It’s A Girl

It’s A Girl deals with the issues of selective abortion and the murder of girls in China and India. Viewers are taken to rural and urban areas where they see the faith faced by many girls.

The documentary opens with the story of an Indian woman who explains how she killed her daughter soon after her birth. Some in India view girls as worthless since they are bond to leave their family once they get married. Plus, when a girl gets married her family needs to pay a dowry – a burden for poor families.

In China, viewers learn about a couple who defied the Once Child Policy by having three children. Since all three children ended up being girls, relatives of the couple encouraged them to get rid of the second and third child. The couple refused, and to escape the authorities in charge of enforcing the One Child Policy, they moved somewhere else. They work in a factory and send money to support their children who were left behind. It’s important to note that the children do not live together as different relatives take care of them.

The documentary is heartbreaking and sometimes infuriating especially when you listen to how some men view women. I do not want to spoil it so I have included the link to the trailer. The documentary is also available on Netflix. Here is also a link to the official website of It’s A Girl! On the website, you have access to additional information and updates on some of the people mentioned in the documentary.

Official Website of It’s A Girl!  

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