Kill Me Heal Me

Kill Me Heal Me

So recently, I realized I’ve picked up an enormous load of dramas to watch. Even so, I couldn’t resist starting Kill Me Heal Me which reprised the intense chemistry-ladened couple from Secret Love, Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. So far, this drama has the works of a romcom with a dash of seriousness, your typical formula. Not that it’s a bad thing, I just know what I’m getting out of it. Kill Me Heal Me tells the story of a chaebol gentlemen who has dissociative personality disorder, which means he has 7 different personalities! This means that Ji Sung has one main “owner personality” named Do Hyun, a strong alternate named Se Gi, and 6 other weaker personalities. The personality splits are mainly caused by traumatic events in the past where the mind tries to protect itself, and thus a “person” is born to take away the emotions/memories that the main personality cannot handle. Of course, when Do Hyun slides into another personality, especially his more violent and savage alternate, Se Gi, it causes all sorts of trouble for him and unfortunately, he cannot even remember the events that happened while he was gone. While in his alternate state of Se Gi, he manages to fall in love with a psychiatrist named Oh Ri-jin who is the first women to treat him roughly. However, his main personality is in love with his child hood friend. To treat his disorder secretly, his main personality will end up hiring this psychiatrist his alternate is in love with. A love triangle with himself…and other guys in the future, how confusing! But interesting and funny due to the shenanigans that the alternate personalities cause in Do Hyun’s absence.

As for the acting, Ji Sung is again superb in his acting of not just one character, but 7! With a few minutes of cringeworthy Engrish in the beginning episodes, we are fortunately back in Korea for his chaebol power fight for the rest of the drama. For the fangirl inside me, I do find his violent alternate, Se Gi, pretty darn sexy. Guy-linered, leather-jacket wearing, single earring, tattooed fighter that he is. Poor Do Hyun, the meek “good” main is often pushed to the side. However, I am less enthused with the supernatural looking gleam in his eyes and magical tattoo that appears when he transforms. As for Oh Ri-Jin, unfortunately for now, she is much to shrill for my tastes. While I liked her in Secret Love, she is acting live a screechy wild woman in this drama who screams and kicks about much too wildly for now. I hope I will see more subtle acting from her soon!

Now to touch upon the dissociative personality subject. Again, S. Korea is featuring a character with a mental illness, which seems to be the theme lately what with It’s Okay That’s Love, and the soon-to-be Hyde, Jekyll and Me. Though I do appreciate the awareness and light that these dramas are shedding on this issue that is such a stigma especially in traditional Asian cultures, I was hoping that Kill Me Heal Me would take a less funny approach. DPD is a serious disorder which unfortunately many people are either afraid of or are not treated seriously about. Because of the abrupt personality changes, some people do not believe that the disorder is real and think the person is pretending. It is such a unique disorder that only the patient can deal with, which makes the patient feel even more alone as they suffer. To treat or lessen the symptoms of this disorder, people commonly attend therapy in order to meld the alternates back into the main by accepting their past. Somehow, I just wish that this drama took a more subtle approach to Do Hyun’s alternate transitions instead of making it seem like, Hulk Smash, Rawr complete with transitions, eye gleams, etc. Maybe, I’m just sensitive about these issues since I work in the health field…..


3 thoughts on “Kill Me Heal Me

  1. The tattoo and change in the eyes is for the viewer to understand the change of personality. Oh R Jin is bipolar, so when she screaming it’s a way for her to expressing, when Se Gi take off the close and she scream her coworkers interpreted her reaction from the scream. I Laughed when the personnality have a comical situation but not as much I feeling pitiful for Cha Do Hyun cause you can see a sad he is when he can control himself and the loneliness is feeling

    • Ah I realize that those marks make it easier for the viewer to recognize personality changes. I had forgotten Oh RI Jin was bipolar. I thought I had read that somewhere but couldn’t find it again. I wonder if they will that up soon. As for her screaming…I’m sure if I can attribute that to her bipolar diagnoses. But perhaps each person reacts differently!

      I agree that Cha Do Hyun is in a pitiful situation. Always left to clean up the situations his alters left him in. He has an amazing adaptibility.

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