Sanaeha Sunya Kaen: When is it too much?

Episodes 6 and 7 were so interesting and intense! 

Kin is totally and completely crazy. His behavior doesn’t even make sense at ALL. He is being possessive, abusive, and completely irrational. The worst: Tawan doesn’t even understand Kin’s anger. I wish he would explain to her what’s going on. Compared to Sawan Biang, Kawee’s character made a lot more sense because there was sort of a “logical” reasoning behind his desire for revenge. Not that it made it right.

Kin’s desire for revenge is totally irrational. Ganok didn’t know how to drive period. She was the one being reckless in my opinion and putting other people’s life in danger. My theory: Ganok and Tawan might have been involved in two different accidents. I hope that my theory will become true, which will make Kin realize how stupid and cruel he was.

Kin-Tawan? No, Thank You!

This is the first lakorn that makes me truly wish that the main leads will not end up together. Kin might grovel later, but that will still not be enough. I don’t even see him falling in love with Tawan. So far, he hasn’t given Tawan the chance to show who she truly is since he is too busy abusing her. Plus Kin is so undeserving of Tawan’s love. I don’t know what he can do to deserve her forgiveness. I can’t stand when Kin abuses Tawan when she is sick – to the point that she faints. I can’t stand how he manipulates people around him to make them believe that he is nice.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 8.48.51 PM

What we’ve seen so far is Kin’s physical attraction to Tawan. Kin shows that love and sex are and can be two completely different things. He is attracted by Kin’s beauty and body; that doesn’t mean he loves her.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 8.50.32 PM

Psycho just spotted sexy Tawan in her bathing suit


Tawan is a nurse for God’s sake. Couldn’t she ask for them to use condoms at least?! Also not using condoms make the relationship even more intimate. Kin says he hates her so why is he removing another barrier?

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 8.57.26 PM

Messing With Your Siblings Love Interests?! So low… Dragging Other People in Your Mess? Low Again… 

What’s the point of dragging other people in this mess? Kin is so selfish. What does his problem have to do with Daeun? Seriously though, I was so annoyed at the beach scenes. Why in the world would Kin purposely fall on top of Daeun and tightly hug her? That was so gross in my opinion. Not even evil, just gross.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 8.55.51 PM

Let’s add that he is messing with the love interests of his brothers. When Daeun visited Kin’s family house for the first time, Kin was being all attentive with her and it’s easy to tell that it made Nahk so uncomfortable. I wouldn’t say that he was pained, but bothered would be the word. Plus Akk, who is obviously interested in Tawan, would be a such a good match for Tawan. He is caring and understanding. They could have a happily after – sorry Pink. Anyway we all know that’s not going to happen since evil Kin is lurking.

I am glad that they introduced Lek’s character. He is a good match too for Tawan. Haha at this point everyone is a better match than Kin. If Tawan’s only option is Kin, I think she is better off single…

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 9.00.04 PM

Lek is adorable!

When the Parents are Blind

Why is everyone so oblivious in Kin’s house? Is the mother blind? She doesn’t have a job and is at home most of the time. How can she not know what’s going on? Baitong and her need to be on top of things. I love that they are not all up in the children’s business. Yet, they have time to notice the lovey doviness of Kin (The fake one of course). I wish the mother and Baitong would  take a second look and notice how Tawan is being mistreated by Kin. I mean how hard is it to tell that every time she sees him, she panics?!

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 9.04.40 PM

A moment of panic

The scenes I skip 

I don’t want to see none of the office comedy, which is most of the time Chat being teased. It is uninteresting and takes screen time away from our three main couples. I loved Mick Boromwuti’s charater in Mia Taeng, but this role is BLEHhhhh for me.

~ maniac Ride

8 thoughts on “Sanaeha Sunya Kaen: When is it too much?

  1. I finally caught up with all the episodes and dang…. either we are crazy like kin or we are dumb like tawan because we still stick to this CRAZY lakorn. I still can’t figure it out like is it the storyline or is it the hotness that Dome and Janie brings out as actors? b/c they both are very hot together physcially. Overall, I do enjoy watching this lakorn and I can’t wait to see Tawan fight back for her rights and her freedom.

    • I was reading spoilers in the Asianfuse thread and honestly don’t expect too much when it comes to Kin’s redemption T_T. This drama is so wrong but still so addictive loool

      • It’s very addicting. It’s like so wrong for us to love the lakorn but we love it anyways. So far, I love that Tawan is finally fighting back…. Even though she is hurt, she’s telling him, she’s not going to be his punching bag forever. She’s good person so I know, she’s not going to torture him so Kin’s redemption will be easy. I hope Kin’s redemption is going to be more powerful than the spoilers we read. Fighting!!!!!

        I love the doctor for sticking up for Tawan. He means no harm, he just wants the best for Tawan and for Kin because he knows they are both good people.

        ***SPOILERS**** if you haven’t watched the lastest episodes…………… for Duen and for VP, are freaking cute together. I love how he propose to her and telling her he really miss her. Super Super cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I have the feeling that Kin’s redemption will be as described in the spoilers because if I am not mistaken they are done recording all the lakorn T__T I hope I am wrong.

        Daeun and the VP are sooooo cute! I actually watched it 😀 I hope to see more of them as a couple and less of the office craziness.

  2. hormone the series season 2 gonna start this august, i hope you will do recap. and.. and… you.. haven’t post your overall review of that series for season one,i thought you will do it.
    im still busy looking for english fansub for this season, khun saifon wont do it anymore 😦

    ps: sorry for being offtopic. and, pls forgive me if i requested this before, i might did before and i forget it and request again today, somehow i felt like dejavu while typing this comment.

    • I heard that season 2 would actually start at the end of this month. Im not sure who will sub it though. If it is subbed I will definitely recap it or at least give my impressions on it.

      I did finish the review on season 1 and will publish it soon. Sorry for the wait 🙂

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