Hormones 2 (วัยว้าวุ่น) Episode 3

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Toei takes a huge risk this episode. 

Professor Kin (Played by Utt) tends to be really touchy with his students, especially girls. Since it’s a media and audio video class, he gets behind students to help them with their projects.

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Phu is trying to break the ice with Thee, who isn’t really responsive (Just let Thee be for now!). 

Toei is waiting for Phu outside of the marching band practice room when she is joined by Tar. Tar tells her about Pang and him. They are now officially dating. Toei is excited for him and congratulates him. She also wants to see pictures of Pang. When Toei sees the picture, she says that Pang is so adorable! The conversation between the two friends is interrupted by a call from Pang.

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Tar meets Pang in front of the gates. They are going on a date, but not without being interrupted by Pop. Where is the couple going? When will they be coming back? Pop can’t believe that Tar sneakily asked him for advice to get his sister :-D. Anyway, deep down Pop looks happy to see both of them together.

Pop waits outside of his house for the couple to come back. It turns out that he wanted to have a chat with Tar over beers. Pop broke up with his girlfriend last week, but now she already has someone else. She is now posting new couple pics and ignoring him. Tar sees the texts between both. Pop was asking what did he do wrong. The girl answers with a smiley (What kind of answer is that?)

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Non and Thee are growing closer! Non asks Thee if he has ever been heartbroken (He currently is). Thee admits that he’s done all the cliche stuff of a heartbroken person – crying in the shower, listening to sad MVs, etc. He adds that Non will understand when it happens to him. Non tells Thee that he knows his ex is Phu. It’s not hard to tell. Thee asks if Non knows that he is gay… Non smiles…

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Toei is spending time at Phu’s house, which seems to make not only Phu happy. The mother and Pao also seem to enjoy her company. Phu gives a hedgehog to Toei. She hesitates at first, but Phu persuades her. They name the hedgehog Thu – a mix of their two names.

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The same group of girls who asked about Phu being gay is badmouthing Toei again. This time it’s because Professor Kin asked Toei to collect the class assignments and drop it in his office. The girls are sure that Toei will take a chance and flirt with him. Is that what’s called sleeping for your degree? When Toei drops the assignment, Professor Kin asks to go over her project. He touches her hand on the mouse and leans in too close. He goes as far as to touch her waist (So disgusting). Professor Kin gives a textbook to Toei; it might help her with her work.

Toei tells her mother about Professor Kin. She panics and wants Toei to bring it to the attention of school. Toei backs down; she isn’t sure. Her mother asks her to stay away then.

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Dao is getting closer to one of her girlfriends. They even spend time Skyping.Dao is still not talking to her mother and her friend is able to cheer her up no matter what.

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Phu and Toei are being all lovey dovey on the phone when she realizes that Thu is acting strange. She rushes to the veterinary. Luckily, it’s nothing much but it makes Toei doubt her ability to take care of Thu. She is already attached and blames Phu. The latter is annoyed and leaves, not without saying that he should have never done anything for her.

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SeeScape disbands. The others members are now in college and they have no more time. Tar is hurt, but understands. Pang cheers him up!

Sprite is studying with Phai. He later offers her a ride on his new motorcycle.

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Toei learns from another student that Professor Kin wants to see her. There is a problem with her assignment. He wants to fix it before grading. Toei goes to the lab and once again Professor Kin gets too close. Luckily, another student walks in. Toei saves the file in a hurry and rushes out.

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Toei is now more wary and next class she sits next to Tar. Toei notices Professor Kin getting close to other students. It makes one girl so uncomfortable that she runs out of class. Toei follows her in the bathroom. Toei asks the girl, who is called Kan, if Professor Kin did anything to her. Toei explains what happened to her the other day. Kan doesn’t say anything. She locks the door of the bathroom and starts crying. Kan explains that she dropped her assignment at the lab. Professor Kin got close to her. He grabbed her hand, kissed her cheek, and told her that he liked her. Kan was happy at first because she had a crush on him. She started going to the lab more often and that’s when he took advantage of her…. She kept saying no, but he wouldn’t listen.

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Toei coordinates with Kan. She asks Professor Kin for help. They meet in a lab with Kan hiding in the back under a table. Kan gets to ready to record (So risky).Toei is nevous – her hands keep shaking. Even her voice is shaky. Professor Kin starts by grabbing her hand. Toei asks if he does that with other girls. Is she jealous? He can do that with only her…

Professor Kin literally jumps on her and rips her shirt. She tries to run and resists holding a cutter. Professor Kin keeps urging her to relax. He is then able to make the cutter fall. He makes Toei fall and sit on top of her. He starts taking off her clothes. Why is she making this so difficult? No one would believe her if she was to report this. He is a teacher and she is a student. Kan is still hiding behind crying and recording at the same time.

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Luckily Tar had forgotten his USB in the lab. He asks a guard to open the door and that’s when they find Professor Kin on top of Toei. Tar violently gets him off Toei.

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Professor Kin is taken away by the police – prison for life. Kan’s mother is understandably going crazy. How could he do that?

Phu sees Tar, Toei, and her mother coming out of a school office. He wants to know what happened. Toei sits on a bench with him and shows him the video. They were arguing so she couldn’t tell him at the time. Phu apologizes. The video also reminds him that he wasn’t there for her when Tar was…

Mhog is on the phone with Kwan. He hangs up when he arrives in front of his door. Guess who is waiting… Win! Hello there!

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Credit to kudalakorn.wordpress.com for the subs!

Non smiling when Thee asks about him being gay can only have two explanations. One, it doesn’t matter to him at all. He doesn’t discriminate and they can be friends. Two, Non is gay too and is attracted to Thee. Both explanations would work for me as Non can be a good friend – something Thee desperately needs now – or a love interest.

I am a little worried about Phu and Toei’s relationship. I feel like Phu is going to feel guilty for a long time. Tar has always been there for Toei and that might also make Phu jealous. Honestly, it’s not Phu’s fault since no one could have predicted that Professor Kin was a sick and creepy man. So I hope Phu will move on soon enough and not jeopardize his relationship.

Win is back and I can’t wait to see how he is going to change the game.

~ maniac Ride

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