gather around them. The unwanted attention causes Shi Hoon to drag Ji Yeon out. Reporters run after them, but are unable to catch them.

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It turns out that the assistant is the one that took the initiative to call Ji Yeon and tell her that Shi Hoon regretted the engagement. The assistant believes she knows what’s best for Shi Hoon’s career, and she should be the one by his side. Meanwhile Ji Yeon confronts Shi Hoon. What’s the deal with this picture? She wanted to know what was this big dream of his that made him abandon her. Ji Yeon is still confused when it comes to what went wrong. Dong Ha is the one that helps Ji Yeon discovers the truth. He takes the engagement rings and throw them in the pool. Shi Hoon is furious and goes after the rings. That’s when it is revealed that Shi Hoon was injured; his leg was shot. His injury was so serious that he couldn’t make it to the wedding. The war he was covering was over, but there were still some unrest. Shi Hoon was advised to stay in the hotel, but he wanted to make it to his wedding.

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Shi Hoon going in the water to get the rings causes him to feel sick. Ji Yeon stays next to him all night while Dong Ha anxiously waits for her to come back home.

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Now, everyone knows about the romance between Shi Hoon and Ji Yeon. It’s in every newspaper and the center of gossips at Trouble Maker.

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Ji Yeon refuses to cover the exhibit. She refuses to be the center of attention. Ji Yeon is also confused: What should she do now? She talks to Na Rae about it. Na Rae wants Ji Yeon to consider Dong Ha’s feelings too.

Ji Yeon’s mother is sent to the hospital. She fainted in front of the plastic surgery department. Ji Yeon’s mother has been exercising too much and not eating enough. Ji Yeon can’t be reached and it’s Dong Ha who rushes to the hospital to take care of the mother. She enjoys Dong Ha’s attention. He is almost perfect. The only problem is his current occupation – assistant. Yet, she has hopes when Dong Ha greets a doctor – a Sunbae from medical school. The mother wonders if it is possible for Dong Ha to pursue his studies… Ji Yeon rushes to the hospital and although she is thankful to Dong Ha, there is an awkward atmosphere. Ji Yeon has been avoiding Dong Ha lately…

Dong Ha meets Shi Hoon (Oh oh I guess they need to have a man talk). Dong Ha came to return the rings. Shi Hoon isn’t to happy that Dong Ha threw the rings in the water. Shi Hoon also wonders why Dong Ha didn’t keep the truth from Ji Yeon. Dong Ha explains that he didn’t want any misunderstanding between Shi Hoon and Ji Yeon. Dong Ha wants Ji Yeon to come to him when she deals with her feelings for Shi Hoon. He adds that solving the misunderstanding don’t make the six years of pain disappear (Dong Ha never ceases to amaze me… So mature *__*). Shi Hoon isn’t discouraged; he reminds Dong Ha that there were also the 10 years Ji Yeon and him were in love (True true 😦)

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.34.57 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.35.08 PM

Later Trouble Maker’s Boss pays a visit to Ji Yeon’s mother. How could he not? After all, she is Ji Yeon’s mother (O_O I hope he sees in her more than Ji Yeon’s mother…) Anyhow, he compliments her saying that she doesn’t need to lose weight. She looks healthy and that’s what matters (Smooth~).

After she is released from the hospital, Ji Yeon’s mother is visited by Shi Hoon (One of the most powerful exchange in this episode and in the drama T_T)

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.37.26 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.37.37 PM

Shi Hoon: “Have you been well Mother?”

Ji Yeon’s Mother: “Who is your Mother?! I was crazy worried that you were in an accident. Do you know how hard I looked for you? Your parents left the country and you disappeared!”

Shi Hoon: “I apologize.”

Ji Yeon’s Mother: “Don’t worry about it. I’ll just waste my breathe. You died six years ago. Why are you back now?”

Shi Hoon kneels.

Shi Hoon: “I have never forgotten Ji Yeon .”

Ji Yeon’s Mother: “What?!”

Shi Hoon: “Mother you loved me like your son. Please give me a second chance.”

Ji Yeon’s Mother: “You are right and it’s because I loved you like a son that I can’t forgive you! I couldn’t even have treated my deceased husband better. Stop dreaming.”

Ji Yeon’s mother slams the door, leaving Shi Hoon kneeling outside. She is shocked and pained to see his face again. It brings back so many memories. What worries her the most is the fact that Shi Hoon might have met Ji Yeon… She hurries to Na Rae’s restaurant. Na Rae and her husband Min Goo are caught lying. They keep giving contradictory answers as of to where Ji Yeon is: Working overtime or spending time with a friend.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.42.13 PM

Now that Ji Yeon’s mother knows the truth about her daughter living with Dong Ha, she rushes there. How could Ji Yeon lie to her?! What is she thinking living with two men (Yes, she got to quickly meet Soo Chul too. Poor Soo Chul gets traumatized by the charisma of Ji Yeon’s mother 😀). Dong Ha walks in knowing that Ji Yeon’s mother is there (Thanks Soo Chul for the info!) and maybe with the intention to calm her down, but he overhears mother and daughter having a serious conversation. Dong Ha hears/sees Ji Yeon crying because of the return of Shi Hoon, especially knowing what he’s been through. Shi Hoon risked his life making his way to their wedding (The guilt T_T).

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.43.12 PM

Ji Yeon finally agrees to conduct another interview of Shi Hoon for Trouble Maker. She wants people to focus on his work rather than the romance side. She heads to the interview and is secretly followed by Yong Shik and Team Leader Byun. The latter wants to use the pictures they will take to have a scoop on the romance. Yong Shik is bribed by Team Leader Byun, who promises to set him up on blind dates (It didn’t take much to convince Yong Shik. I had more faith in him -___-). Needless to say that they are quickly caught by Ji Yeon.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.45.40 PM

Shi Hoon’s interview goes well – complicity, memories, and even the sensitive side of Ji Yeon come out. Throughout the interview, Shi Hoon make comments that show how much he knows Ji Yeon.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.46.11 PM

A walk down memory lane

Rin Ji encourages Eun Chae to hit on Dong Ha. She needs to be more pro-active or she will lose him to the like of Ji Yeon (Lady, mind your own business). Rin Ji is persuaded that there is something between Dong Ha and Ji Yeon (You are right, but that’s still none of your business). Coincidentally, Soo Chul invites Ji Yeon to hang out with Dong Ha and him. The three end up hanging out at Na Rae’s restaurant. Na Rae immediately senses the flirtatious vibes; she guesses that Eun Chae is interested in Dong Ha. Yet, Dong Ha isn’t paying attention to her. He is busy drowning his sorrow in soju… Dong Ha leaves Soo Chul and Eun Chae by themselves and heads home. Soo Chul asks Eun Chae to stay a little longer.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.48.41 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.49.00 PM

Soo Chul: “I am telling this because I care. There can’t be nothing between Dong Ha and you. He will never be more than an Oppa (Truth hurts. Please take this advice seriously Eun Chae!).”

Ji Yeon waits for Dong Ha to come home. She keeps packing, unpacking, repacking… (She really wants to say goodbye before leaving). When Dong Ha finally comes home, Ji Yeon is ready to say goodbye (It’s only NEXT door -___-). Dong Ha proposes to help her move in. She accepts. Dong Ha is getting ready to give Ji Yeon a gift, but he doesn’t have time because Shi Hoon calls Ji Yeon. Shi Hoon wonders if Ji Yeon has moved in and if everything is alright (Boyfriend move).

Meanwhile Dong Ha is awkwardly and anxiously holding on to the book that he wants to give to her. In the book, Dong Ha wrote “Would you stay with me?”. He realizes that this is last chance to hold on to Ji Yeon. Ji Yeon approaches him to give him orange juice, and when she turns around, Dong Ha gives her a back hug.

Dong Ha: “Can you not go to him?”

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.52.11 PM


Dong Ha and Shi Hoon both show a great deal of maturity. Usually the male leads make the struggle about the female lead more about their egos than their feelings for the girl. Here we have both of them truly concerned about Ji Yeon’s happiness. Shi Hoon realizes that he did her wrong and he is here to make everything right. It might be too late, but at least he is trying. Dong Ha is able to put his feelings for Ji Yeon aside and let her learn the truth so that she can come to him with no lingering feelings for Shi Hoon. I am more impressed by Dong Ha because of his age; his maturity clearly shows that age is just a number.

The exchange between Ji Yeon’s mother and Shi Hoon was heartbreaking. Part of Ji Yeon’s mother is probably relieved that Shi Hoon is safe and sound, but part of her can’t forgive him for breaking Ji Yeon’s heart. Learning that she treated him like a son shows how much hope she had for his relationship with Ji Yeon :-(.

One last thing: I seriously love Na Rae and Min Goo. They are so adorable and hilarious!

~ maniac Ride


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