Okay, okay, I caved. Sometimes, I don’t know why, but I really reject watching highly popular dramas when they first come out. I think its a combination of having high expectations and fearing that they will not be met. However, most of the time, its a baseless fear, and I end up loving the dramas that everyone is crazed about. After being persuaded multiple times, I finally started Pinnochio and guess what…I love it. Lee Jong-Suk is a big plus factor, being one of my favorite actors of all time ever since School 2013. He has such an endearing quality about him while also being about to portray intense angsty characters as well.

Park Shin-hye is a hit or miss for me. Sometimes her Candy characters grate on my nerves, but luckily she is a quirky ball of fun in Pinnochio. Add in the fact that her character, In Ha, can’t seem to lie without hiccuping makes it more fun. The story, however, starts out with an introduction of the traumatic past of Dal Po, who was the genius son of a kindly fire-fighter. He had the perfect family with genius brother and beautiful mother. However, due to an unfortunate fire that claimed the lives of his father’s firefighter team that left his father, the captain, missing, his happy life fell apart. The media, especially the reporters, blew the incident out of proportion, playing the town’s sorrow and making his father the scapegoat. This pushed his mother to take Dal Po and commit suicide while his brother ran away to seek revenge against the reporters.

However, lo and behold, the main instigating reporter who cares not for emotions and only focuses on sensationalism, is the mother of In Ha. However, In Ha’s father has already divorced his wife and hates her while forbidding his child to see her mother. Dal Po is rescued by In Ha’s grandfather and pretends to be the grandfathers son (the grandfather suffers from dementia and misses one of his dead sons), integrating himself in In Ha’s family. The two grow up with Dal Po unable to forget and forgive the media, but inevitably still falling in love with In Ha even though he found out she was the reporter’s daughter. The drama is certainly intriguing and I am eager to see the two work through their relationship while also figuring out an end to Dal Po’s father’s mystery.

It looks like angsty territory will be entered soon, and you know how much I like dysfunctional relationships and stories!

– phoenix

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