A Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애) Episode 10

Dong Ha breaks down in tears once in his apartment (T__T).

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The next day Shi Hoon picks up Ji Yeon. He vows to keep behaving well from now on (Let’s see how long that lasts). What is painful is that Dong Ha sees both of them in the car at a traffic light (Painful reminder… Not like he needed it). Once at work, Dong Ha focuses on getting his work done and nothing more. He doesn’t pay attention to Ji Yeon and doesn’t even try to help her.

Later on Ji Yeon quickly leaves to hang out with Shi Hoon. She even skips on a chance to cover a story. Yong Shik is shocked: Ji Yeon used to do overtime and be completely dedicated to her work. Shi Hoon and Ji Yeon go to Na Rae’s restaurant for dinner. Dong Ha, Eun Chae, and Soo Chul are also about to get in the restaurant when Dong Ha spots Ji Yeon and Polar Bear. He quickly asks the others to leave. He would even rather go to a club: That’s the only place where he is sure not to meet Ji Yeon and Polar Bear.

What happens next at the club is no fun. Dong Ha doesn’t miss a chance to get in a fight when a guy tries to flirt with Eun Chae. The unattractive flirter gets too aggressive, but Dong Ha is the one to assault him. The fight ends at a police station. Dong Ha is definitely looking for trouble as he doesn’t even care about getting out of there.

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Coincidentally, Ji Yeon is in the same police station. She was there to get information for an article (After her date was over though -___-). Ji Yeon closely works with one of the police officers. Ji Yeon sees Dong Ha’s father bailing him out. She asks her police officer friend and learns that Dong Ha’s father is the director of the hospital where the unattractive flirter was admitted. The man’s wounds will take three weeks to recover, but Dong Ha’s father and especially the family lawyer quickly took care of everything (Glad to have more information on Dong Ha’s family. I am sure Ji Yeon’s mother would be happy to find about Dong Ha’s wealthy father 😀).

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.31.40 AM

Dong Ha isn’t too happy to have his father show up and help him. The conversation between father and son is cold. Why is Dong Ha not pursuing his studies? Does Dong Ha still resent him for the incident (What incident?! Is it related to Yong Chae?!).

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.31.27 AM

Ji Yeon follows Dong Ha once outside of the police station. She wants them to walk back home together as she is worried for him, but Dong Ha doesn’t want the same. He wants Ji Yeon to ignore him (I agree. She is being selfish. She isn’t giving him a chance to be with her or to forget her). Anyway, Ji Yeon waits outside their building to make sure that Dong Ha safely makes it home.

Good news! Na Rae is pregnant. She kept smelling weird things and is even more prone to tantrums (Poor Min Goo. Good luck handling our Samsan Slippers Double Slapper...). Min Goo is full of attention as he wants to make sure that mother and baby are well. He even promises to diligently sell more fish cakes (So cute ~)

Dong Ha doesn’t show up at work. Ji Yeon notices and asks Eun Chae about it. Eun Chae doesn’t know where he is either and has the courage to question Ji Yeon’s behavior. Dong Ha is having a hard time because of Ji Yeon, but she doesn’t seem to care (Wooowww I am impressed. Eun Chae speaking up her mind and in such a genuine way). Eun Chae realizes that she might have crossed a line and apologizes. Eun Chae speaking her mind makes Ji Yeon rethink her actions; she sends several messages to Dong Ha but no answer.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.32.49 AM

Ji Yeon rants to Na Rae. She can’t believe that Dong Ha ignored her 30 texts. What surprises Na Rae is the fact that he assaulted someone. Yet, Na Rae understands him. Dong Ha is having a hard time after being rejected. It’s normal that he doesn’t want to see Ji Yeon.

The conversation between the two friends turn to Na Rae’s pregnancy. Why is Min Goo letting Ji Yeon work so hard? Why is he being cheap and not hiring a part timer?! Min Goo and Ji Yeon get into a heated argument to the point that Na Rae has to yell at Ji Yeon to go home.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.33.11 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.33.23 AM

Ji Yeon pays a visit to Dong Ha, but he refuses to open the door. He tells her to leave. Ji Yeon’s solution: starting the alarm he gave her. The noise is such a nuisance that he quickly opens the door (Anything to get his attention 😀).

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.33.49 AM

Ji Yeon lets herself in. She explains that she was worried about him and that even Eun Chae was worried. Eun Chae seems to be a good girl – pretty face, nice personality, etc. Dong Ha interrupts her.

Dong Ha: “So? Are you going to make me date her? Are you pushing me in a random girl’s arms? You don’t care about my feelings since you are happy?!”

Ji Yeon: “What am I to do?! Since Shi Hoon returned you have been acting like a time bomb. You were at a police station and even left your job. I am worried and sorry, but whenever I try to say something you get mad. What should I do? Should I move?”

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.34.14 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.34.25 AM

Once Ji Yeon leaves, Dong Ha feels the guilt.

Ji Yeon’s mother is trying to find information on Trouble Maker’s boss. She asks several questions to Na Rae when dropping off some food. Does he come to the restaurant often? By himself? What time does he usually come? What does he like to eat? How long does he stay? Meanwhile the potential lover is taking care of the plant Ji Yeon’s mother gave to him. He even hears the mother’s voice (I guess he likes her too now! Yayyyyy).

Finally some cuteness ~ Dong Ha helps Ji Yeon recover a file. He gets close (Really close) and put his hand on hers to help her with the computer. Of course, Ji Yeon’s heart flutters… Dong Ha even gives her a cup of coffee and the files she needs. Both stay late at the office: Ji Yeon working and Dong Ha packing.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.35.37 AM

Since Dong Ha stayed late and given that it’s his last day, he is able to get a free dinner from Ji Yeon. At the restaurant, Dong Ha orders more than two dishes; he is ready to eat at his heart’s content. Ji Yeon wonders how much he can eat. Should they make a bet? Who can eat the most (It’s funny how carefree and happy she is with Dong Ha). Ji Yeon ends up winning, but not without her stomach hurting.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.36.08 AM


To end the night on an even better note, both go to a bar. The bar where they first kissed. Being there brings back memory. Both realize that their paths were meant to cross. And guess what? They are having the same game at the bar – a man has to make a convincing confession to win the bottle of wine. The DJ notices Ji Yeon and Dong Ha having a good time, and makes them play. Dong Ha gets closer to Ji Yeon as the audience encourages them to kiss. Dong Ha leans and aims for her lips, but then decides to give her a kiss on the forehead. He then takes the mic and explains that Ji Yeon has a boyfriend. He hopes that she’ll be happy from now on.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.36.33 AM

Once Dong Ha and Ji Yeon get back, they realize that Shi Hoon has been waiting downstairs for Ji Yeon. The latter lets Shi Hoon in her apartment. He tried contacting her but couldn’t reach her. Ji Yeon explains that the phone was probably in her bag. She worked overtime then had dinner…

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.37.06 AM

Shi Hoon: “With Dong Ha?”

Ji Yeon: “Yes. Today is his last day.”

Shi Hoon: “I am jealous of you two being close.”

Ji Yeon: “The great Shi Hoon jealous? (Looks like she doesn’t care about his jealousy O_O and I don’t either… GREAT ^__^)

They are interrupted as Ji Yeon’s mother walks in (Trouble is coming). She is appalled to see Shi Hoon there. Seeing the man’s shoes at the entrance she hoped that there were Dong Ha’s. Ji Yeon’s mother makes the couple sit down. Ji Yeon tries to explain, but is intruscted to remain silent. The mother asks Shi Hoon why did he appear in front of Ji Yeon?! She had clearly asked him to stay away from her. Shi Hoon apologizes and begs for another chance. The mother coldly says that she doesn’t like him. Plus Shi Hoon always makes Ji Yeon worry by traveling to dangerous places. Ji Yeon points out that Shi Hoon is staying from now on. No more traveling. The mother explodes. How could Ji Yeon forget everything she’s been through? Did Ji Yeon forget how much she hated Shi Hoon? Those memories can’t be erased, but anyway since they want to be together so badly they need to get married within this year. Shi Hoon gets on his knees and thanks the mother. Ji Yeon doesn’t seem to be too happy.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.37.27 AM

The next night is the farewell party for Dong Ha. The Trouble Maker team + Soo Chul are present. Dong Ha gets pretty drunk and is taken home. Soo Chul and Eun Chae drop off Ji Yeon and Dong Ha. The latter is passed out on Ji Yeon’s lap for most of the car ride. She is so busy taking care of Dong Ha that she even forgets her phone in the car. Of course, Polar Bear tries to call her but is unable to reach her.

Ji Yeon sits outside with Dong Ha. She patiently waits for him to wake up. It might be the last time she sees him drunk anyway.Out loud, she wonders if things would have been different if they had met sooner (I think Dong Ha heard it). Ji Yeon gently wakes Dong Ha up. Once he is awake, Ji Yeon asks if he is alright and tries to head inside, but she is stopped by Dong Ha. He forces her to sit down and kisses her.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.38.33 AM



All I have to say is that she saw the kiss coming and didn’t stop him!

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.38.58 AM

~ maniac Ride

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