Mischievous Kiss 2 : Love in Okinawa (Special)

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Naoki and Kotoko are back! I am so grateful for this special episode as I have missed them since Season 1 ~ Enjoy this episode while waiting for Season 2. 

Our couple is aboard a plane – direction Okinawa for they honeymoon. Naoki pretends to sleep while Kotoko tries to be fancy and speak English when the stewardess asks her what she wants to drink. Kotoko’s cute and broken English draws laughter from one of her neighbors.

Naoki also comments on Kotoko speaking English. Why is she trying so hard? This is only a trip to Okinawa. Kotoko explains that it’s her first time flying and goes on a rant… She also starts snapping pictures of Naoki, who is always being a party pooper – not smiling in the pictures and deciding to take a nap instead.

The girl who laughed earlier, Mari, strikes a conversation with Kotoko when she hears the word “honeymoon.”Her husband Takumi and her are also on their honeymoon. Mari can’t believe that Naoki would take a nap during their honeymoon trip. Poor Kotoko. Mari’s husband adds that he would never fall asleep and leave Mari alone (Such a sweet fool). 

Mari then asks Kotoko how Naoki and her got married. She goes into a detailed and colorful explanation of her obsession of Naoki (Thank you for the flashbacks). Mari is impressed by Kotoko’s determination and patience; she imagines that Kotoko even pushed Naoki down on the bed, which Kotoko immediately denies. Kotoko protests that they have never (Naoki was too tired the nigh before T__T)…. Mari is shocked! They haven’t slept together yet! Mari has never seen a couple like this before! Mari’s reaction draws everyone’s attention to Kotoko (So embarrassing. Mari needs to mind her own business)… To make it worst, Mari creates doubt in Kotoko’s mind. What if Naoki isn’t attracted to Kotoko as a woman? That might lead to a divorce…

The plane finally lands. Kotoko is busy looking for her sunglasses. She forces open her suitcase just to realize that those are not the clothes she packed. The proof – a flashy/too sexy bathing suit. I’ll let you guess whose suitcase it is: Annoying Mari. Kotoko and Mari have the same suitcase…

The suitcase mismatch allows Mari to take a closer look at Naoki. She is literally drooling when she discovers Naoki’s handsomeness (Back off please). Mari says that she now understands why Kotoko’s love was unrequited for six years.


Bad luck as it that the two couples are staying at the same hotel. Mari is thrilled to be staying at the same hotel, but obviously not Kotoko. She quickly drags Naoki away from Mari. While heading to their room/running away from Mari, our main couple bumps into AN.JELL (Reference to You’re Beautiful). They all have Korean names but they are Taiwanese (That got me so confused :-D).Anyway Kotoko fangirls and pushes Naoki to ask them what they are doing her. She learns that they are filming a M/V.

Screenshot_2014-09-20-21-12-43 Screenshot_2014-09-20-21-13-11

Kotoko is excited to see their hotel room – beautiful view, comfy bed, etc. She can’t help but imagine her first night with Naoki on the bed… Kotoko goes to sit next to him on the sofa. They have a brief heart to heart. Kotoko tells Naoki that she will do her best to be a good wife; she hopes that he will be patient with her. Naoki answers that he only needs her to be herself. Something more would and could have happened if they weren’t interrupted by a phone call from Mari  -___-.

Screenshot_2014-09-20-21-16-01 2014-09-20 21.23.48

Our couple joins Mari and Takumi at the pool. Mari is only focused on Naoki. She wants to hang out with him and royally ignores Takumi and Kotoko. Hopeless Takumi tells Kotoko that Mari seems to like Naoki. Kotoko is furious! How can Takumi be so nonchalant about it. He needs to stop Mari. Takumi replies that his love was always one-sided although they are now married.

Luckily for Kotoko, some strange characters are there to make things difficult for Mari – example: throwing a ball at Mari’s head. They pretend to be foreigners and of course Kotoko is too dense to see that they are no other than her father, Papa and Mama Irie, and Yuki (Yuki is so cute dressed as a blond little girl!).

Mama Irie

Mama Irie as a foreigner 😀

The next days are punctuated by constant interruption by Mari. She follows them everywhere (Like she has a Naoki radar…). At night, Mari always wants to have drinks. Kotoko, who can’t handle alcohol, always passes out making it hard for our couple to have a real honeymoon night. Naoki is such a cute husband. After the first night of drinking, he gives a piggyback ride to Kotoko. He lays her in bed and tells her “Honey, we are back in our room.” But Kotoko is unconscious and I am certain that Naoki is sooooooooo disappointed :-D.

Screenshot_2014-09-20-21-27-06 Screenshot_2014-09-20-21-27-14

Throughout the trip, Kotoko and Naoki keep seeing the group of foreigners, but Kotoko always fail to recognize them. Naoki doesn’t say anything, but he is clearly not clueless.


On the last day of their trip, Kotoko does her best to avoid Takumi and Mari. She is so paranoid and always looks from left to right making sure that there is no sign of Mari. The day starts off well as there is no sign of Mari. Kotoko and Naoki do a wedding photoshoot. The pictures come out well except for Naoki non smiling face (What’s new?). 


But surprise, surprise! Takumi and Mari show at the end of the photoshoot. They are there to take pictures too! Mari finds Naoki so handsome that she asks to take pictures with him (Euhhhh, last time I checked your husband was called Takumi, not Naoki). Naoki himself is so annoyed that he reminds Kotoko that they need to go buy souvenirs. Mari is furious that she is being ignored.

The same night, Takumi comes to get Naoki. Apparently, Mari isn’t feeling well. She’s been complaining about a stomach ache. Naoki takes a look at Mari, which includes touching her stomach. Kotoko can’t stand it and yells at Naoki not to touch other women. Naoki yells back at Kotoko that he wants to be a doctor. In the future, he will be in such situation. How will she deal with it?! She needs to get used to it. If she can’t understand it, they can’t be together. Even Takumi is taken aback by Naoki’s harsh words. Kotoko runs out.


After examining Mari, Naoki concludes that it might be food poisoning. Some medicine should be fine. Hearing that, Mari orders Takumi to get medicine at a pharmacy. Once Takumi leaves, Mari strikes. She makes it clear that she wanted to be alone with Naoki. The stomach ache was a pretense. She knows that Kotoko and Naoki haven’t done it yet. Mari assumes that he doesn’t feel anything for Kotoko. He should have met her before Kotoko. Naoki pushes her and tells her to shut up.

Naoki: “Even if I had met you a 100 times, I would still ignore you. Do not compare yourself to Kotoko.”

While Naoki is leaving, Takumi runs in. He forgot his wallet. By the way why does Naoki look angry? Mari can’t contain her anger and vows to make Naoki and Kotoko break up. Furious, Takumi slaps Mari (That was surprising and way overboard!). Mari and Takumi argue. Takumi makes it clear for the first time that she needs to respect him. They are married. No more fooling around. Mari has no choice but to agree.

Meanwhile Kotoko is roaming around the city. She meets a man who is trying to help her find her way, but Kotoko is so lost and scared that she thinks she is being assaulted. Her hysterical screams are heard by Naoki who is looking for her. Naoki is able to clarify that the man was trying to help her and not hurt her. Kotoko apologizes and both take a walk on the beach.

Kotoko thanks Naoki for coming to get her. She is also sorry for being jealous. Naoki tells her that he was worried about her and passionately kisses her (Squeal).


The moment is captured by Mama Irie’s camera. It turns out her and the rest of the family are hiding in a tree :-D.


Later on, Kotoko and Naoki finally have their first night! Naoki admits that it took them so long to get there. Kotoko adds that now they are there though. She was happy just being by his side.


Our couple is on their way back to Japan. Kotoko can’t believe it’s already over! They couldn’t spend that much time together because of Mari. The latter and her husband are on the same plane – acting all cute to each other. Kotoko can’t believe it. What happened to them?

Mama Irie who is also on the plane is taking last pictures of the trip ~


This special episode was cute and refreshing. I have to say that the Japanese version is my favorite adaptation of Itazura Na Kiss. Naoki is way nicer and Kotoko’s character is stronger. The version that I disliked the most was the Korean one… I had no sympathy whatsoever for the main girl.

Something – quite disturbing – that I noticed in this episode is the portrayal of husband/wife relationship. Why would Takumi slap Mari? Well, she is annoying but that should be the last resort. I don’t know what kind of message that sends to younger viewers… Does that mean that violence is alright to resolve a couple’s quarrel?

I also don’t like how Kotoko is fixated on being a good wife. What does that mean exactly? I have never heard Naoki talking about being a good husband. It’s a two way street tough. Lastly, another disturbing comment made by Kotoko is when she asks Takumi what kind of discipline he gives to his wife.

I just hope that other fans watching, and loving this drama realize that it doesn’t always promote healthy relationships. I think Kotoko’s perseverance when it comes to Naoki is cute only on screen. I hope that no one is putting herself or himself in such a situation.

All that being said, I can’t wait for November to see more of Kotoko and Naoki!

~ maniac Ride

2 thoughts on “Mischievous Kiss 2 : Love in Okinawa (Special)

  1. i just watch just now.. but i skip most of scene that got mari in the frame. i just hate her character… regardless the version.

    the scene that i seriously like:

    1. cross-over fabulous boys.. too bad jiro was not there, maybe he’s just too expensive for a one-scene cameo. i hope fabulous boys will make a special episode too, and ikemen desu ne also need a SP, i need more tama-chan!!

    2. Naoki: “Even if I had met you a 100 times, I would still ignore you. Do not compare yourself to Kotoko.” the one and only scene of Mari that i watch the whole scene. i love how naoki treat mari, she’s don’t deserve any respect from naoki.

    3. when kotoko asked ‘irie papa’ to take picture for her and mr.hubby, and naoki gave her that disbelieve face bcoz kotoko failed to recognize her father-in-law, that face was so funny!!

    i agree with you, the korean version is indeed the worse one. i love both taiwan n japanese version!! 😀

    xD oh wait.. i gotta ctrl+c ctrl+v my comment to the thread in soompi.. hehehe..

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