A Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애) Episode 7

Dong Ha gets ready to attend the alumnae meeting. He is seen rehearsing in front of the mirror, which shows that his confession was sincere!

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Shi Hoon’s arrival causes the girls to go crazy! They haven’t seen him in so long; they all want to catch up but that’s not the case for Ji Yeon. She quickly leaves. She goes to cry in the garden and that’s where Shi Hoon finds her. She hasn’t changed. She always pretends to be strong and isolates herself when she needs to cry. Ji Yeon admits that everything hasn’t been great since he abandoned her. She was depressed and even sent to the hospital because she had collapsed. How dares does he show up like nothing happened?! Shi Hoon doesn’t have the time to give an explanation because Ji Yeon is furious and Dong Ha shows up.

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Bu Bu Jing Qing (步步惊情) Episode 3

The episode starts off with YZ handing ZX the iPad full of her drawings, but she is more focused on his ring. YZ notices and asks her if she recognizes it, but she says she doesn’t know. YZ says don’t worry about it and just focus on getting better. He leaves with the secretary. Meanwhile, HD realizes that ZX does not remember any events past her previous accident. He tries to jog her memory by saying Qing Dynasty names, but she doesn’t see how it is relating to her. Both are frustrated.

Finally, 8th prince or Kang Si Han (CEO KZT’s son) arrives on scene. However, in the sequel, a different actor plays him. He is taking a walk through an abandoned house. In one of the houses, he finds a loose brick and pulls out a tin box full of little trinkets. He smiles as he looks at each one and starts reminiscing about his childhood. On the window, he writes Z & X and says I have come back home, mom.

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Meanwhile HD takes ZX back home and she is shocked at the state of her apartment. It is a complete mess. She finds her stack of Qing Dynasty books and jokingly asks HD if they are his. She also finds a piece of rice paper with calligraphy. HD tells her that she wrote it, but she thinks it is impossible that she did it since she had hated calligraphy when she was younger. ZX is getting more and more confused. HD tells her to take out her cell phone and look at YZ’s picture. He asks her if she remembers why she took that picture, but she can’t grasp the memories still.

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Love for Life (最爱)


Qin Qin (Zhang Ziyi) and De Yi (Aaron Kwok) live in an isolated community not far from their village. Both live with other villagers who have been infected by the fever – an incurable disease. Since there are a lot of uncertainties about the fever and its transmission, the ones infected were isolated in the village and had almost no choice but to move out. In their new community, those suffering of the fever count the days before their death. Qin Qin and De Yi were both rejected by their respective partners once they discovered they were infected. They learn how to lean on each other and slowly their understanding becomes love. Since both are still married, they first commit adultery before being able to marry. Remarriage being frowned upon, especially given their medical condition, the couple faces discrimination. Yet, they are both able to find joy in each other’s company and learn how to enjoy the little time they have left. Continue reading

A Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애) Episode 5

Dong Ha puts the polar bear picture in a frame, which Soo Chul doesn’t fail to notice. Soo Chul is convinced that Dong Ha feels something for Ji Yeon; he adds that there is nothing wrong with that although the age gap is quite large. Dong Ha tries to Soo Chul for talking and their wrestling is interrupted by Dong Ha receiving a phone call.Apparently, Dong Joo (Who is that?) can get the surgery. The only problem is the cost.

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A Loser Who Has No Tears by Bird Thongchai (Yah Leum Chan OST)

Lakorn fans! If you haven’t been watching Yah Leum Chan (Forget Me Not), you need to! I haven’t been emotionally disturbed by a drama for so long. Tik’s character, Khem, is irrational. Yes, I have seen Kawee (Ken) in Sawan Biang and Tin (Smart) in Plerng See Rong; and both were cray cray. Yet, they had reasons for being disturbed (Not that it justifies their actions).

Khem is just childish and petty. Watching the drama is making me feel some type of way – angry, confused, and hopeful. It’s been hard to watch the last few episodes because I am getting super emotional but I have to say it’s definitely worth it.

The OST is also pure joy. Enjoy this amazing song by Bird Thongchai ~

~ maniac Ride