Character Moulds

Sometimes, there are certain types of characters actors like to play…all the time. Not that it’s bad, since they do play them very well. Often, this happens to rookie actors who need to establish a foundation for their acting before experimenting with more different types of characters. Other times, the older age group of actors are relegated to certain types of characters primarily due to just their natural aging. Let’s take a look at some notable ones I’ve noticed.

Lee Jong Suk- Let’s Go Back To School….to Slack Off.

We all got to start somewhere, right? Luckily he grows into different characters later.

School 2013 – Jjang yet class president


I Hear Your Voice – Mind reader



Dr. Stranger – Illegal Kpop dealer



Pinocchio – All zeroes, but really a genius



Lee Joon – A bit of a to be careful about this one!

Mostly behind bars….

Rough Play






Gap Dong


Kim Woo Bin – Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Reforming our resident bad boys is a task…I volunteer as tribute! (also always in school..same one as BFF Lee Jong Suk?)

White Christmas – Softie on the inside


Gentlemen’s Dignity – Arrogant little prick


School 2013 – Come back to me Nam Soon


Heirs – Father issues


Friends 2 -More father issues…


Kim Sang Joon – Father…who can tread on the dark side.

Umm Daddy’s got to take care of some other stuff right now……

City Hunter – Revenge is thy name

jun pyo

Dr. Stranger – Poor Daddy in N. Korea forced to perform atrocious surgeries


Bad Guys – Manipulator


Jin Se-Yeon – The lost first love who is found…but dies

Can we just not find her next time? 

Bridal Mask – Death on her wedding day


Inspiring Generation – Well, death on her wedding day too


Dr. Stranger – Fake death, didn’t even make it to wedding day


– phoenix

Can you guys think of anymore?

8 thoughts on “Character Moulds

  1. To me inthink Park Shin Hye always plays a young female who is extremely shy or poor and not intentally looking for love but ends up falling in love anyway… Like in Heirs, HeartStrings, Youre Beautiful, Flower Boy Next Door..

      • I havent seen Pinocchio yet but its on my queue to watch. Im intrigued to see her play a different type although she does play quite a good shy girl too….. But i dont know how she can control herself when kissing Lee Min Ho! XD or maybe thats just me.

      • It’s quite good! I am always wary to watch really popular dramas, but this one is totally worth it! Credit to Lee Jong Suk’s brilliant acting.

        I quite like her character in this new drama, its really different from her good shy girl, the very opposite in fact.

        Haha, she is really lucky with her male co-stars!

      • Lee Min Ho is one of my favorite male actors but he plays quite a variety of characters.. City Hunter to Heirs. Lol

  2. Kim woobin, i like him in ‘gentleman dignity’ the best!!

    er… gonghyojin, tryin to stick to hero all the time.
    pasta – ye, chef all the time.
    master sun – if i touch you the ghost will be gone.
    greatest love – stick with you and ride on your popularity.

    ps: i might be wrong coz i don’t believe in my memories.. hehe..

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