The Rising Sun (Part I): Chemistry, bromance, and a little craziness

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I just started The Rising Sun. After Sanaeha Sunya Kaen I needed a new lakorn. So far, I am enjoying it. The costumes are beautiful and the cast gorgeous. It also is a little more realistic than I thought it would be. Sorry, the Cubic disaster is still fresh in my mind :-D. I was a little worried that the drama might be a mess since the actors don’t speak Japanese and that there might be some cultural discrepancies. I am sure there are some, but not that bad though :-P. What I have noticed is time and context discrepancies. I had the feeling that the drama was taking place in the past – 1980s or 1990s – but the outfits look so modern sometimes (i.e. men’s suits).

The Misawa and Onizuka families are two prominent families in the southern part of Japan. The families’ ancestors used to be samurais who were in charge of protecting the Emperor of Japan. Although there are no more samurais, both families still hold a certain influence in society. They own major businesses and preserve order. Furthermore, both families uphold high moral values.

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Takeshi from the Onizuka family and Aiko from the Misawa family are meant to be married. The marriage decision was taken since both were young. Takeshi isn’t interested in Aiko, but the latter is head over heels for him. Aiko is ready to go after anyone who is romantically involved with Takeshi . Here come the craziness -___-. Aiko is more obsessed than in love. She even goes as far as to have Seiko kidnapped and sold. This deal does come at a heavy price for Aiko.

The worst part is that Aiko’s father clearly wants the union between Takeshi and Aiko to go through although Takeshi doesn’t feel anything for Aiko. What a wonderful father -___-. At first I wondered why Aiko’s father wanted to move forward with the union so much, but it perfectly makes senses especially after watching the latest episodes. He has always been jealous of Takeshi’s father and the influence of the Onizuka family. He wants the Misawa family to dominate and is ready to sell his daughter if needed.

I am currently at episode 4 and things are getting serious. Takeshi’s father, mother, brother, and sister-in-law, have been killed by Sato.

Sato is a yakuza, who is increasing the number of clubs, drug smuggling, and gambling houses in the areas under the Onizuka and Misawa families. He also forces shop owners to pay a “protection fee.” He wanted to get rid of the Onizuka family because they are preventing his illegal businesses to thrive.  Takeshi, who is now the head of the Onizuka family, and his cousin Ryu are still looking for more proofs to incriminate Sato, but so far nothing much. They are no proofs that Sato is the culprit so it will be hard to put him behind bars.

What I enjoy the most about Takeshi is his ability to act reasonably. His decisions are always thought through. He was not interested by his family’s business, but still does his best. Before the death of his father, he was ready to let his older brother handle the business – a cause of argument between his father and him. Those kind of thoughts were reinforced when Takeshi meets Seiko, a Thai girl studying in Japan. Seiko is smart, genuine, cute, and simple. Seiko made him want to find his own way even more.

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Takeshi and his father – a lot of love, but also arguments

I have to say that the chemistry between the two main leads is wowwwwwwww. They are so cute together and both do a great job at depicting their feelings. I also have to add that Seiko is different from the other n’ek I have seen. Contrarily to a lot of a female leads, Seiko has been straightforward so far, except when she lied about having a fiance in Thailand. It’s clear that it’s because she wants to stay away from the crazy Aiko. Being a smart n’ek, she wants to stay alive for the all drama :-D.

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When confronted to Aiko, Seiko might seem weak, but I think she wants to live peacefully. In the first two episodes, Seiko explains that her parents were against her coming to Japan to study. Being diligent, I am sure she doesn’t want to disappoint them. She is most likely keeping in mind that she is in Japan to study and not to find trouble. Plus if Seiko was to fight back Aiko, she might make things worst for Takeshi. Although she endures abuse from Aiko, I still like Seiko.

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I have high hopes for Seiko’s character so I hope not to be disappointed.


Takeshi’s main accomplice is Ryu. The latter helps Takeshi act upon his feelings for Seiko by playing the role of matchmaker. He also covers for Takeshi and avoids him being in a lot of trouble. Ryu is also the hot headed one. He brings a lot of humor and liveliness to the drama. The show would have probably been a little boring without him. He makes up for Takeshi’s collected and gentle character. I have the feeling that Nadech’s acting has improved too. It might be too early to judge so let’s wait a little bit more before I give a final opinion on his acting.

Alsooo…. How excited am I that we have not one, but two bromances?!! Or at least that’s how I see it. I am talking about the one between Takeshi and Taro. Taro is part of the Onizuka family and he makes sure that Takeshi is safe. Taro met Seiko when he rescued her from yakuzas that were trying to collect money. Taro immediately fell for her, but sadly we all know that Seiko only has eyes for Takeshi. I want to see how well he will hide his feelings :-(. The worst part is that I am sure he will do his best to hide it, because of his duty.

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What I expect from the upcoming episodes

I want to see more of Takeshi and Seiko. Crazy Aiko asks Sato to kidnap Seiko and sell her. If that initial plan doesn’t work out, I wonder what Aiko will come up with next.

How far will the greed of Aiko’s father take him? I am not surprised to see that he was jealous of Takeshi’s father all along. What surprises me is the fact that he is being so irrational. I am scared that if he doesn’t get what he wants he will make a deal with Sato – like his daughter…

Ryu has been introduced to his fiancee to be: Mayumi. We’ve seen a lot of bickering from them, but I want something more solid so when The Rising Sun II starts we know enough about both of them. Don’t get me wrong, the bickering is cute. I just want more!

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~ maniac Ride


4 thoughts on “The Rising Sun (Part I): Chemistry, bromance, and a little craziness

  1. I’m slowly watching this lakorn just b/c I’m so mad about Om/Kwan that they won’t eng sub that lakorn instead. I’m never been a huge fan with Mario and Taew, although, I do find that they are cute/pretty. Anyhow, I’ll give it a try after a few more episodes are out.

    • This is the 1st drama with Mario that I watch. I had only seen one of his movies. I enjoy it. I am also watching the Om/Kwan drama. I feel like it drags a little bit, but subs are pretty fast on Viki though.

      • They were pretty slow for a bit but I went back to Viki to check yesterday and half of episode 9 (HJT) was done. Good thing!!!

        Anyhow, I seen 3 of Mario’s movie/drama. This role suits him best so far.

  2. i just watched episode 1 so i come here to read your post.

    totally agree with this:

    “He brings a lot of humor and liveliness to the drama. The show would have probably been a little boring without him.”

    i could say, i only looking forward to nadech’s scenes… mario’s part (if he’s alone) is too slow so far.. i keep on fast forward his part, n fighting scene coz its doesn’t looks realistic, and slow too.

    its sad to know that his entire family is gonna be dead.. i feel bad for ryu because he lost his parents, luckily he’s still got takeshi’s family but now they both are orphan. i feel very bad to know about it. 😦 hope they will stay close together as they are the only family left.

    cant wait to watch ep2, i want to see more yaya!!! 😀 and the two boys, they surely a very sweet eye candy.

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