Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Well well well, what do we have here? Let’s just say that Hyde, Jekyll, Me is quite the opposite from Kill Me, Heal Me, even though both dramas focus on dissociative identity disorder. It is whimsical and pretty in so many different ways, much like its Wonderland setting. Where KMHM has a kind dominant personality and rough alter, HJM is the opposite. The main personality is Seo-Jin, cold prince…well sociopath extraordinaire. He describes himself as the perfect saint, preventing himself from feeling anything, indulging in anything, and doing anything that is not his work. This is all to keep his vitals below that dangerous number of 150. Once he reaches that mark, Robin, his alter pops out. Robin, however, is the kind, soul-saving, OMG KILLER SMILE (so swoony), man that was born out of Seo-Jin’s guilt and past trauma. His family knows about Seo-Jin’s Robin sized problem, well I wouldn’t call it a problem since he is so nice, and keeps him tasered and under wraps.

Meanwhile, Jang Ha-na, daughter of the Wonderland’s late circus ringmaster comes back to South Korea to save the circus group from getting cut. In an effort to extend the contract, she runs into Seo-jin many ties and they develop an immediate dislike to each other. However, Ha-na becomes involved in a missing persons situation and is the sole witness to who captured Dr. Kang, the psychiatrist who has the solution to Seo-Jin’s DID. As Ha-na was being strangled by the kidnapper, she rejected by Seo-Jin, but saved by Robin (who had apparently saved her when she was younger). Ha-na now undergoes hypnosis by a famous student of Dr. Kang’s, but now is also in danger from the kidnapper. Robin appears again to save Ha-na from danger and confuses her as he has the same face as Seo-Jin, but is a complete free spirit instead.

While, I still enjoy watching KMHM, HJM gives me that swoony feeling between the leads instead of the crackling chemistry in KMHM. Hyun Bin provides the ice-cold chaebol Seo-Jin to a “T”, and is so dashing as Robin, I even felt my heart thumping when he smiled his dimpled smile. I also enjoyed Han Ji-Min’s softness, but quirky spunk, and most of all, non-screechiness (sorry Hwang Jung-Eum). Furthermore, while KMHK errs more on a comedy side, HJM gives you a more serious side…with an awkward gorilla scene in the beginning…? And to my heart’s content, these DID dramas seem to make great use of former managers and assistant manages from Misaeng.  I enjoy watching KMHK and HJM back to back as I consider the similarities and differences between the two as they air so close to each other. It is interesting to see the different takes on the same mental illness. I definitely will be following HJM closely, if not just for Hyun Bin’s beautiful smile.


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