La Ruk Sut Kop Fah

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I am so happy to have found this drama. Since Sanaeha Sunya Kaen, I haven’t been captivated by a lakorn. And gosh this show made me a fan of Weir :-D. Weir and Min are adorable together. I have tried watching the first episodes of Pin Anong back then and hated it -___-. I am so surprised that I am enjoying this so much!

Mat is a Thai woman of royal descent who is set to marry Prince Macky, the heir apparent to the throne of the Kingdom of Raya. The fathers of Min and Prince Macky studied together in college and decided to have their kids marry. Let’s say that Mat is far from being the “proper lady” that her parents want her to be. She is into extreme sports, play pranks, and often acts like a tomboy.

When Mat learns that she is to marry a man she’s never met before, she throws a tantrum and tries to run away. Her escape is short lived as she is stopped by Kamin, the bodyguard of Prince Macky. Kamin was sent to Thailand to fetch Mat. The encounter between Mat and Kamin is explosive at first, but they grow on each other.

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Mat, who quickly realizes and admits her feelings, is determined to be with Kamin. The latter not so much. He is conscious of his feelings, but his duty as a bodyguard and friend of Prince Macky hold him back.

Min is brought to Raya and Prince Macky , who has fallen in love with her, couldn’t be more excited. At first, I thought the Prince was funny. He is irresponsible, always create troubles but that didn’t make him too bad of a person. He quickly gets annoying. The Prince always causing troubles leads to people covering from him again and again. One of the people that covers the most for the Prince is no other than Kamin. The prime example is the Prince’s relationship with Karnika. The Prince had a relationship with Karnika before Mat came to Raya. The prince went as far as to promise to marry Karnika. Yet, once Prince Macky falls in love with Mat he forgets all about Karnika. Afraid that Mat will find out about Karnika, Prince Macky is happy when Kamin pretends to be the one in a relationship with her -___-

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The Queen also plays a role in Prince Macky moving on from his relationship with Karnika. The Queen can be quite effective and persuasive -___-

The difference of status between Kamin and Mat plus Prince Macky’s feelings are not the only roadblocks to happiness for our main couple. Prince Macky’s mother hates Mat with a passion. Here we go again with the evil mother! The Queen wants Prince Macky to marry the daughter of a high ranking general, who also happens to be her relative. The daughter of the general, who is called Hareutai, is the most naive character in the lakorn. Hareutai is used more than once by her parents who do not hesitate to sacrifice her pride and virginity to satisfy their political ambitions. Greedy much.

2014-11-23 01.30.33

Prince Macky and Hareuthai

Let’s not forget Min. The actress playing Min did an amazing job at playing a good girl gone bad. Min grew up with Mat. Mat’s parents tried to raise Min as their own daughter, but she never felt the love. Min felt like she did too much housework and didn’t have the same privileges as Mat. Min’s plan: Seduce Prince Macky!

Don't be fooled by her smile. She is no angel -__-

Don’t be fooled by her smile. She is no angel -__-

Throughout the drama, there will be several attempts to murder Mat. It’s safe to say that if this wasn’t Lakorn Land she wouldn’t have survived. The show has a lot of romance, action, and political intrigues! The balance is great so there isn’t unnecessary drama or excessive cheesyness. I am almost done watching the show and can’t wait to see how the story will unfold. I am curious to know what will happen to Min and who Prince Macky will end up with. In my opinion, he deserves to stay single -___-. I also can’t wait to see more of the cuteness between Mat and Kamin!

One last thing! There is a juicy birth secret in the lakorn! It makes the show a little more tense and creates additional rivalry between certain characters.

~ maniac Ride

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