A Witch’s Romance (마녀의 연애) Episode 12

Reality is catching up with Shi Hoon. It’s hitting him right in the face… 

Ji Yeon runs to Dong Ha’s apartment but he doesn’t hear her out. Even before she says a word, he explains that he is sorry for pressuring her (OMG why could you just remain silent for ONCE?!). He will move out as soon as possible to make things less difficult for everyone. The following days Dong Ha starts looking at apartments from right to left. Given his income, the choices aren’t top but he wants to move soon. Soo Chul isn’t happy about Dong Ha’s decision to move. Soo Chul even tries his best to persuade Dong Ha not to move.

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Na Rae and Min Goo are experiencing a slight crisis. Na Rae’s morning sicknesses are getting worst. She also keeps having cravings but as soon as Min Goo gets the foods, she is disgusted by the smell and instructs him to get rid of them. Min Goo is tired and stressed out. He explains is troubles to Dong Ha, who patiently listens. One problem: the complaints are heard by Na Rae. Na Rae is hurt and runs away from home. She goes to Ji Yeon’s place of course.

Min Goo: “If she is ever pregnant again, she might kill me. Why is acting so mighty because she is pregnant?!”

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Nosy Rin Ji notices Ji Yeon’s engagement ring and gossips in the office. Everyone in the office now congratulates Ji Yeon. Our main female lead is overwhelmed and brushes off any conversation related to her wedding.

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Ji Yeon also puts work before her wedding preparations, leaving Shi Hoon and her mother to take care of everything.

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Shi Hoon notices that she isn’t as involved as before and she even slightly lie to avoid helping. Shi Hoon is even more worried when he remembers Ji Yeon mentioning that maybe they are rushing their wedding. Ji Yeon pointed out that they had just started dating again. Also when he drops by Ji Yeon’s apartment (While she is absent), he stays to chat with Na Rae. That’s when he spots the book that Dong Ha gave to Ji Yeon. He sees the little note Dong Ha wrote… (O__O He probably realizes that the feelings Dong Ha has for Ji Yeon are more serious than he thought).

Ji Yeon sees Dong Ha’s father ringing the bell of Soo Chul’s apartment. No one opens. She later meets Soo Chul to deliver food that her mother prepared for the boys. She tells Soo Chul about Dong Ha’s father, but is unable to get details about father-son relationship.

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Ji Yeon’s mother is getting really worried as the wedding date is getting closer. She confronts Ji Yeon and Shi Hoon to make sure that they both know what they are getting themselves into. She wants to make sure that Ji Yeon is sure that Shi Hoon is the right person for her, and that Shi Hoon knows that six years of pain might not easily go away.

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While looking for news stories, Ji Yeon learns that the hospital of Dong Ha’s father is embroiled in a scandal. Apparently the hospital turned away a patient because they didn’t have enough doctors. All the doctors were busy taking care of a VIP patient (Oh oh oh I hope it’s just a rumor). Soo Chul and Ji Yeon are worried that Dong Ha would find out so they don’t bring it up. What they don’t know is that Dong Ha is already aware.

Soo Chul is trying to charm Eun Chae. The latter bluntly asks Soo Chul if he likes her. Without even hearing his answer, Eun Chae says that she sees him as an older brother (Ouchhh)

Ji Yeon pays a visit to Min Goo. The latter looks like he is dying so why hasn’t he contacted Na Rae yet? Ji Yeon urges him to go get Na Rae. Her morning sicknesses are gone now so she’ll take care of the store for two hours while Min Goo go gets Na Rae. Min Goo runs out while Dong Ha walks in. Dong Ha and Ji Yeon both feel awkward at first. They sit at the bar leaving several chairs in between them. Well the desire to talk to each other is too strong and both start a lively conversation (They are so cute ~ Shyly glancing at each other at first 😀). Things get even better when Na Rae and Min Goo happily walk in.

Back from Na Rae’s restaurant, Dong Ha tells Ji Yeon that he is moving out soon. Most likely next week (The sadness in her eyes 😦). Dong Ha explains that there are several reasons including the fact that his father has come to find him and he doesn’t want to bother Soo Chul anymore (You are not bothering!). Ji Yeon then asks if he saw the article about the hospital… Dong Ha doesn’t want to talk about it too much since he is not close to his father.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 12.52.15 PM

Ji Yeon and Na Rae are headed to the wedding photoshoot (Both look so beautiful ~) when Na Rae starts having stomach pains. The two women head to the hospital instead. Dong Ha also rushes there with Min Goo. Dong Ha is stunned to see Ji Yeon in her beautiful wedding dress while Min Goo rushes to meet the doctor. It turns out that Na Rae is fine but thanks to all the food she has been eating she is constipated (Funny and embarrassing). Shi Hoon, who kept calling Ji Yeon’s cellphone, learns from Min Goo that they are at the hospital. He rushes there only to see Dong Ha helping Ji Yeon to sit down. Ji Yeon wasn’t feeling so well after being so worried about Na Rae. Dong Ha does his best not to look at Ji Yeon (Haaaaaa 😦 She is so pretty but it’s certainly not from him).

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Ji Yeon rushes to the photoshoot location but the staff is all gone. Only Shi Hoon is left. Ji Yeon keeps apologizing for ruining it all, but Shi Hoon reassures her. After all, he is photographer himself. Before they start taking the pictures, he wants Ji Yeon to wear the shoes she bought for their wedding six years ago. The shoes were given to him by Ji Yeon’s mother and she kept explaining how Ji Yeon was trying those shoes on every night six years ago…

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 12.54.28 PM

After the pictures are taken, Shi Hoon decides to tell Ji Yeon that things might be rushed like she said. They are both confused.

Shi Hoon: “You have missed several of our appointments. You waited six years, but waiting a few hours at the studio was exhausting for me. I like you but that doesn’t mean I can endure everything. Let’s forget about the marriage.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 12.55.21 PM

Meanwhile Dong Ha is moving out of the apartment…


Shi Hoon finally gave up. He’s been trying to make things work out but a relationship involves two people. His effort only are pretty much useless.

I loved the role Ji Yeon’s mother played in this episode. Since the beginning of the drama, she seems to push Ji Yeon to get married because of her age but in this episode she shows that it’s more about Ji Yeon’s happiness. She clearly explains that she wants Ji Yeon to live happily with someone who will cherish her. Of course, that person doesn’t have to be Shi Hoon.

I have the feeling that Dong Ha’s father might bring trouble to the Ji Yeon-Dong Ha relation. If Ji Yeon is to cover the hospital scandal, my take is that the father will most likely not like Ji Yeon. Dong Ha might not care but we all know that Dramaland parents have a way to insert themselves in their children’s lives no matter what.

~ maniac Ride

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