Birth of a Beauty: Let’s Dig A Little Deeper



Tae Hee, a rich heir to a Korean company, takes on the challenge to transform Geum Ran into a gorgeous woman. The result: Sara. Sara undergoes change to take revenge/rekindle with her ex husband. Geum Ran had been apart her husband Kang Joon for seven years. During all those years, she believed her husband was working in the United States. It turns out that Kang Joon has been back in Korea with a new job and a new love. Kang Joon is now with the news anchor Chae Yeon.

Geum Ran tries to kill herself, but survives. While everyone thinks Geum Ran is dead, Sara is using this occasion to seduce Kang Joon.


Tae Hee also has a motive for helping Sara: reconquer Chae Yeon. Tae Hee and Chae Yeon were together until the latter broke up to start a relationship with Kang Joon.

The transformation of Geum Ran to Sara highlights several social issues. I think this drama stands out because of the social issues it tackles in a quirky way. I have never finished watching “200 Pounds Beauty” so when I saw this drama, I immediately saw a chance to make up for it.

Plastic Surgery

The drama deals with drastic changes and not simple corrections. Geum Ran goes through torture to change into the gorgeous Sara. The result is amazing, but is it worth it?

Sara is able to get the “positive” attention she always wanted. It’s no secret that most human beings crave attention at some point. Sara enjoys walking down the street and being pursued by people, walking in a store and getting all the attention from sales associates, etc. Sara’s newly found beauty is conform to the generally accepted Korean standard of beauty: skinny, long hair, and pale skin.


The director of the drama makes us ask ourselves how far should one go to look beautiful. Is it alright if you lose yourself along the way? Sara is so caught up with her new looks that she forgets about Geum Ran. At some point, I was confused too: Is Sara really Geum Ran? Sara does such a wonderful job at forgetting about her old self and needs a serious wake up call from Tae Hee.

Finding a Purpose 

Yet, Sara is still not happy. Her life as Geum Ran evolved around her husband and in laws. She did everything for other people and nothing for herself. First, she encouraged Kang Joon when he was completing his studies – feeding him and encouraging him. Geum Ran took care of Kang Joon’s grandmother who suffers from dementia.


Let’s not forget the annoying mother-in-law and Kang Joon’s two spoiled sisters. Taking care of those ahgassis is no joke.

Now that Sara has the opportunity to have a shot at life she is having a hard time. The drama shows how easy it is for a woman to lose her way when she is doing everything for her family. Geum Ran’s definition of happiness was to provide support and comfort to her husband and his family. What will Sara’s definition of happiness be?

The Romance Between Sara and Tae Hee 

I am not sure how I feel about the main couple. If Tae Hee was to fall in love with Sara wouldn’t it be because of her pretty looks? I don’t feel like his feelings would be as genuine as if he fell in love with Geum Ran. It would be pretty easy for Tae Hee to say that he loves Sara because she is pretty outside and inside since she now has both.


I can’t wait to see what other issues the drama will tackle and will post more updates.

Birth of A Beauty is available on SoompiTV!

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