Lian Lian Bu Wang aka Loving, Never Forgetting

Loving, Never Forgetting aka “Hustling” (don’t ask me why…)

Well, this little drama had me searching really hard to find watchable episodes. After made its uploads private, I had to resort to,, to find Chinese websites that had the episodes available. Cue my limited ability to read or write Chinese, I had some trouble typing in the name in Chinese search engines. Obviously, it is not subbed yet. However, luckily I can understand Chinese just fine. Thus, I can let you guys know what I think of this Chinese makjang (melo, to the extreme). First of all, prepare yourselves, those who have not watched any Chinese dramas before. Let me put it out there now, Chinese dramas are DUBBED. Yes, as in the voices you hear entering your ears are not the actor/actresses’s real voices. Unfortunate for us, but I suppose it streamlines the drama so that dialects and accents aren’t all over the place. Beware of annoying girly crying and unmatched lip/voice syncing at times.

Anyways, on to the real review. Contrary to the pretty poster above that shows a soft glowing romantic love, you will see none of that in the beginning. After watching two episodes, I can safely conclude that CEO Li, played by Jerry (yes, the one from Taiwanese BOF), is a douchey woman-hater as of now. He pretty much hates his mother (who of course makes him feel unloved), uses his celebrity girlfriend (basically friends with benefits, and no I will never marry you, but stay the night), and tramples all over the mother of his child. But luckily, he has one shining high point. His heart of steel cracks the door open a little for his son. What I don’t understand is how hell-bent his is on ripping the son away from his mother. A mother who single-handedly raised him for 4 years by herself, under the poverty line who didn’t ask for help from him or anybody else. Without further ado, he is claiming the son to be just his and of course his own mother doesn’t want the mother of the child to set foot in her household. Tong Li Ya plays the mother, Wu Tong, who has already gone to her knees to save her child and shed copious amount of tears. So even though, CEO Li makes me want to stab him in the eye right now, I am interested to see how hard he will fall and what he will do to make up for his sins later on. I also want to see Wu Tong stand tall and proud on her own feet while giving everybody else a reckoning.


Prince William

 Prince William

Once in awhile, I will enter into a Korean Drama slump where I just can’t seem to get into any of the currently airing pieces. Thus, I usually use a Taiwanese or Chinese drama to tide me over to the next batch. While, Prince William may not be an acting or plot masterpiece, I do watch it as a breath of fresh air. Xie Ken juggles playing both the “Prince” and “Pauper” pretty well. As the “Prince”, he becomes the cold CEO of a large company who seemingly is ruthless during his reign, with of course a traumatic past history. Meanwhile, the “Pauper” is a happy go lucky fisherman in a local village who has quite a charm. Mix in a botched kidnapping attempt that leaves the “Prince” in a semi-unresponsive state, the “Pauper” must take up the job of roleplaying so that he can save his home which the “Prince” was about to raze down for a new resort. To complicate matters, the “Pauper” starts to fall for the “Prince’s” sister. I am not sure how I feel about that though, the girl would have to fall in love with someone that looks like her brother. Anyways, this chaos provides just enough humor to keep me attentive well into episode 3. Though I am not sure if I will continue with it just yet, the drama has a unique charm to it that does not gum my teeth together with cheesiness.


Hormones: The Series (Season 1)

Hormones follows the lives of several high schoolers. It can be considered the Thai version of Skins. The second season is coming out this summer. I have heard end of June from several sources. I am not sure that anyone will be subbing season 2, but hopefully someone will 🙂


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Sanaeha Sunya Kaen: When is it too much?

Episodes 6 and 7 were so interesting and intense! 

Kin is totally and completely crazy. His behavior doesn’t even make sense at ALL. He is being possessive, abusive, and completely irrational. The worst: Tawan doesn’t even understand Kin’s anger. I wish he would explain to her what’s going on. Compared to Sawan Biang, Kawee’s character made a lot more sense because there was sort of a “logical” reasoning behind his desire for revenge. Not that it made it right.

Kin’s desire for revenge is totally irrational. Ganok didn’t know how to drive period. She was the one being reckless in my opinion and putting other people’s life in danger. My theory: Ganok and Tawan might have been involved in two different accidents. I hope that my theory will become true, which will make Kin realize how stupid and cruel he was.

Kin-Tawan? No, Thank You!

This is the first lakorn that makes me truly wish that the main leads will not end up together. Kin might grovel later, but that will still not be enough. I don’t even see him falling in love with Tawan. So far, he hasn’t given Tawan the chance to show who she truly is since he is too busy abusing her. Plus Kin is so undeserving of Tawan’s love. I don’t know what he can do to deserve her forgiveness. I can’t stand when Kin abuses Tawan when she is sick – to the point that she faints. I can’t stand how he manipulates people around him to make them believe that he is nice.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 8.48.51 PM

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Happy 300 Days

Happy 300 Days 

So usually, taiwanese dramas are a hit or miss for me. Most of the time they are too cheesily sweet / almost slapstick for me to endure. However, there are those rare gems that get me hooked almost immediately. Surprisingly, Happy 300 Days is one of those dramas that is sweet enough not to give me diabetes and still pulls at my heartstrings at the most unexpected moments. Although the story starts off a little bit unrealistically, the heartfelt moments later on certainly delivers a punch. Happy 300 Days spins a story about a woman, Ya Ting, who finds out she is pregnant from her ex-boyfriend and decides to move back home to live with her mother. Coincidentally, three other men enter her life by staying at her mother’s hotel. Each of the other men have their own histories they are trying to run away from. However, they are brought together by the need and compassion they feel for Ya Ting’s situation (spoiler: her ex died, but she wishes to keep the child even though her family doesn’t know and would wish the opposite). With only 3 episodes in, I am already intrigued by how this one woman and her unborn child will change the characters and lives of these men. Since polygamy is not in the norm, well as of now, out of these three men who seem to want to be the father, I am placing my bet on Qi Tian (played by Kingone) as endgame. Most of all, I am pleased to note that the actors who play Ya Ting (the pregnant lady) as well as the rest of the male suitor cast are thankfully very good actors and actresses without excess aegyo.


Jin Se Yeon – Again and Again

Jin Se Yeon

Recently, I’ve noticed the actress, Jin Se Yeon, appearing in several dramas that I have watched and enjoyed. However, to me, she is like a doll. You can dress her up in different outfits, but at the end of the day, she is the same old doll you took from the shelf. What do I mean by this? I mean Jin Se Yeon seems to choose not only the same character type, but also similar character arc in many of the dramas she is in, namely Bridal Mask, Inspiring Generation, and now Doctor Stranger. Now, don’t get me wrong, I neither like nor dislike her. She is a fair actress and a great deal better than many others I have seen. However, her characters and their arc all seem to have these things in common:

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Sanaeha Sunya Kaen: Another slap kiss lakorn on my radar

I am hooked. Let’s start off by making it clear :-D.



Kin marries his long time girlfriend Ganok, but on their wedding night she gets in an accident.

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 11.11.42 PM

Ganok dies due to the accident and Kin vows to take revenge on the other person involved in the accident – Tawan. Three years later, Kin gets a chance to put in effect his revenge. Daeun, Tawan’s younger sister, applies for a position at Kin’s corporation and as the president he immediately hires her. Thanks to Daeun, Kin gets to meet Tawan and he immediately does his best to hire Tawan as a personal nurse for his younger sibling Nod. Nod is paralyzed and is going through physical therapy. Kin even makes sure to make Tawan sign a contract: If she resigns before Nod walks, or before a certain period of time (I am not exactly sure what are the clauses of the contract) she would have to pay.

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 11.08.12 PM

Contract with the devil…

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