Surplus Princess

Surplus Princess 

Surplus Princess or otherwise known as The Idle Princess is so adorably cute and bubbly (whoops…no spoilers I hope). In the drama, Jo Bo-Ah plays Kim Ha-Ni or Eileen, a mermaid who lives in the Han River, but yearns to become human to pursue her hot crush, Chef Shi-kyung. Just like the Disney version of The Little Mermaid, Princess Eileen is well acquainted with the technologies of the modern world, even keeping a smartphone in a plastic bag so she can keep up with social media. After fangirling and ogling said crush one day, he accidently slips into the water where she manages to steal a kiss and his cell phone! In order to pursue this crush of hers, she manages to trick Witch Ahn, who used to be a merman, to give her the potion to become human.

Meanwhile, in the human world, we are introduced to a house of people who are trying to find their first jobs. This includes Lee Hyun-Myung, intern Jin-A’s long suffering boyfriend, who is super creative and an eager person, but obviously not up to Jin-A’s high standards (she’s got an eye on Chef Shi-kyung). Jin-A does her stalker research and tries to worm her way into the Chef’s good graces. Though Ha-Ni manages to get herself a pair of legs, it comes with a price. She must find someone to fall in love with her within 100 days or disappear in a burst of bubbles. Meanwhile she accidentally encounters Lee Hyun-Myung, who is pegged as a pervert because of her, and coincidently must now share a house with him as well!

As it currently stands, life is not looking too bright for Ha-ni. Will she be able to find love before she meets her demise? As of now, I have not decided yet whether I wish to follow this almost blog-like drama (complete with comical sketchy drawings). It is colorful, snappy, and fun, but perhaps not the romcom style I am looking for right now. Like a starburst, a quick burst of flavor in the beginning…but will it last?


2 thoughts on “Surplus Princess

  1. I watched the first 3 episodes when they came out and liked ’em enough, but just can’t bring myself to keep watching. Maybe this drama is just too silly for my taste…but not in the fun way?

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