Jin Se Yeon – Again and Again

Jin Se Yeon

Recently, I’ve noticed the actress, Jin Se Yeon, appearing in several dramas that I have watched and enjoyed. However, to me, she is like a doll. You can dress her up in different outfits, but at the end of the day, she is the same old doll you took from the shelf. What do I mean by this? I mean Jin Se Yeon seems to choose not only the same character type, but also similar character arc in many of the dramas she is in, namely Bridal Mask, Inspiring Generation, and now Doctor Stranger. Now, don’t get me wrong, I neither like nor dislike her. She is a fair actress and a great deal better than many others I have seen. However, her characters and their arc all seem to have these things in common:

[spoiler alert]

  1. Character Type: Fresh, pure, fighting spirit, very persistent in love, long suffering
    1. Bridal Mask: Mok Dan long suffering freedom fighter who searches for the one who gave her the engraved knife. Selfless.
    2. Inspiring Generation: Ok Ryeon long suffering girlfriend of Jung-Tae who spends most of waking moments trying to heal Jung-Tae whenever he gets into a fight.
    3. Doctor Stranger: Jae Hee long suffering girlfriend who unfortunately is subjected to the abuse of N. Korea concentration camps and unsuccessfully tries to escape with Hoon many times
  2. First Love (at a young age)
    1. Bridal Mask: Kangto and MokDan traveling together in the woods, eating yams, etc.
    2. Inspiring Generation: Jung-Tae and Ok Ryeon live in the same town, childhood sweethearts, grows up together, etc
    3. Doctor Stranger: Hoon and Jae Hee meets in N. Korea, he gives her a “stitch” bracelet, grows up together, etc.
  3. Running: Poor girl is always running away from something. She must be really tired.
    1. Bridal Mask: Running away from the Japanese police
    2. Inspiring Generation: Running away from the Japanese mafia
    3. Doctor Stranger: Running away from the N. Koreans
  4. Competitive secondary OTP ship: second female leads always seem to have just as strong of a fanbase as the one for the main OTP (secondary leads seem to have awesome chemistry with lead as well!)
    1. Bridal Mask: Rie, a Korean part of the Japanese faction, who admires Kangto when he saved her in the past and continues to help him whenever she can
    2. Inspiring Generation: Gaya, part of the Japanese faction, who always helps Jung-Tae on the side even though she is assigned to kill him
    3. Doctor Stranger: Dr. Soo-hyun who is the fiancé of Jae Joon, but seems to be on Hoon’s side most of the time.
  5. Marriage Curse: Leads, please don’t propose to Jin Se Yeon, death or capture will soon follow.
    1. Bridal Mask: Mok Dan accepts Kangto’s proposal, but dies at her own wedding
    2. Inspiring Generation: Ok Ryeon accepts Jung-tae’s proposal and dies after the wedding as well
    3. Doctor Stranger: Jae Hee accepts Hoon’s proposal, gets captured, lives in a concentration camp for a number of years, gets shot, almost dies falling off a bridge, and then more concentration camp
  6. Sacrifice: Oh Jin Se Yeon, always giving your life up for your man. Admirable, but tragic.
    1. Bridal Mask: Mok Dan takes the bullet for Kangto, shot by his best friend. She bleeds out on the ground, but Kangto gathers strength and conviction from her death.
    2. Inspiring Generation: Ok Ryeon drinks the cup of poison meant for Jung-Tae and also dies in his arms back home. Jung-Tae goes on to lead his people into safety.
    3. Doctor Stranger: Jae Hee takes the bullet meant for Hoon and falls off the bridge. Hoon also gets shot trying to hang onto her hand, but she pulls her hand from his and sacrifices herself.



6 thoughts on “Jin Se Yeon – Again and Again

  1. I totally agree… like you said, you like her nor dislike her. I’m on the same boat. It’s like, she’s there in the movie and that’s it. She also takes roles where everyone is questioning if she is the main lead. Her acting is okay and I manage to finish her dramas but I think it was more for the actor and storyline then her. I hope her next drama will be different. We can only HOPE!!!

    • I agree! It seems that she takes on roles one right after the other. It may do her good to take a break in between to develop her acting or pick some roles that she has not done before. I see potential in her though!

  2. I’m was giving her another chance in Doctor Stranger.. but if her character die in here, I might not want to watch anymore of her dramas. I admit to have seen her latest 4 dramas cuz the male lead and story-lines are great and I’m actually liking it since I didn’t like her in Bridal Mask – Joo Won was too good for her – when she die, I was happy (no lie!). IG – I was again happy that she die in there, she was too much in love w/ Jung Tae (I was a Gaya – Jung Tae shipper). Five Fingers, she didn’t die in there but I kinda wish she didn’t get with Ji-Ho..! Now in Doctor Stranger, I think it’s best that she take a bullet for Hoon (I’m Soo Hyun – Hoon shipper!) But I might not continue to watch any of her future dramas. Park Shin Hye, is one of the actress that I’ve decide to no longer give any of her future dramas a chance even if the male lead is my bias. Because her role are too similar, her acting is so-so and she’s overrated with popularity. Her fan stated that she’s the best in her age group, I don’t think so! Kang SoRa and PSH shared the same birthday .. but Sora is able to pull off more role. Ugly Alert was awesome!

    • I agree with your perspective on Park Shin Hye. Yes, she started acting at a young age, but I haven’t really seen any improvement. I hope these actress can expand their variety of roles!

    • Never really liked PSH and honestly, I never really watched any of her dramas. I was really excited for Heirs but of course, I was disappointed. I didn’t get pass episode 4.

      As for JSY, I hope she will pick better roles or she will start playing second lead instead. Obviously, second lead any all her dramas are a lot better than her.

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