Doctor Stranger


A cross between a thriller and medical drama, Doctor Stranger pulled me out of my k-drama slump of 2 months! This drama has enough action and suspense to keep me captivated and the surgeries are certainly fascinating to watch (for those who have a strong stomach). From the standpoint of someone who works in the medical field though, some medical scenes may seem a little unrealistic and overdramatized. However, again I am please and impressed by Lee Jong-suk acting in the role of Park Hoon, a young genius thoracic/heart surgeon. He has amazing control over his emotional acting. I am still waiting to see if Jin Se Yeon, his first love, has made any progress. Since again, she is playing a similar role to the past ones she has done (Gaksital & Inspiring Generation / please don’t get me started on episode 2…really Jin Se Yeon, again?). Also, I am excited to see Park Hae Jin (from My Love From Another Star) in this drama! I wonder if the future episodes will keep me glued to the screen since the drama may slow down once he escapes into South Korea from North Korea. However, I do like this new action angle on medical dramas to give it more of a zap!



4 thoughts on “Doctor Stranger

  1. i wanted to downlaod this.. but since its leejongsuk and a SBS drama so i dont download this… and wait for someone else download and will ask for a copy XD

    instead im downloading and following gapdong, drama from tvN cabletv drama… its good for me.. with leejoon as a creepy psychopath, he’s such a creepy but sometimes sweet eyecandy. do you watch this? if you do… pls make a review.. i love to read about your perspective of a drama.

    • Ah I see. I am watching Dr. Stranger for Lee Jong Suk. His acting is really good in here!

      I have heard good things about gapdong and especially about Leejoon. I may try it out!!

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