Sawan Biang: The beginning of my journey to LakornLand

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My first lakorn! Also one of my favorites! Thanks for phoenix to recommending it and definitely remembering that she made me an addict 😀

Original Title: สวรรค์เบี่ยง

Episodes: 12

Channel: Channel 3

Theme: Revenge, slap-kiss


Kawee is a rich, spoiled, uncontrollable, and psycho heir. He is full of himself and believes that everyone should kiss the ground he walks on. The dude has serious psychological issues.

We get a glimpse of Kawee’s character at a farewell party for him going to America to study (Dramas sometimes make me feel like the US is the only country on earth -___-). Leela, a young woman who is head over heels Kawee, shows up to say goodbye to him. Kawee coldly rejects her by belittling her present and herself. Heartbroken Leela runs out of the party in tears followed by her sister Narin. Leela gets hit by a car and is sent to the emergency room. Luckily she survives.

Fast forward several years later. Leela is soon to be married when she gets into another accident (Seems like she gets into accident every five seconds. The writer could have been more creative). Her fiance was the one driving the motorcycle and passes away. The other car involved in the accident is Kawee’s father. Kawee’s father, Kid, feels guilty and starts taking care of Leela who is recovering physically and mentally.

Leela isn’t interested in Kid at first. That’s before she finds out that he is Kawee’s father and that Kawee is back in Thailand. What better way to take revenge than going after Kawee’s father? Bye bye nice Leela. Say hi to conniving Leela.

Leela quickly jumps the broom with Kawee. Her family – mother, brother, and her sister Narin – move in to live in Kid’s huge mansion. Narin, our main character, is reluctant when moving into the house. She knows that Kawee hates her family. How far would he go to harass them? Pretty far…

Kawee starts continuously harassing Narin to make Leela jealous and wreak havoc between the sisters. Kawee continuously flirts with Narin and what starts as a game evolves into something else. Kawee falls into his own trap and starts developing feelings.


Like in most slap kiss lakorn, the main theme is revenge. Pra’ek always blames the nang’ek for a wrong she never committed. He goes after her and tortures her (She’ll have to endure it for several episodes). After sleeping together, often unwillingly for the nang’ek, she finally runs away(Often making me wonder why it took her so long to do so -___-).

The prae’ek goes crazy when the nang’ek disappears and pursues her. Ohhh Ohhh let’s not forget that the nang’ek finds out that she is pregnant (Sure let’s throw a baby in there to make the reconciliation easier…).

This is the recipe for several slap kiss that I have seen and I have seen quite a lot. I am trying to understand why I am still addicted. The same basic plot is served to us again and again.

Sawan Biang takes it a little further in terms of revenge because there are actually two people taking revenge: Leela and Kawee. In the process of taking revenge, they end up hurting the people they love. Narin suffers the most. She is used by Kawee for revenge plus when Leela realizes that Kawee has feelings for Narin she can’t control her jealousy anymore. More than once, Leela emotionally blackmails Narin (Is it going to be Kawee or Leela? Narin you need to pick -___-)

A seriously disturbed character

Kawee had serious psychological issues in my opinion. Several times the drama shows that Kawee is the way he is because of his father. Kid often looked for love in the wrong places. Through the course of his life, Kid got married several times. I understand Kawee having a lot of emotional baggage but that doesn’t justify what he did to Narin. I just hope that only in LakornLand men like Kawee are tolerated. They should be locked up instead.

What makes Kawee even more guilty is the fact that he always blames others: His father made him heartless and selfish. Leela is the one that started this twisted game so Narin needs to pay.


For first time lakorn viewers, beware! This lakorn feature SEVERAL rape scenes, which shocked me. I was disturbed for several days… After watching several lakorns, I found other rape scenes – Raeng Ngao, Game Rai Game Rak. Only to name a few. I still try to understand why makes it alright to feature such scenes in the drama? It definitely sends the wrong message to young viewers, especially young women. Although I did enjoy the drama, I want viewers to keep in mind that rape is never alright. Lakorns sometimes seem to banalize it even when there is nothing banal to it. In addition, other characters in Sawan Biang seem to down play Narin’s mistreatment by Kawee. No one, even Narin’s mother, think about sending Kawee to jail (Where he belongs…).The characters either talk about forgiveness and letting it go rather than punishing him.


Sawan Biang is an adaptation of a 1970 novel. It has been remade several times. I found the 1998 raw version for those who are interested. That Kawee looks even crazier. The 1998 pairing – Kob and Brook – are actually married in real life.

Others lakorns to check out 

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~ maniac Ride

17 thoughts on “Sawan Biang: The beginning of my journey to LakornLand

  1. I didn’t fall in love with SB till I watched it a 2nd time and I was totally captivate by Ken/Ann’s acting. I’ve watched quite a lot of lakorns but this remains my favourite!

      • Have you watched Sood Sanaeha? It also stars Ken/Ann and with SB, they are my favourite lakorns. SSH is a pitch perfect romcom for me. Thai romcoms have a tendency to go OTT with the comedy part, veering into slapstick more often than not so yea, it’s hard to find a really good one.

        For romcoms I enjoyed Num Baan Rai Gab Wanjai Hi-So (Peter Corp/Chompoo), Suay Rerd Cherd Sod (Film/Janie) and Nangrai Summer (First/Namfon) … haven’t been watching lakorns in a while, not sure if any new ones are good.

      • I actually haven’t! The other Ken and Ann lakorn I have seen is Raeng Ngao. I’ll probably try some of the rom-coms you recommended.

        Are you watching any dramas at all lately?

  2. SB wasn’t my favorite Thai Lakorn from these two actors. However, I do re-watch this lakorn from time to time. It has moments where you want to feel sad and moments that makes you happy. I have to say, every lakorn that these two are in, the lakorn never fails to amaze me. HOpefully, to see these two pick up a lakorn one last time before they start playing uncle/aunt or mom/dad. Yet, starts producing/directing b/c that’s what Ann is doing already. I’m going to miss these two actors though.

    • I don’t know if I can bear to see them play uncles, aunties, and parents in lakorns. It’s going to feel so awkward. But in a way that means people still want to see them on their small screens.

      • I don’t think I”m able to watch it too but….. they are in the older generation so it’s bound to happen or they will just get out of the entertainment world completely. Which I hope they won’t….. Will def miss them a lot.

  3. From what i remember in “Game rai Game rak” it’s no a raped because when he kissed her the memory of her past with him came and she embrace him. In the morning after she wake up she said he raped her. Then he ask her if she really think like that and don’t remember what they did last night.

  4. You should check out Sood Sanaeha. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do! I’ve blogged a bit on it (though not as much as SB, considering how they are my top 2 lakorns), you can check it out and see if the story is to your fancy.

    I just finished a Singapore drama (Against the Tide) and caught the first episode of Great/Matt’s lakorn Rak Tong Oum. I enjoyed it, but too many things going on in real life so hadn’t had time to continue.

  5. Huh I jumped right into the deep end with this one. So far this is the first lakorn I ever finished all the way through… (In like a day and a half) I don’t speak the language so watching the last 5 episode Raw just about killed me because I KNOW homegirl was putting him on blast. I was like YYYYYYEEEESSSSS cry you bastard… lol… If I hadn’t read bodice rippers back in the day… eh… I would have been shocked more I guess… These shows seem to be written like the old Harlequin Romances back in the day…

  6. Just stumbled across SB and found it utterly disturbing… I can’t get past it. I get the acting is compelling but Ken and Ann had/have other dramas that don’t involve her being tortured… I’m a lakorn novice (about 25 shows under my belt) so I’m familiar with slap-kiss but SB took it to a level that it should never go. After viewing SB, I’m questioning whether I should continue watching lakorns.

    • I totally understand your point of view. I, myself, enjoyed watching the lakorn but in many ways I feel guilty even saying that. There are a lot of good lakorns out there so I hope that this doesn’t deter you from giving a chance to other shows. If you need recommendations when it comes to non slap-kiss lakorns please let me know.

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