Cantabile Tomorrow vs. Nodame Cantabile


Korean Version


Joo Won plays Yoo-Jin, a very talented musical genius, who aspires to be a conductor even though he is in the piano department of the school. Joo Won portrays Yoo-Jin as an intense and even arrogant young man who believes that his talents lay elsewhere. However, after meeting Nae-il, Yoo Jin learns to tolerate those with a uh..lets just say a much different style of living. With the Korean version, Joo Won’s piano playing act is passable, but conducting acting lies more on the dramatic side. However, his adorable smirks and helplessness more than balances his act. Sometimes, Joo Won’s Yoo-Jin seems like he is on the edge of a bursting into a fit of passion.

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Surplus Princess

Surplus Princess 

Surplus Princess or otherwise known as The Idle Princess is so adorably cute and bubbly (whoops…no spoilers I hope). In the drama, Jo Bo-Ah plays Kim Ha-Ni or Eileen, a mermaid who lives in the Han River, but yearns to become human to pursue her hot crush, Chef Shi-kyung. Just like the Disney version of The Little Mermaid, Princess Eileen is well acquainted with the technologies of the modern world, even keeping a smartphone in a plastic bag so she can keep up with social media. After fangirling and ogling said crush one day, he accidently slips into the water where she manages to steal a kiss and his cell phone! In order to pursue this crush of hers, she manages to trick Witch Ahn, who used to be a merman, to give her the potion to become human.

Meanwhile, in the human world, we are introduced to a house of people who are trying to find their first jobs. This includes Lee Hyun-Myung, intern Jin-A’s long suffering boyfriend, who is super creative and an eager person, but obviously not up to Jin-A’s high standards (she’s got an eye on Chef Shi-kyung). Jin-A does her stalker research and tries to worm her way into the Chef’s good graces. Though Ha-Ni manages to get herself a pair of legs, it comes with a price. She must find someone to fall in love with her within 100 days or disappear in a burst of bubbles. Meanwhile she accidentally encounters Lee Hyun-Myung, who is pegged as a pervert because of her, and coincidently must now share a house with him as well!

As it currently stands, life is not looking too bright for Ha-ni. Will she be able to find love before she meets her demise? As of now, I have not decided yet whether I wish to follow this almost blog-like drama (complete with comical sketchy drawings). It is colorful, snappy, and fun, but perhaps not the romcom style I am looking for right now. Like a starburst, a quick burst of flavor in the beginning…but will it last?


Sawan Biang: The beginning of my journey to LakornLand

2014-10-19 14.09.54 (1)

My first lakorn! Also one of my favorites! Thanks for phoenix to recommending it and definitely remembering that she made me an addict 😀

Original Title: สวรรค์เบี่ยง

Episodes: 12

Channel: Channel 3

Theme: Revenge, slap-kiss


Kawee is a rich, spoiled, uncontrollable, and psycho heir. He is full of himself and believes that everyone should kiss the ground he walks on. The dude has serious psychological issues.

We get a glimpse of Kawee’s character at a farewell party for him going to America to study (Dramas sometimes make me feel like the US is the only country on earth -___-). Leela, a young woman who is head over heels Kawee, shows up to say goodbye to him. Kawee coldly rejects her by belittling her present and herself. Heartbroken Leela runs out of the party in tears followed by her sister Narin. Leela gets hit by a car and is sent to the emergency room. Luckily she survives.

Fast forward several years later. Leela is soon to be married when she gets into another accident (Seems like she gets into accident every five seconds. The writer could have been more creative). Her fiance was the one driving the motorcycle and passes away. The other car involved in the accident is Kawee’s father. Kawee’s father, Kid, feels guilty and starts taking care of Leela who is recovering physically and mentally.

Leela isn’t interested in Kid at first. That’s before she finds out that he is Kawee’s father and that Kawee is back in Thailand. What better way to take revenge than going after Kawee’s father? Bye bye nice Leela. Say hi to conniving Leela.

Leela quickly jumps the broom with Kawee. Her family – mother, brother, and her sister Narin – move in to live in Kid’s huge mansion. Narin, our main character, is reluctant when moving into the house. She knows that Kawee hates her family. How far would he go to harass them? Pretty far…

Kawee starts continuously harassing Narin to make Leela jealous and wreak havoc between the sisters. Kawee continuously flirts with Narin and what starts as a game evolves into something else. Kawee falls into his own trap and starts developing feelings.

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Sunset at Chao Phraya (1996 and 2013)

Sunset at Chaopraya is based on the novel Khu Kam wrote by Thommayanti. It tells the love story between a young Thai woman and a Japanese officer during World War II.

2014-10-16 17.57.44


Angsumalin is the daughter of a high ranking Thai official who lives with her mother and granddaughter, on the banks of the Chao Phraya river, in Thonburi (Her father is now married to another woman).

When Thailand signs a cease fire agreement with Japan, Japanese soldiers start arriving in Thailand. Their goal is to use Thailand’s railways and infrastructures to invade neighboring countries, including Burma. Kobori, a Japanese officer in charge of engineering matters, falls for Angsumalin at first sight. It is not the case for Angsumalin. She dislikes Kobori for being Japanese therefore an invader and also because of a promise she made to Vanut.

Vanut, Angsumalin’s closest friend, left for England to study. Having feelings for Angsumalin, he asks her to wait for him (So selfish). Angsumalin is now stuck with this stupid promise.

Kobori, who isn’t fazed by Angsumalin’s behavior toward him, pursues her – visiting her house, being nice to her family, etc. Little by little Angsumalin finds herself drawn to him. Yet, her pride (That pride SMH) causes her to push Kobori away.

An unfortunate (Fortunate for us viewers :-D) event has Kobori and Angsumalin in a comprimising situation that leads to their hasty marriage. During an attack by Western forces, Kobori protects Angsumalin by laying on top of her. They are later found in that position by several villagers. In order to protect Angsumalin’s name, the two have no choice but to get married. Angsumalin’s father had also been pushing for the union between her daughter and Kobori to create stronger ties between Japan and Thailand.

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The Huntresses


The Huntresses

The common theme for me while watching this movie was the phrase, “What?” Coming into it, I thought I was going to watch an action thriller with Korean “Charlie’s Angels”. However, it turned out to be an odd mash up of 80% comedy and only 20% of serious action. Jin-Ok, Hong-Dan, and Ga-Bi are three beautiful bounty hunters who work with Moo-Myung, who brings them job assignments.

Each of the three has unique personalities. While, Jin Ok (played by Ha Ji Won), seemed to be the leader of the three with a traumatic past, Hong-Dan (played by Gang Ye-Won) was the long-suffering wife with pin-throwing skills. Ga-Bi (played by Ga-in) was the tom-boy who doesn’t really care about anything much except for her fellow fighters and will finally discover love in an unexpected place.

One day, the group receives a job to deliver a stauroscope from China to the King of Joseon dynasty. Secret envoys on this mission have been dying one by one after being attacked by assassins on the Chinese side. Of course the three musketeers take up this dangerous mission for the big monetary reward at the end. Add in a dash of a past lover/servant of the family who of course has amnesia and doesn’t remember Jin Ok, and we have ourselves a mashup of an almost comedic trope of star-crossed love with one side busy trying to kill the other.

Though the movie does deliver a few laughs and does have excellent special effects, especially with the fighting scenes, the plot is extremely loose. I had to often pause the movie and make sure I hadn’t missed a section. Then again, perhaps I came into the movie with too high of expectations since I was used to Ha Ji-Won’s serious thrillers, and this comedic piece threw me off kilter. To be honest, this movie is more akin to a Kill Bill movie where parts are exaggerated and exude an almost comedic affect with it’s craziness.


The Greatest Marriage

2014-10-08 20.05.18 I am enjoying this drama and all its quirky characters! Plot Cha Ki Young, a successful anchorwoman, is enjoying a peaceful life until she starts a relationship with culinary reporter Park Tae Yeon. Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 8.02.48 PM Ki Young had everything going for her – career, looks, and money. The only thing she missed was the warmth of a man. From the beginning, it’s clear that Tae Yeon is just there to fill a void: Ki Young has no intention to have a husband. Things get more complicated when Tae Yeon gets attached and fails to give room to Ki Young. Plus, let’s add that that her female lead gets pregnant. Surprise, surprise! Not really actually… Ki Young and Tae Yeon had (unprotected) sex so often that it was only a matter of time. Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 8.13.26 PM Continue reading