Character Moulds

Sometimes, there are certain types of characters actors like to play…all the time. Not that it’s bad, since they do play them very well. Often, this happens to rookie actors who need to establish a foundation for their acting before experimenting with more different types of characters. Other times, the older age group of actors are relegated to certain types of characters primarily due to just their natural aging. Let’s take a look at some notable ones I’ve noticed.

Lee Jong Suk- Let’s Go Back To School….to Slack Off.

We all got to start somewhere, right? Luckily he grows into different characters later.

School 2013 – Jjang yet class president


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Touching Thai Commercials

Thai commercials have a way of touching a person’s heart in the simplest ways. The commercials are never flashy, but focus on the basic emotions a person feels and the simple interactions of daily life. However, the message delivered is more powerful than you can imagine and makes a deep impression in my mind every time. Here are some of my favorites. They make me cry every single time.

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