Prince William

 Prince William

Once in awhile, I will enter into a Korean Drama slump where I just can’t seem to get into any of the currently airing pieces. Thus, I usually use a Taiwanese or Chinese drama to tide me over to the next batch. While, Prince William may not be an acting or plot masterpiece, I do watch it as a breath of fresh air. Xie Ken juggles playing both the “Prince” and “Pauper” pretty well. As the “Prince”, he becomes the cold CEO of a large company who seemingly is ruthless during his reign, with of course a traumatic past history. Meanwhile, the “Pauper” is a happy go lucky fisherman in a local village who has quite a charm. Mix in a botched kidnapping attempt that leaves the “Prince” in a semi-unresponsive state, the “Pauper” must take up the job of roleplaying so that he can save his home which the “Prince” was about to raze down for a new resort. To complicate matters, the “Pauper” starts to fall for the “Prince’s” sister. I am not sure how I feel about that though, the girl would have to fall in love with someone that looks like her brother. Anyways, this chaos provides just enough humor to keep me attentive well into episode 3. Though I am not sure if I will continue with it just yet, the drama has a unique charm to it that does not gum my teeth together with cheesiness.


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