Hormones 2 (วัยว้าวุ่น) Episode 2

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This episode focuses a lot on Thee dealing with his feelings – from him trying to let go to him giving it one last shot.

Thee does his best to move on. He painfully likes the relationship status on Facebook and looks at memories of Phu and him. He takes down a picture of them, but is unable to throw it away.

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Pang wakes up Tar with the cutest reminder ever! It’s for him to get her some Kanom Buang on the way to school. Tar does so and Pang expects him to do it more often now.

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Dao tells her friends about the tension at home. Momzilla keeps complaining, and Dao finds out that remaining quiet is her best option. Dao also makes up with her friend Elle.

Thee remains cordial with Phu, but nothing more. When Phu tries to tell Thee about Toei, Thee interupts him. He congratulates Phu and tells him that he already knows about it. Phu explains that he didn’t know how to tell Thee; he didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

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Thee tries to keep his cool and move on, but that’s not easy. Everything reminds him of Phu. At the end of the marching band practice, Toei waits for Phu. The other boys from the band enjoy teasing Phu, but Thee doesn’t join in. It’s also hard for Thee to stop his curiosity. He even asks some bandmates when did Phu and Toei get close. The bandmates joke, but it raises suspicion. Is Thee still thinking about Phu (I always wondered if the bandmates knew the true nature of the relationship between Phu and Thee)?Thee denies, but they tell him that they have seen his Facebook updates…

Later, we understand what the two bandmates meant when they talked about Thee’s Facebook activity. It seems like Thee doesn’t have anyone to talk to, and he uses Facebook to share his feelings. Facebook also reminds Thee of Phu. He goes through their memories by looking at pictures.

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The only thing that helps Thee forgot about Phu is Non. Non is the kid from the first episode who kept trying to talk to Thee. They meet at a food stand not far from their dorm. Non’s easy going nature creates the connection. Plus both realize that they are from the same hometown! Non is still getting used to Bangkok, which Thee totally relates to. When Thee first moved to Bangkok he had a hard time too.

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Toei is bothered by a group of girl spreading nasty rumors and asking awkward questions in class. Isn’t Phu gay? Or does he like girls again? But does it even work that way?

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The girls make Toei uncomfortable and she tries to focus her attention on the course. The class is taught by a handsome professor played by Utt Uttsada (Guy from Full House)!!! No need to say that most girls in the class have a major crush on him.

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Toei tells Tar about Phu and her. Tar congratulates her, but we can see that it hurts him. I remember him liking Toei so much 😦

Phu and Thee have a class project together. While studying, they tease and joke around. They even plan to meet during the weekend. Their moment of complicity is interrupted when Phu leaves with Toei. Thee is once again left alone, but luckily Non shows up! Non invites him to play basketball, and later on the two have a little chat. Non tries to learn more about Phu. Does Phu have a girlfriend? Phu says that he used to have someone. Who is it? Phu doesn’t answer, but Non vows to find out.

Tar misses his SeeScape bandmates, but is excited that they are working on a new project together. Tar also keeps texting with Pang when she wishes him goodnight (Their relationship is moving on to the next level :-D). 

It’s Saturday! A busy one for most!

Pang is so used to waking up Tar that she forgets that it’s Saturday. Tar ceases the chance to ask her on a date. She gladly accepts! Tar’s mother doesn’t fail to notice that he is up early on a Saturday and putting a lot of effort into getting ready :-D.

Non pays a visit to Thee! He brought food too. Thee is happy to see him, but his mood turns sour when he sees that Phu and Toei are spending time together at Siam Paragon (Facebook).

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Meanwhile Sprite and Kwan are at the mall too. They finished watching a movie when they meet Kwan’s half brother Porsche. He is here to watch a movie too. Kwan introduces Porsche and Sprite and both seem to be interested by one another already. Sprite is frustrated that Kwan didn’t tell her that her brother was so hot! That’s when Kwan receives a message from Porsche saying that… Sprite is cute (Falling for her already). Kwan wants to know what’s going on between Sprite and Phai though. Sprite explains that he is her ex, but they are still friends. Sprite asks Kwan when she will finally have a boyfriend. A boyfriend keeps a girl’s blood flowing, according to Love Doctor Sprite :-D. What about Mhog? For Kwan there is nothing with Mhog(Please keep it that way :-D).

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It’s funny how both Kwan and Sprite insist that there is nothing with Phai and Mhog, but both are meeting them right after. Sprite is tutoring Phai, and at the end of the lesson he insists on waiting for Sprite’s mother with her. Meanwhile Kwan is learning more about photography with Mhog. They have fun taking pictures and Mhog makes sure that Kwan understands the basics.

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Thee stalks Phu and Toei on their date. He sees them grocery shopping and even follows them within the aisles.

Toei and Phu cook together. That’s when Toei tells him about the rumors going on. Some girls keep saying that Phu is gay. What Phu wants to know is what Toei thinks. Toei admits that she had some questions, but spending time with Phu made her happy. She feels at peace now. Phu is happy, and especially touched by the trust that Toei puts in him. A kiss ensues…

Pang and Tar are at the subway station when Tar asks her if she wants some Kanom Buang on Monday. Of course! He got her addicted to it! Tar warns Pang: She might become fat. She answers that he will have to take responsibility then. Tar promises to find her a boyfriend; that will be his way of taking responsibility. Pang refuses; she will not date someone she doesn’t know. The conversation gets more serious when Pang asks him why he is being so nice to her.

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Tar: “Because I want to.”

Pang: “Don’t you think that it will shake my feelings.”

Tar: “That’s what I want. I will find you a boyfriend. He’s not that handsome though: Oran (His full name).”

Pang: “Tell him to not forget my Kanom Buang on Monday.”

Kwan is back at home when she receives a Facebook message from Win saying that he is sorry.

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Thee and Phu have been spending a lot of time together to finish their project. Thee even ends up spending the night at Phu’s. When sleeping next to Phu, Thee ends up back hugging him. Thee kisses Phu’s neck and stops there for a few seconds. Thee then takes it further when his hands move down toward Phu’s underwear. That’s when Phu asks him to stop.

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Phu: “Stop, that’s enough Thee… Why are you acting like this?”

Thee: “I wanted to know if I had another chance. Will you come back to me?”

Phu: “I already choose Toei.”

Thee: “I was happy with you being happy, but when I’m with you I feel like we could have a new start.”

Thee decides to go home although Phu asks him to stay. Phu tells him that he can always leave in the morning. Phu also apologizes; he never meant to confuse Thee.

Thee still leaves. Phu goes to close the gate behind him. Thee starts leaving and until the last minute he hopes that Phu will call him or come back after him. All his hopes are crushed when the lights in Phu’s room are turned off.

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The grocery stalking by Thee was pitiful and creepy at the same time.

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I felt like Thee was in a situation where he wanted to avoid being hurt, but at the same time he was curious. In a way, Thee kept setting himself up for deception. Always looking at pictures of Phu and waiting for a sign of Phu when he knew it was unlikely. I also think that Phu is partly to blame too. Phu was trying to remain friends with Thee at all cost and in a way that’s selfish. He didn’t even give enough time to Thee to forget and heal. It’s hard to break up and just become friends.

The last scene represented Phu’s last hope being crushed. Even when Phu closed the gates after him, Thee was still hoping. It was clear that there was no more hope after Phu turned off the lights in his room. It was painful to see Thee pitifully standing outside and crying, but I think that now he will truly be able to move on. If I am not mistaken, there might be something between Thee and Non. After the basketball game, I noticed how Thee was looking at Non’s lips when he was drinking… Possible attraction?

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Mhog and Kwan are getting closer. Like I said in my last recap, I feel like they connect because they both seem to be extremely smart. Mhog is a nice guy and he likes her. Yet, I still hope that Win will come back soon. With Mhog, we only see the goodness in Kwan – nice, cute, smart, and caring. With Win, we see a different side of Kwan. She has the same positive qualities, but there are some flaws. She gets more feisty and impulsive. I think Win brings out a side of Kwan that makes her more human.

~ maniac Ride

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