Hormones 2 (วัยว้าวุ่น ) Episode 1


Promiscuous Romance is the talk of the town. It’s a lakorn portraying the behaviors of teenagers when it comes to sex. We get a glimpse of the lakorn within the first few minutes of the episode – a drama within a drama. Two teenagers – Pat and Ken – meet in the back of a taxi cab and things get heated pretty quickly. Pat convinces Ken that no one will know about what’s going on between them, especially his girlfriend Min. Plus if he is going to be as stiff as a plank of wood he should have no come. Ken quickly gets in the mood… Promiscuous Romance reminds me a lot of Hormones. I am sure the director of Hormones is trying to send us a message.

The episode with Pat and Ken in the taxi cab is being discussed by everyone at school in the following days.  Tar walks in school and notices that everyone is talking about the show. He walks toward Mhog, and asks him about the show. Is it that good? Mhog confirms that yes it is. He’s been watching it too. Mhog then asks him how his new song is coming along. Tar says nothing much so far. One of Tar’s bandmate is out of town so it’s been hard to coordinate. Tar then spots Pop, one of his friend, with a girl. If I am not mistaken, Pop is the one always doing the little podcasts and news videos at school. Or is it someone else? Anyway, Tar explains that Pop gave him a fake rendez vous and now he is flirting with a girl. Tar and Mhog walk toward Pop and the girl.

Pop explains to Tar that he couldn’t make it because of Promiscuous Romance. Tar is shocked. He couldn’t make it because of a lakorn?! Pop claims that he had to watch. Everyone is watching it (I guess Tar should get on it too :-D). The girl next to Pop tries to apologize for him. Tar warns her. She can’t be fooled by Pop because he is cheeky and unreliable. The girl, who is called Pang , laughs. Whoever trusts Pop is crazy. It turns out that Pop and Pang are siblings. Pang  just transferred that’s why he Pop is showing her around. After the misunderstanding is cleared, Pang   proceeds to ask Tar for a picture. She has SeeScape’s music as her ringtone and friends at her old school are fans of the group too. Tar happily agrees (His own moment of glory!).

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.39.18 PM

When Pang leaves, Tar gets a slap on the head for looking at her too much. Pop is obviously a protective older brother :-D.

Dao and her friends are also crazy over the new show! They are sitting and going over the pictures of the actor playing Ken. One of Dao’s friends, Elle, even started following him on social media (More like stalking ;-D) before he became famous. The group of girls is planning on going to a fan meeting and Dao is invited too. Dao would love too, but Momzilla (A mix of Gozilla and Dao’s mother) is planning on picking her up today. Since Dao came back from Big Mountain things have been worst. Dao even gets a phone call from Momzilla reminding her that she will be at the gate as soon as school is over.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.39.37 PM

There is one that is the luckiest! It’s Sprite. She had the chance to model with Ken in a fashion magazine. One of her friend is so jealous and keeps pouting. How dare she takes pictures with his P’Ken (I am almost certain that Ken doesn’t know that  Sprite’s friend exists…)?!Sprite’s guy friends want to know if it’s true that Ken asked for her number. Sprite explains that it was just for a potential photoshoot. She only has eyes for someone else….

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.39.55 PM

Sprite spots Phai sitting and studying. She quickly walks up to him, abandoning her friends like a pair of dirty socks. Phai failed math so he has to put in extra work. Sprite proposes to help him(A chance to spend more time with him), but he nicely refuses. Sprite is obviously disappointed, but she makes it clear that her offers still stand.

Toei and Phu are spending more time together. They talk about everything and nothing(That’s how close they are…). Phu feels comfortable enough to tease her a lot. After walking Toei to her classroom, Phu joins the other members of the marching band including Thee. Phu seems fine with Thee and jokes around with him. Are both still over each other? There is a weird vibe…

Mhog walks up to Kwan. How was her break? Kwan didn’t do much. What about him? Mhog explains that he’s been closely following Promiscuous Romance. From an artistic point of view, the show is pretty going. Talking about arts reminds Kwan that she doesn’t know if she wants to go into dentistry or communication arts. Mhog proposes to teach her photography. That might help her make up her mind. Kwan gladly agrees.When Mhog goes to sit at his desk, the seat next to him is empty…(Win 😦 )

Pat sees Min and Ken studying in an empty classroom. Pat tells Min that one of the teachers wants to see her. Pat gets on seductrice mode really fast.

Tar, who is watching this episode, is interrupted by his mother. She heard about it too… It’s apparently pornographic. Surprisingly, the mother insists on watching it with Tar now. Tar refuses at first, but ultimately presses play.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.42.11 PM

Min, who is unsuspicious, leaves enough time for Ken and Pat to get it on.

The mother is shocked, but understanding enough. It’s a chance for her to have a heart to heart with her son. Tar needs to be good to women. Tar explains that he has no girlfriend and even if he did they wouldn’t go that far (That’s what they all say).

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.43.13 PM

Promiscuous Romance is even mentioned on TV now. Momzilla asks Dao if she also watches it. Dao knows better and lies (Poor Dao).

Kwan’s class is asked to write a paper on Promiscuous Romance and the issues it highlights (That would be an interesting paper to write and read ;-D).

Tar and Toei discuss their mothers’ reactions to the lakorn – surprised but not overboard. Their discussion is interrupted when Phu comes to see Toei. He gives her a portable charger since her phone is always dead. Tar sees the way both look at each other, and it pains him. Yet, he is able to give a good advice to Toei when Phu leaves. If she likes Phu, she should go for it. Thinking too much will do no good.

Sprite drops by Phai’s classroom. She gives him a notebook full of notes. It will help him study and if he has questions he can ask her. What’s so cute about the notebook is the little annotations of encouragement she made for him. Phai flips through it and is obviously touched :-).

Tar meets Pang and her friend Aoy on his way home. Pang invites Tar to join them to play bowling. The group of three has fun and Pang ends up giving her phone number to Tar (I think Tar has a new love interest ~).

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.45.33 PM

Dao is sneakily watching Promiscuous Romance in her room. Unfortunately, the door is unlocked. Plus she has earphones in her ears so she is unable to hear Momzilla walking in. The latter is furious when she sees what Dao is watching. Why did Dao lie to her? How can she trust Dao if she lies (You are the one putting her in a situation where she feels the need to lie -___-).The show is inappropriate and since Dao is trying to watch it, her laptop is confiscated. Next, it will be her phone if she doesn’t behave.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.46.14 PM

Kwan brings a book for Mhog. It’s a payment/gift since he will help her with photography. The book is full of beautiful pictures from around the world.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.47.30 PM

Phai goes to see Sprite. When she sees the notebook in his hands, she panics. Sprite concludes that he is here to return it to her. She quickly explains that she made this one especially for him. He can keep it since she has another one. Sprite is happily surprised when she realizes that Phai wanted to thank her. He also asks for help studying this term!

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.47.42 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.47.43 PM

Tar asks Pop for advice. Tar isn’t sure if a girl likes him although she did give him her number. Pop is excited! Tar needs to get it on as soon as possible with the girl. She is obviously into him. Pop screams that he can’t miss this chance. He needs to do IT when no one is at home…(GGggg if only Pop knew he was talking about his own sister).

Phu officially asks Toei out by sending her a relationship request on Facebook. Toei takes a few minutes to say yes, but when she confirms Phu is so excited that he keeps yelling for everyone in the mall to hear.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.48.05 PM

Min finally learns the truth about Pat and Ken. Ken tries to run after her, but she is not willing to listen. Ken tells her that Pat doesn’t mean anything to her. Anything? Min asks if that’s the case why did they have sex at school?! Everyone at school is staring…

Thee is watching this scene with his friends while eating. He is approached by a new kid who tries to strike a conversation, taste his food, etc. Is this the beginning of a new romance for Thee? He might need to move on, especially after he sees Toei and Phu’s relationship status on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.48.33 PM

When Phai gets home, his sister is watching the lakorn too while his father is reading the newspaper. As soon as he walks in, Phai’s father has some announcements to make. Phai’s allowance will be reduced. If he wants to have the same amount, he needs to help his father work. Plus if Phai wants a new motorcycle, he needs to buy it with his New Year money. That would be good because Phai will then help his father deliver a few things.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.49.51 PM

Phu’s parents get back sooner than expected from a wedding. Surprise, surprise, surprise! Phu’s mother discovers her younger son Pao in his bedroom with a girl. They weren’t doing anything, but watching Promiscuous Romance on a laptop. Yet, the mother is so paranoid about the little bit she’s seen from the show that she makes it a bigger deal than it is.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.50.05 PM

Pop is so into Promiscuous Romance that he makes a parody of it. He is not only the director of the parody, but also plays the characters! He even adds a twist: the paranoid mother of Ken who tries to stop her son from getting it on with Min in the back of a car. Pop’s parody is going around in school. Students relate to it since their parents have been overacting. The discussion about parents’ reactions get even more heated when Dao’s mother, who is the head of the parents committee, calls a school meeting. Momzilla wants to stop students from viewing the lakorn. Dao walks in the classroom when the letter about the parents’ meeting is being passed around. Elle, Dao’s friend, is furious! If Dao’s mother wants to stop Dao from watching it, that’s fine. She shouldn’t force other people’s children though! Dao is mortified when she is faced by attacks from Elle (So embarrassing).

The tension is palpable in school especially since a couple was caught in a taxi trying to do the same thing. The news is going around in town. One of the high schoolers came out on social media saying that he wanted to do the same thing as in Promiscuous Romance. This story immediately reminds Mhog of Win. Tar feels uneasy as soon as Win is mentioned.

Momzilla opens the parents’ meeting by saying that the lakorn is creating a problem since young teenagers are trying to now imitate the behaviors they see on TV. What can be done to protect the students?

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.51.09 PM

Phu’s mother explains that at first she thought the show was informative, but after watching more she thinks it’s too much. Would her kids do the same outside?

One father wonders if the show can’t be watched with their children. He watches it with his children. It’s a chance for him to teach his children about certain topics. The father argues that it’s also his chance to listen to his children when they voice their opinions.

Tar’s mother also admits to watching it with her son since they are close.

Kwan’s mother wonders if watching it with their children would not obstruct their privacy. Sprite’s mother, who seems to think that the situation is funny, explains that it might be more about the relationship between parents and children. She teaches Sprite about sex; they are close and talk about everything. It’s better to teach her and then let her make her own decisions.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.51.46 PM

The discussion between the parents get heated. Meanwhile students outside are also voicing their own opinions. Every argument stops when it is revealed that the production of the lakorn will stop. Promiscuous Romance’s director find it best to stop the show due to controversy. The parents’ meeting is dismissed since there is no point in discussing it anymore. Momzilla is satisfied and expresses how relieved she is when she meets Dao in front of school. Dao is so frustrated that instead of getting in the car she runs and gets in a taxi with her friend. Momzilla tries to run after the taxi, but without any success. In the taxi, Dao breaks down in tears on her friend’ shoulder.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.52.16 PM

I was a little confused by the last scene of the episode: a young couple is seen in the back of a taxi cab. The girl lays her head on her boyfriend’s shoulder while the taxi driver glances at them from his rear-view mirror.


First off, I wanted to thank K & A (J) for making this available. Without them this recap would have never happened.

Second, I am so pleased and excited by what this second season of Hormones has to offer. This first episode was packed with emotions and cliff hangers. I have to say that I love how Promiscuous Romance is used to highlight some of the criticism that Hormones itself received. When the first season of Hormones came out, some were shocked by the behaviors portrayed. The show didn’t stop, but it could have… Something I said in my review of season 1 was that it’s so important for shows like Hormones to be out there. Not only because it’s entertaining, but also because it shows parents what it is like to be a teenager in modern days. Some parents have to face reality, teenagers are no longer babies. Teenagers need guidance, but also the freedom to take their own decisions. It’s also a chance to reflect on the different types of parenting style.

The reunion called by Momzilla was embarrassing for Dao, but it gave other parents a chance to have different perspectives. For instance, we have Sprite’s mother who is liberal with her daughter. Teaching her and discussing are important for Sprite’s mother, but ultimately the decisions are Sprite’s. Then there is the conservative mother like Momzilla who thinks that controlling surrounding environments is the best policy.  There are some parents that are more in between (i.e. Phu’s mother). At the end of the day, each family needs to figure out what works best for their children. There is no right or wrong way.

Yet, I am utterly annoyed by Dao’s mother. She complains that Dao lies to her, but she keeps putting her daughter in situations that push her to lie. It’s not hard to figure out that Momzilla doesn’t take any opinions that go against hers. Let’s see how well this method is going to last.

Let me diverge and talk a little bit about the couples in the show! I am worried that it’s not really over between Phu and Thee. I don’t want Toei to get hurt because Phu didn’t clear his feelings for Thee. Last season, Phu was confused and didn’t know if he was into women – Toei – or men – Thee. At Big Mountain, he was trying to get closer to Toei, but is he sure that’s what he wants?

Also do I see a love story sprouting between Mhog and Kwan?! I feel like they do connect on an intellectual level but still… Win needs to come back :-D. I want to see Kwan and Win :-(.

Feel free to comment

~ maniac Ride

7 thoughts on “Hormones 2 (วัยว้าวุ่น ) Episode 1

  1. hey, u recap season 2… yay…

    i think tar matured alot in season 2, he move on, support his friend 🙂 compare to season 1, we can see the character development in season 2. i love his scene with his mom.. i love his mom the best.. the coolest mom.

    phoo want to stay friend with thee, but seems like thee feel awkward about it. poor thee.. but phoo has choose toei by sending her that request. he already made up his mind.

    im very2 annoyed with dao’s mom.. damn.. i hate her. their family communication was so bad.. dao never tried to speak up and her mom never even try to listen to her.. poor our little dao.

    the ending in the taxi, if im not mistaken its phao and his girlfriend.

  2. This is the best recap I’ve read. Great job. I hope you keep doing it for all episodes. Just want to chime in a bit though. Last season, Phu wasn’t confused because he didn’t know if he liked guys or girls. He was confused because he liked both. That’s why he asked his mom if he’s an earthworm (a hermaphodite creature).
    But everyone kept telling him he either likes guys or girls. Neither Thee, Toei or Phu’s mom seemed to understand that he’s actually bisexual.
    Being bi is not an excuse for givng Thee so much pain though.

    • Thank you! What you said also makes sense. Phu being bisexual perfectly explains why he was so conflicted. I also think Thee is better off without Phu. He might not see it that way but in the long run it’s for the best. Thee was so dedicated to their relationship. He deserves someone that is as dedicated.

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