Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo Episodes 1 and 2

Episode 1


I was so excited last week when the first episode of Itazura Na Kiss 2 came out. I was as disappointed when I realized that it was exactly the same episode as the special except for the last couple of minutes.

Basically when Naoki and Kotoko land in Tokyo they are picked up by Kanomori, who works at Papa Irie’s company. Kanomori keeps quiet throughout the ride refusing to tell them where they are heading. Naoki is worried thinking that something happened at his dad’s company.


Episode 2

Naoki, Kotoko and Kanomori arrive in front of a house. The latter is still mysterious and urges them to go inside.

As soon as the doors of the house open, our couple is warmly welcomed by the Irie family and Papa Aihara! This house is now their new home. They will all leave together again. There is more space for everyone and this house would be perfect to welcome Naoki and Kotoko’s baby!

Mama Irie asks Kotoko how was the honeymoon. Naoki jumps in and asks if they enjoyed the “honeymoon” as well… Kotoko is totally confused. It’s only when she notices a picture of her and Naoki kissing on the beach at Okinawa that she realizes that the Iries and Papa Aihara were in Okinawa too. Gosh I thought she would never realize. It took her so long :-D.


Kotoko’s first day as Naoki’s wife starts the next day. She wakes up early planning to cook for her hubby – natto, omelets, miso soup, etc. She can’t wait for Naoki to wake up to all this yummy food. She even thinks of how she will send him off to work – handing Naoki his brief case and sweetly kissing him. Actually, all that was a dream. Kotoko failed to wake up early. When she rushes downstairs, Kotoko finds that Mama Irie already cooked and cleaned. Mama Irie implies that it’s only normal that Kotoko is tired after her honeymoon…

Naoki, who is ready to leave for work, teases Kotoko. He was looking forward to this morning and the great dishes he was going to eat. Kotoko apologizes and promises to cook the next day. Naoki smirks; he isn’t expecting anything from her.

Naoki is finally about to leave when Mama Irie stops him. What about the goodbye kiss? Mama Irie even had her camera ready. Mama Irie would have been a great papparazi.


Naoki refuses to be intimate with Kotoko just for Mama Irie’s camera to snap pictures… Mama Irie ignores Naoki and adds that the couple hasn’t registered their marriage yet. Kotoko is panicked! No marriage registration means that she is still Aihara Kotoko! She urges Naoki to go to the ward and register.

Mama Irie then shows a marriage registration form. Oh, and just in case they make a mistake she has several. Mama Irie is seriously the best.

All that talk is useless since Naoki refuses to sign the form. He wants to think about it a little more.


Kotoko is shocked and depressed hearing that. When she confesses to Sudo Senpai that she is still Aihara Kotoko, he can’t contain his shock. How come Kotoko is still Aihara? There was a wedding and he even went to it… Does that mean Naoki doesn’t really want to marry her? Yuko who was quietly listening jumps in. Maybe it’s to avoid going through the trouble of divorcing if Kotoko fails as a wife… Poor Kotoko.

Meanwhile, Naoki who works at his dad company is visited by three members of Tosan University’s anime club. They want to show Naoki a game they came up with. Naoki agrees to take a look at it if they leave after. He is pretty uninterested at first. Yet, taking a close look at the concept Naoki realizes there might be more to it.

He calls home and tells Kotoko that he isn’t coming back home that night. Oh, he might be absent for the next few days.

Kotoko’s longing is so painful to watch. She even makes a small Naoki plush using his pajama.

Kotoko goes see Naoki at work. She hesitates to tell the guard that she is Naoki’s wife so she opts for Kotoko. Unfortunately, she is turned away by the guard. Naoki won’t see her at the moment. If she has anything, the guard proposes that she leaves it with him.

Kotoko is devastated and confesses to her friends Satomi and Jinko. Things get heated when Kinosuke overhears the girls chatting. He storms out of the school cafeteria and heads to Naoki’s office. Kotoko follows him. Can Kinosuke let the couple deal with their own issues?! Why meddle?! Anyway, he grabs Naoki’s collar and asks him to be responsible. Kinosuke adds that if he knew this was the way Kotoko would have been treated, he would have never let her marry Naoki.

The security guards finally gather around Kinosuke and try to drag him out of the office. Not without difficulty. That’s when Kotoko intervenes. She yells at Naoki that she always feels like the insecure one. Naoki replies that they should break up then and it’s perfect since they haven’t registered their marriage yet. Both Kotoko and Naoki are being so unreasonable.

Kotoko storms out of the office followed by Kinosuke. Kotoko ends up in Papa Aihara’s restaurant with her friends. Her dad explains that he already heard the story from Kinosuke. Papa Aihara urges Kotoko to be more understanding. A man puts a lot of value in his work, especially someone like Naoki. Kotoko should be supportive and not stress Naoki more than needed. What’s a relationship without trust? Thanks Papa Aihara.

Kotoko continuously reflects on her father’s word. She is still thinking about what Papa Aihara said even when Naoki shows up at her tennis practice. Naoki wants Kotoko to follow him somewhere. Kotoko is shocked when she finds herself in a room full of reporters. Papa Irie, who is also there, explains that it’s the launch of his company’s new online game. It usually takes years and months to come up with a new game, but Naoki was able to within weeks. You can tell Kotoko is proud of her hubby!

Naoki proceeds to introduce the new online game. The main character of the game- Kotorin – looks like someone we know… The three nerds of the anime club are also at the launch; the rest of the anime club members are streaming the launch of the online game. When Satomi and Jinko see them watching the launch, they immediately recognize Kotoko in Kotorin!

Naoki proceeds to introduce Kotoko as his wife and the person who inspired the online game. Kotoko is happy, but still hesitates to refer to herself as Mrs. Irie.

Naoki is finally able to return home. Kotoko is ecstatic ~ She tells Naoki how much she missed him – to the point that made a Naoki plush. Naoki is also happy to be home. Naoki tells Kotoko that he will no longer work at the company; he is ready to return to school. He kisses Kotoko, hugs her,… and then passes out on the bed. Kotoko expected more, but understands.

The next morning, before heading to class, Naoki wants to run an errand. Naoki and Kotoko head to the ward to register their marriage. Thanks Naoki for taking the initiative. After registering their marriage, Naoki explains to Kotoko that he wanted to do things when he felt ready. After proposing to Kotoko, Naoki wanted to help his dad’s company then get married. Mama Irie is the one that rushed their wedding.



Episode 1 was a total letdown. Episode 2 was so much better so I can forgive the director of the drama.

Kotoko is as cute and bubbly as expected! Compared to the other main characters in the different remakes she is my favorite. Kotoko is natural and not as annoying. Notice that I said not that annoying because she sometimes gets too sensitive and overreact. I hope to see her grow and realize that in a marriage and relationships in general things do not go as planned.

All Kotoko’s dreams about this perfect morning as a wife is the perfect example. Naoki woke up way before her and she didn’t get to cook this amazing breakfast she planned.

I also want to see her gain more confidence. If she was more confident, she wouldn’t feel so insecure about everything that revolves around Naoki. The latter is not perfect either. Naoki perpetuates misunderstanding because he doesn’t communicate. If he had explained to Kotoko why he was stuck in his office for so long, she would have understood.

Our couple has so many more things to deal with. This is the beginning of a long journey.


~ maniac Ride

2 thoughts on “Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo Episodes 1 and 2

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  2. tbh i think kinosuke seriously annoying. i agree with papa aihara, because naoki take his job really seriously, maybe that is why he said they should break up when kinosuke n kotoko came to the office. It’s not like he’s mean that, he said that out of..er..anger (?)

    i like how he tease kotoko before he going to work.. damn that smirk really looks sweet. im dyinn….

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