A Sequel Disaster: Bu Bu Jing Qing


Recapping Bu Bu Jing Qing has been similar to torture. Twenty three episodes in, which is a little more than halfway through, and it is time to declare forfeit. We are both sorry to all those who expected more recaps of the show. We planned on doing so, but this show is definitely not something we want to keep working on. This drama has been such a disappointment. It doesn’t live up to expectations and ruins the sad, but beautiful ending of Bu Bu Jing Xin.

The modern version of Bu Bu Jing Xin had a lot to offer: wonderful cast, beautiful cinematography, touching OST, etc. Yet, the director managed to ruin it all…

First, let’s talk about the amnesia cliche. How many times can someone lose and regain his or her memory?! Seriously though 😦

Second, Lan Lan! We seriously thought that she was annoying and confusing. Sometimes we felt bad for her, sometimes we understood her. Yet, we seriously wished the director found another way to bring Ruo Xi’ sister to the modern world. Plus the relationship between Lan Lan and Fourth Prince – Yin Zheng – was so strong that we never saw him falling in love with Zhang Xiao. Everything was so fast. One second, he was crazy in love with Lan Lan and wanted to destroy Zhang Xiao. Next second, Lan Lan dies and he wakes up crazy in love with Zhang Xiao. Compared to Bu Bu Jing Xin that happened way too fast. In Bu Bu Jing Xin, we remember seeing Fourth Prince slowly falling for her, which made sense.

Talking about the love side, Eighth Prince – Si Han – is despicable and a betrayer from what we have seen so far. The romance between Zhang Xiao and him was so sweet and we just hate the way it all went down. Eighth Prince dating and making the best friend pregnant was just O__O. We wouldn’t say unexpected, but rather unnecessary. They could have found another way to make him break up with Zhang Xiao . The break up could have been natural and mutual contrarily to this extraordinary and dramatic break up.

Third, some episodes of the drama are longer or cut at different scenes. From what we gathered it’s because of the censorship in China. We are not sure if that’s true or not, and if it’s the case they should have cut everything the same way. The ending of the episodes were also too abrupt. We have seen abrupt episodes ending in several dramas (i.e. Sealed With A Kiss), but we were more taken aback by it watching this series.

We could go on and on about all the things that we have hated about this sequel but  we would rather stop here. SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT.  Will we finish watching it? Who knows?! So far we would rather find something else to watch cause this sequel has clearly left a bitter taste in our mouths. We are considering washing the bitter taste away by watching the best parts of Bu Bu Jing Xin again ^__^


10 thoughts on “A Sequel Disaster: Bu Bu Jing Qing

  1. totally understand you too! this drama is just a totally ruin piece of work that it should not be called a sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin. and yea maybe because the censorship the drama is cut off weird and even the scenes. i am disappoints that this drama cannot portray the same feeling and emotion that both Ru Xi and Fourth Prince had.

  2. glad that you make this review.. i almost wasting myself to find and watch this..no way, i dont want to download nor watch this.. what a disappointment when alot of fans are looking forward for this series.. 😦 too bad.

    ps: can you do more lakorn recap? i want to download 2014 lakorn (from a youtube channel) but i dont know which one i should download.. need a review 🙂
    pss: looking for look nee tee ruk (2013 lakorn) by golf pichaya n toey jarinporn, if anyone found this lakorn english subbed please link it too me.. thx in advance.

    • Hello! I would recommend:
      – Bu Bu Jing Xin
      – Sealed With A Kiss
      – Autumn’s Concerto (Taiwan)
      – Lan Ling Wang
      – The Legend of Lu Zhen
      – Le Jun Kai
      Most of the dramas listed above are on Viki. If u need more let me know 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. Random found your amazing picadrama ! So much joy. Thanks so much for your commitment of time and energy, dedication and hard work to your lovely drama project!
    Wondering..does it possible to recap drama calls “Boss and me”(Sam Sam) ?
    (hope got the name right!)

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  5. I feel you… I just finish bu bu jin xin 2 (i don’t know if you finally finished it) and i am SO UPSET!! i watch the K-drama for the season 1 and i was upset with the ending, so i looked for opinions and i found out there was a chinese version. As i don’t like seeing the same movie in 2 different versions, i dropped. I wanted to see the season 2 in korean. One of my friend told me that the season 2 already existed in chinese. Though, i watch the two last episode of the season one and i really liked it. So emotional!! so understandable (yes, sometimes i couldn’t understand the korean version, they did it too fast, things weren’t that clear for some parts)… I really liked it so… i watched the season 2.

    I don’t know… Why with that? why did she never told him they met before? why a twin sister? why a best friend going out with the 8th Prince?

    and why this ending? i don’t know if you finished it but i am so upset right now… They rushed the end of the drama cause they wasted to many episodes on bullshits. Really, nothing happened between episode 1 and episode 20. I just feel like i lost my time. To many nonsense and i was like “why did they do that?? the first movie was so good. WHAT THE HECK DID HAPPEN????” the end is the worse.

    I am so confused now… But relieved cause i know i am not the only one thinking this was a real disappointement…

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