Dr. Frost (닥터 프로스트): Episode 1


Baek Nam Bong, also known as Dr. Frost is a psychology professor who works as a bartender at night. Dr. Frost’s IQ is high, which makes of him a genius that resolves tricky psychological cases. One thing that he lacks is emotions. He is unable to feel empathy for his patients and analyzes everything in a cold way.

The drama quickly shows us a glimpse of Dr. Frost’ skills. Working at the bar, Dr. Frost analyzes the body language of three customers. His co-workers assume that the woman is having an affair and that’s why she is stressed when facing the two men she is meeting. Dr. Frost refutes their assumptions.The woman picked the wrong man. Given that the woman is awkwardly standing with her feet pointing to the exit indicates that she wants to avoid this situation. The two men are standing their belly buttons facing each other which means they are attracted to each other. Dr. Frost concludes that the two men are a couple. The woman is the victim of their affair.

Dr. Frost is asked by his mentor Chun Sang Won to work at the counseling department of a campus’ university. Rumors quickly spread on campus about Dr. Frost. Students are thrilled by the arrival of this mysterious and talented psychologist. Yet, someone is not so happy to learn about Dr. Frost: Dr. Song.

How can Professor Chun hire Dr. Frost? Did he forget that Dr. Frost is a murderer? Someone who feels no sympathy for his patients should not offer counseling services.

Screenshot_2014-11-30-16-11-07 Screenshot_2014-11-30-16-10-48

Dr. Song has painful flashbacks of a bloody body in a bathtub. Probably the murder Dr. Frost is involved in… 

Other professors also complain about the comeback  of Dr. Frost.

As soon as he walks on campus, Dr. Frost sees the ghost of a young woman. She asks him why he took him so long to come back.


Yoon Sung Ah, Dr. Frost’s new assistant, has a rather bitter experience when she first meets him in the counseling office. She doesn’t know who he is at first and questions why he is going through the belongings and files of Professor Oh – the person he is replacing.

Dr. Frost and Sung Ah have their first case as soon as they meet. While they are about to bicker, the Hallyu celebrity Anna barges in the office.

Case I: Yoo Anna


Anna has been feeling restless. Analyzing her body language, especially her hands and eyes, Dr. Frost notices that she seems scared and anxious. She also doesn’t like looking into mirrors lately and has trouble sleeping.


Assumption 1: Dr.  Frost assumes that Anna can’t sleep because she feels like someone is watching her. That assumption turns out to be correct. When Dr. Frost and Sung Ah visit Anna’s place, they catch a stalker hiding in a closet. The stalker moved in an apartment near by where he records Anna’s every move. Ohhh… that stalker is also a pervert. He likes stealing the celebrity’s underwear and wearing them… GROSS -__-

Screenshot_2014-11-30-16-19-30 Screenshot_2014-11-30-16-19-09

We also get to meet Detective Nam, who has worked in the past with Dr. Frost. Working with Dr. Frost seems to make his life easier since cases are successfully closed sooner. Although he complains a lot, he has a lot of admiration for the genius psychologist.

When Anna’s behavior drastically changes, our new team digs deeper. Anna used to be cold with fans and acted like an annoying diva. Whereas now she is all smiles, offering compliments, and diligently working on her drama.

Assumption 2: Anna suffers from a dissociative identity disorder.

That assumption quickly goes down the drain when our team realizes that Anna’s body is different. She now has a different shoe size.

The stylist being scolded because of the shoe size.

The stylist being scolded because of the shoe size.

Plus she gives a lot of generic answers; the way Anna responds when meeting Dr. Frost and Sung Ah on a filming set doesn’t mean she remembers their last encounter. Dr. Frost asks Detective Nam for a DNA test using a pen from Anna.

Plus when Dr. Frost tries to conduct hypnosis to help Anna find a ring she lost, she reluctantly accepts then resists the hypnosis.


Assumption 3: Anna is not Anna

Detective Nam couldn’t find the result of the DNA, but discovered something weird. A recording by Anna’stalker shows her in her apartment. At the same date she was recording in the country-side. How can the same woman be at two different locations?

The girl pretending to be Anna acts like the latter and almost forgets her own true identity. What she wants is to become the true Anna.

That assumption turns out to be correct. Dr. Frost thinks that the woman is about to kill the true Anna as a result of jealousy and adoration. Our team starts looking for Anna before she is killed.

One thing our team hadn’t realized is that someone else is helping Fake Anna – Anna’s manager. The manager couldn’t stand Anna’s behavior and work ethics (Or lack of). Fake Anna being more talented and dedicated, he wanted her to replace Anna. Therefore he pretended not to know that Anna was replaced.

Dr. Frost and Sung Ah find where Anna is and are able to stop Jeong Seong Hye  – Fake Anna’s real name – before she commits murder. Dr. Frost whispers a few words in Seong Hye’s ears before she strikes Anna. Those words send Seong Hye into a stupor and cause her to drop her weapon.


Seong Hye is later sent to the psychiatric department of a hospital while awaiting trial. Seong Hye had been leaving in Anna’s shadow. Although more talented, her looks caused her to work in Anna’ shadow. Seong Hye later underwent surgery to have the looks in addition to talents.


Sung Ah, who is curious, asks Dr. Frost what he told Seong Hye to make her stop.

Dr. Frost: ” You are a fake.”

Screenshot_2014-11-30-16-31-39 Screenshot_2014-11-30-16-31-48

Sung Ah is beyond shocked that he would tell that to a patient. He should have taken into account her state of mind. Dr. Frost tells her that there was nothing that could have helped Seong Hye. She had already lost herself.

At the end of the episode, Dr. Song pays a visit to the bar where Dr. Frost works.



Dr. Frost reminds me of Vampire Prosecutor. Both main characters have extraordinary abilities and are rather cold. Both are also assisted by two women with different approaches. It’s nice to have strong female leads and dramas that focus on something more substantial than the usual chaebol-Cinderella plotline.

I love the dynamic between Dr. Frost and Sung Ah. They both have so much to learn from each other.


Sung Ah doesn’t dig deep enough and can be fooled by appearances. When talking about Professor Oh, Sung Ah assumes he is a good person because he smiles a lot and seems considerate of his patients. Whereas Dr. Frost thinks all that is part of Professor Oh’s bluff. Judging by the disposition of the furniture, Professor Oh wasn’t creating the best environment for patients.

Yet, Sung Ah is good at dropping candid hints that make an investigation move forward. While visiting Anna’s place, she mentions that the apartment is so big that there are many places to hide. Dr. Frost asks her where she would hide, which leads to them discovering the stalker in a closet.

Dr. Frost’s methodology, although too rational, is effective. He knows what to look for and where to look. Visiting Anna’s apartment, he looks for clues of how she wants to be represented using the objects placed in her apartment. For instance, the magazines on the table indicates that she is up to date when it comes to fashion and cares for her looks. Dr. Frost also looks for unconscious traces of her true behavior.

The two different approaches that Dr. Frost and Sung Ah use also show that the first one thinks more of patients as things to be studied rather than people with emotions. How can he know what emotions are when he doesn’t have any?

What Dr. Frost whispers in Seong Hye’s ears is also an indicator that he thinks of patients as lost causes. There is nothing to salvage so the best thing is to get them to stop no matter what. Whereas Sung Ah feels more sympathy. She looks for the best in patients.

This drama started off well and I hope not to be disappointed. I don’t know anything about psychology so I hope for those who know more about it that the director will keep it realistic and relevant!

I forgot to mention earlier that the drama is based on a popular webtoon! Some of which is translated in English.


~ maniac Ride

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