Happy 300 Days

Happy 300 Days 

So usually, taiwanese dramas are a hit or miss for me. Most of the time they are too cheesily sweet / almost slapstick for me to endure. However, there are those rare gems that get me hooked almost immediately. Surprisingly, Happy 300 Days is one of those dramas that is sweet enough not to give me diabetes and still pulls at my heartstrings at the most unexpected moments. Although the story starts off a little bit unrealistically, the heartfelt moments later on certainly delivers a punch. Happy 300 Days spins a story about a woman, Ya Ting, who finds out she is pregnant from her ex-boyfriend and decides to move back home to live with her mother. Coincidentally, three other men enter her life by staying at her mother’s hotel. Each of the other men have their own histories they are trying to run away from. However, they are brought together by the need and compassion they feel for Ya Ting’s situation (spoiler: her ex died, but she wishes to keep the child even though her family doesn’t know and would wish the opposite). With only 3 episodes in, I am already intrigued by how this one woman and her unborn child will change the characters and lives of these men. Since polygamy is not in the norm, well as of now, out of these three men who seem to want to be the father, I am placing my bet on Qi Tian (played by Kingone) as endgame. Most of all, I am pleased to note that the actors who play Ya Ting (the pregnant lady) as well as the rest of the male suitor cast are thankfully very good actors and actresses without excess aegyo.


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