I Am A Man (나는 남자다)

Another fun and captivating variety show! A show by men for men! Pshhhh, I am sure more women than men enjoy this show! I do! Lol.

Each week, the MCs introduce a new topic or problem – from serious to hilarious – that modern Korean men deal with. I started watching this show out of boredom and since the first episode I have been hooked. The show is almost over; there are about four or five episodes left. I am sad to see this show come to an end and I hope for additional episodes.

Let me start with the MCs. The head MC is no other than Yoo Jae Suk from Happy Together and Running Man. The others are either actors or entertainers – Im Won Hee, Heo Gyeong Hwan, Kwon Oh Jung and Jang Dongmin.

I didn’t know most of them except for Kwon Oh Jung; I remember him from Arang and The Magistrate. The MCs each bring something different to the show since they all have an unique way to bring you to laughter. When it comes to sexual and perverted jokes, Oh Jung has to be best. I feel like they censor a lot of what he says :-D. I have also been wondering: How does his wife feel about all those sexual jokes he makes?!

Let’s not forget about Jang Dongmin. He curses like no other and loves to make fun of the audience and the other MCs. I remember this one episode where he ridiculed a member of the audience so much that he was laughing on the floor.

Watching this show, you will also have the opportunity to see other celebrities- Baek Ji Young, BEAST, Dynamic Duo, Kim Jedong, IU, etc.

Favorite Episodes

Men With Unusual Names

I don’t know what some parents are thinking about when they name their kids… Anyway this is sort of a compilation of the worst names. I remember this one man with a name extremely long. When he calls customer service numbers, the representatives always think that it’s the name of a business. The poor guy could almost be out of breath reading his own name -___-

Men Who Are Dating/Married to Older Women

Noona-Dongsaeng romances have been the subject of so many dramas and it’s nice to see people talking about their personal experiences. It can be beautiful or sometimes harder to handle. Your parents might disagree, the man might be less mature, etc. Kwon Oh Jung gets to talk about his wife who is way older than him; he goes through the hardships they experienced in the early stages of their marriage.

The Women Special

Finally! An audience made of women! No men at all except for the MCs! It is a compilation of all the topics covered in previous episodes. We have the women who can’t sing, the women who are single, the women who are lookalikes, etc. Gosh, I have to say that the women who can’t sing should have had an episode of their own. It was hilarious. I can’t sing either so I could totally relate.

Men and Women Who Live On Their Own!

For the first time, both men and women were invited on the show. The ups and downs of living alone are discussed. What to do when you run out of money? What to check in an apartment before signing a lease? How to invite a man or woman you are interested in to your place?

The best part of this show is that we get to hear what people are experiencing. A lot of variety shows tend to focus on the celebrities, and their lives are far from being average. I am captivated when I hear what people go through, especially if it’s something I have been through.

New episodes of I Am A Man are uploaded every week on KBS World YouTube channel.

~ maniac Ride


5 thoughts on “I Am A Man (나는 남자다)

      • i mean writing fiction.. (im a writer)
        i don’t have much man around me, so writing about male character is actually really hard but this show did help me and gave abit ideas..

        ps: i learn how to read korean alphabet for the sake of going karaoke and the lyric is not in romanized.. but i don’t really understand it, plus i think korean grammar is hard to remember..

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