Fated To Love You – Korean Version!

Fated To Love You ft. Korean Style

While we often start with a Korean drama that later gets adapted to another version in a different country, often China or Taiwan, it is a rare sight to see the opposite happen! Fated To Love You, a very popular Taiwanese drama that came out in 2008, is getting the full Korean remake! The original, played by Chen Xiao and Ethan Ruan, while the Korean version is played by Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara (Jang Squared!). Both are about how a naive, plain, and overly nice woman accidentally has a one night stand with the president of a big company who was about to propose to his ballerina girlfriend before she decided to pursue her career. In a series of coincidences, the two are brought together again by her pregnancy, but must face the multiple challenges that lay ahead. I don’t wish to give away too much of the plot for those who haven’t seen the Taiwanese version.

Overall, the drama will take your feels on a roller-coaster from getting a stitch due to laughing at the insanely cute parts or bawling your eyes out at the parts that tug on your heartstrings. As for the Korean remake, so far it has been sticking pretty closely to the original plot. However, the Korean version moves a bit more slowly than the Taiwanese version and gives more opportunity to develop its characters. Furthermore, the Korean version has a bit of a slapstick humor feel to it, though not as much as to annoy the viewers. Instead, we just giggle at Jang Hyuk’s comedic expressions and his no doubtedly insane cackle (it really is something). And man, that mane of his….I am still not sure what the stylist was thinking, but hey, it makes him all the more a diva. Really, I MEAN DIVAAAAA. As for Jang Nara, she really can’t do any wrong in my eyes. She was cast perfectly in this role and portrays the meek Mi Young cutely, making us root for her! I really look forward to watching more of the Korean remake and how Jang Squared will take this adorable piece to new levels!

“Life is like a gamble. You can’t win every game. But if the chip is in your hands, you will always have hope.” -Cun Xi (Taiwanese Version)


PS. This drama is definitely in my TOP 10 dramas of all time.

Link to the Cutest Taiwanese OST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXroDz31P2o


16 thoughts on “Fated To Love You – Korean Version!

  1. I too think Jang Nara is perfectly cast and can do no wrong! Haven’t seen the T-version, but I already adore this one coz of her, and of course, Geon too 🙂

      • since it’s going to be half way, there are a few things that changed. Made me think, did this happen in the T-version. I feel like he’s being all nice to her now and trying to make up and then BAM, hurts her and go back to Se-ra. I’m going to cry so hard for her if this happen…. I hope not. That part where he told Se-ra was different than the T-version. So I’m a little bit surprise how this K-version turned out. I’m holding onto my horses and getting my tissue box ready for this week’s episodes, just in case.

      • Wahh I’m scared to see their breaking point, since i feel like it is going to happen which is what propelled her to change her whole attitude/lifestyle in the T version. I’m still loving this Korean version though, it has a lovely sweetness about it! Jang Nara is so adorable! So far Se-ra doesn’t seem to be as bad as the T-version ex yet…..

      • I don’t remember the OTP being this close in the T-Version. I remember that she helped him a lot and he started to care about her. But in this version, he truly cares about her and he knows how much he wants to be with her. He gets very upset when she’s home late and worried about her if she’s out. When Se-ra came back, that’s when everything went downhill. In this version, he told Se-ra that he got married and was expectinga baby… that was pretty much it. So my guess is that, Se-ra will come back with that ****accident** and Gun will feel bad and that’s when everything goes downhill. But just let me be wrong…. I can handle the misunderstanding type of storyline but if it goes the same route as the Tversion, I’ll probably have to grab a drink (YES, alcohol).

      • Oh man, I totally agree with you. The OTP did not seem this close in the T Version. Gun seems a bit more sincere and caring about Mi Young than the pair in the T-version. Then again, the two dramas have different flavors. Oh god, i am scared to watch the accident in this new version. The first time around was already bad enough, and I adore this pair even more! Wahhh…it will be an arduous task for Gun to win her back after the misunderstanding.

      • In the T version, I understand why she was so mad at him and left town and start a new life. It was all a misunderstanding. If the Kversion wanna to put that “miscarriage” stunt too as long Mi Young doens’t run away. Well like not run to another country or anything. LOL

        One thing I adore this OTP and this version is that they do truly each other. They are not afraid to show it to each other. They kissed twice. (Yes I’m counting that kiss on the cheek too)

        I’m like every other fan, PLEASE no anmesia. That’s all I ask for.

      • Ah I wouldn’t be surprised if Mi Young did run away to remake herself. I find it very common in K-dramas for the hero or heroine to “disappear” for a period to change their personality/attitude.

        Yes, I totally agree! You can see they adore each other. and OMG, yes please no amnesia. just no.

      • I hate amnesia, blind, illness, anything that is not really real… I can’t handle myself from crying a river. Trust me, I don’t know if it’s amnesia or its the otp that I’m crying about.

        I want this drama to be good, no great because that’s what he has been doing for the last 10 episodes. Now ftlm producers do not disappoint us one bit please…

        Let’s not do 1 or 2 or 3 years gap. I’m ok for a week gap and that’s it.

    • If you haven’t watch the T verison, I don’t want to ruin anything but it’s a while till she fights back… But their characters don’t get annoying or frustating… So I’m excited to see what kind of changes K Drama will do. I hope they keep this tone of “funny” and “lovable.”

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