Bu Bu Jing Qing (步步惊情) Episode 5

CEO KZT receives a picture of a meeting between YZ and the hair clasp thief. He has a sudden dizzy spell and that’s when his wife walks in. She urges him to take his pain killers. The mother also sees the video and is flabbergasted. CEO KZT confronts YZ but he denies having anything to do with it. Where is the hair clasp? YZ affirms that he isn’t lying because he doesn’t know where it is. Yes, he instructed someone to steal it, but that person now disappeared. CEO KZT is furious! Was this the only way he could think of to promote the company’s products? How is YZ going to take responsibility? Does YZ think that he [CEO KZT] will let him off because of his mother (Someone is mad O_O).

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 10.05.51 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 10.05.18 PM

ZX learns that she is not suspected anymore for the theft of the hair clasp. Everyone knows in the company that YZ was the one who hired a professional thief. It was all part of his plan. Management is trying to find a way to resolve the issue. The board of directors ultimately decides to take YZ’s yearly bonus and dividend payment away. YZ will also have to leave the headquarters and go work in a subsidiary company outside of Beijing. YZ accepts all the punishment, but he cannot accept leaving the headquarters. CEO KZT orders him to stand outside the headquarters and bow to the employees in order to apologize. Surprisingly, YZ accepts (Such a blow to his huge EGO).

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Rumors keep going around in the company, which ZX hears: CEO KZT is in fact YZ’ stepfather and both never had a good relationship. CEO KZT was able to set up the company thanks to the inheritance left to YZ by his biological father. YZ’s biological father and CEO KZT were good friends apparently.

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YZ is standing outside although it’s raining and bowing to the employees passing by. ZX runs downstairs with an umbrella. On her way, ZX meets CEO KZT. The latter apologizes to her. She shouldn’t have been blamed for the hair clasp situation. ZX understands that everyone commits mistakes. She adds that YZ will eventually understand CEO KZT’s good intentions. CEO KZT answers that not everyone has her wisdom.

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ZX runs outside to cover YZ with the umbrella, but she is told to get lost. Who is she to meddle? YZ yells at her that she doesn’t know anything. ZX doesn’t understand why he is pretending to be so strong. He is human too and  therefore has weaknesses. Both stare at each other; it’s like they are defying each other (Staring contest is on). Them staring at each other is interrupted by YZ’s assistant telling him that CEO KZT has allowed for him to come back inside now. Before leaving, ZX has one last advice to give to YZ.

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ZX: “Everyone has an angel and a devil fighting inside them. I believe that there are more kind people. Soon, I hope the devil in you will disappear.”

Yet, YZ refuses to go outside until the end of working hours. ZX finds her umbrella laying outside while a car passes by. Inside the car, there is Lan Lan and YZ. ZX realizes that both are together.

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Later that night, YZ confides in Lan Lan. He reveals more about his family and fears. He grew up living in the fear that his mother would abandon him, especially after she got married to CEO KZT. YZ assumes that Lan Lan wouldn’t understand since she has a loving family (Beware of lies and appearances). Lan Lan tells him that she didn’t always have it all good. She had a neighbor who was abused by her stepfather. After being abused, the neighbor ran to Lan Lan’s room. Lan Lan wanted to protect her, but couldn’t. She was too weak then.

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ZX goes on a date with KSH. It’s the time for her to tell him about her day at work, especially about her boss who seems possessed by anger and a desire for revenge. ZX seems to find comfort in explaining her hardships to KSH. She even tells him about her losing her memory.

YZ gives the hair clasp to Lan Lan. The real one. The reason he wants to give it to her is because the hair clasp brought them together. If he didn’t attend the exhibit with the hair clasp, he would have never met her. The hair clasp symbolizes their faith (Yeah right).

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CEO KZT goes to KSY’s bar. It’s a cute reunion between father and son as both tease each other. KSY wonders why his father looks so worried. Is it because of his older brother? CEO KZT insists that he hasn’t done his older brother – KSH – wrong. Plus, CEO KZT wonders what’s KSY’s long term plans. KSY insists that his goal is to be happy. It’s not a bad idea to bartend and ride horses all his life. KSY is not interested in managing the family business. He actually hates the company because it made his dad depressed and stressed. He doesn’t want the same thing to happen to him.

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YZ finally learns the meaning of the engraving inside the finger ring: “If you cannot come to my world, I shall go to yours to look for you.” YZ feels something when he hears about the meaning, but it’s hard for him to grasp his own feelings (Feeling some type of way ~). One thing is sure, he can’t keep ZX out of his mind. He remembers ZX grabbing his hand at the hospital and when she mistook him for someone else.

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ZX wants to return the money to HD’s friend. She doesn’t need it anymore since she has been cleared of all suspicion. She has to threaten HD before finding out that it’s KSY’s money. She heads to his bar only to find out that he is at his ranch.

Arrived at the ranch, ZX gets to impress KSY by her amazing horse riding skills. She calms a scared horse and rides it like a pro (Where did she learn?!). KSY takes the money, but wants interest. She should pay monthly interest for the time that she had the money (We all know KSY just needs an excuse to meet her again).

YZ gets a chance to redeem himself (Not that he really cares about it) when CEO KZT instructs him to find out more about the new cosmetics company Z&X. Z&X is clearly posing a threat to Zhen Tian Corporation. On his way out of CEO KZT’s office, YZ meets ZX. She directly asks for an apology. After all, he is the one who put her in a difficult situation. Of course, he refuses to apologize.

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The misunderstanding between CEO KZT and YZ is quite sad. I think if YZ was more open minded and gave a chance to his stepfather both could actually resolve their differences. CEO KZT has an unusual way of showing it, but he does deeply care about YZ. When YZ is standing under the rain, CEO KZT stares at him from inside the building. The look on his face is one of pain. It’s clear that he thinks that YZ deserved the punishment, but it still hurts because he considers YZ to be his son. I do think that YZ is too stubborn and like ZX pointed out he is haunted by demons, who push him to seek revenge.

From what I remember in BBJX, the love that the Emperor had for the 4th Prince wasn’t so apparent. At some point, I even thought he didn’t like the 4th Prince at all. Whereas here, it is almost certain that YZ is loved by his stepfather.

So far, I love the dynamic/chemistry between  ZX and KSH. They both care for each other and it is cute to see them interact. Well, let’s see if and when they break up. I bet that it’s going to be KSH’s fault.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 10.09.43 PM

Let’s talk about Lan Lan a little bit: She is so creepy. The look on her face… The hairpin YZ gave her is supposed to symbolize their relationship and the faith YZ has in it. Ironically, I don’t think YZ put his faith in the right place. Also I think YZ has slight feelings for ZX. It is nothing compared to what he feels for Lan Lan, but the fact that he has feelings for someone else means his feelings for Lan Lan aren’t as deep as he thinks there are. Every time YZ sees ZX he is disturbed and annoyed. Well, we all know in Dramaland that a character is only annoyed when he cares. Also YZ feels deep down that he is connected to ZX. When he learns the meaning of the engraving inside the finger ring he doesn’t think about Lan Lan, but of ZX instead.

* I wanted to add that we are both working on the BBJQ recaps and since we are a little behind it might take some time. Bear with us. Also we would love to hear your comments and impressions on the series. Share ^__^

~ maniac Ride

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